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Publication Order of Chronicles of the Warlands Books

Publication Order of Epic of Palins Books

Dagger-Star / Red Gloves (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Star (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Destiny's Star (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Chicks Kick Butt(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghouls, Ghosts, and Ninja Rats(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Champions of Aetaltis(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hath No Fury(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon the Longest Night(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth Vaughan is an American author of romance, science fiction, and fantasy books best known for her debut series Chronicles of the Warland. The talented writer doubles as a lawyer by day, a job she has held for decades. Even though her expertise is in financial matters and bankruptcy, Vaughan’s writing has created quite a buzz in the fantasy world, and it is no secret that she is quite talented. When not doing all the above, Vaughan enjoys spending some quality time with her three cats. She also writes under the pen name Beth Vaughan.


Warprize is the first book in the Chronicles of the Warland series. The book features Xylara, the Warrior King’s daughter. Xylara’s half-brother ascends to the throne after their father’s death, and while the kingdom has a king, his incompetence can only mean that the empire in danger. Soon enough, the nation will be involved in a war that will leave Xylara’s territory exposed.

Xylara is a trained healer. While there is nothing she can do as far as negotiating for peace is concerned, Xylara applies her skill to heal those injured in battle. All the wounded are not her countrymen, and Xylara is moved to help them all. Despite being prisoners of war, Xylara treats her patients with kindness while offering maximum comfort. What this kind of woman doesn’t know is that her deeds will turn her into a ransom. When a handsome Firelander Warlord demands Xylara in place of a cease-fire, she has no choice but to leave the life she has always known and follow him back to his kingdom. Her half-brother is all too happy to let Xylara go since he has always hated her. In his mind, Keir, the Firelander Warlord, wants his sister for a slave.

During her interaction with the Keir’s warriors, Xylara learned their language and way of speaking. However, she doesn’t get to know much about their customs, and this brings some misunderstandings later. She proves to be a quick learner and a worthy member of Keir’s kingdom. It is beautiful that the definition of a war prize for Keir and his people is different, and Xylara gets to enjoy her life even after leaving the kingdom that gave her up.

Keir is the hero in this story, and he doesn’t disappoint. He steps up for Xylara whenever necessary, and it is clear that he loves his kingdom and would do anything to safeguard it. Xylara is a lovable character. Her kindness knows no borders, and she uses her healing ability to take care of all the wounded soldiers that she comes into contact with. When Keir demands Xylara as the war prize, she readily agrees as this seems like the only viable way to safeguard her kingdom. The Keir kingdom comes with a lot of great characters, and the way they all treat Xylara is quite admirable.

If you are looking for a fantasy story with just the right dose of romance, Warprize is ideal. The world-building is brilliant, and the pace is just right. Introduce some element of romance and a flawless narration, and this turns into a page-turner. The slow-building romance between Lara and Keir is just right for this story, and it is impressive to see such a fearsome warrior treat his war prize with such care and dignity. It is also fun getting to know the different kingdoms, their belief systems, and ways of life.


Dagger-Star is the first book in the Epic of Palins series. The book features a dagger queen known as Red Gloves. Only training in war ways, Red Gloves goes in search of a job in Palins. Instead of the vibrant land she expected, Red Gloves is confronted by a defiled land with farms that have been razed to the ground. Red cannot go back to her land as the royal family was already dead, and the land was in turmoil. Lost and wet thanks to the rains, Red knocks on a stranger’s house, and a defeated man meets her at the door.

Josiah knows too well that the only action to take when you see the mysterious woman without gloves is flee. He is about to do this when he sees the birthmark. This is the woman who is destined to save his people from the current reign of terror. Josiah is quick to welcome the beautiful stranger and let her know that she is the only person who could save him and the land that is now governed by pure evil. Red is no believer of gods, so she doesn’t believe anything about the prophecy and her being the chosen liberator. However, the loss in Josiah’s eyes forces her to join the rebellion. This marks the beginning of a journey filled with adventure and characters who work hand in hand in to bring an evil ruler down.

The heroine in this story is strong, beautiful, and independent. Right from the start of the story, Red is unafraid, and her free spirit nature sees her following the path that she wants. She may come out as aggressive and insensitive at some point, but how else can a leader and fighter work when confronted by so much evil. Josiah, on the other hand, has suffered immense loss and now lives alone with his goats. While the lonely man seems scared at first, his strength shows as the story progresses. He is the sweet hero who is both peaceful and patient. Follow Red and friends on a mission to defeat Regent and reclaim Palins and see how the romance between the hero and heroine develops.

Dagger-Star is a perfect choice if you fancy stories with strong female characters. Red is a badass, and together with the more laid-back Josiah, they help stop an oppressor who had utterly destroyed the land of Palins. The romance between these two matches the story, and the fantasy bits are just as outstanding. There is no doubt that Vaughan is a fantastic writer, and a lot of thought has gone into developing this story. This is an intriguing piece that will leave you yearning for more.

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