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Publication Order of The Texas Gatekeepers Books

Under Cover of Darkness (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sounds of Silence (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Wings Of Deliverance (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Fireworks (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fair Game (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Off the Record (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Controlling Interest (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Redeeming Gabriel (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crescent City Courtship (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tour de Force (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth White who also writes as Beth White is a historical fiction, romance and Christian fiction author best known for the bestselling “Texas Gatekeepers” series of novels. She was born in Mobile Alabama but spent much of her childhood and youth in South Mississippi. As a child and teen she was known as Beth White, the cool shy bookworm that was also a drum major and flute player for the marching band, sketch artist and singer in church troupes. In college at Mississippi State she marched in the famous “Maroon Band” and was also an active member of the choir that participated in many Baptist Student Union projects and missions. Beth got married to Scott White whom she met when she was in college. She has said that she always believed that she was destined to be the wife to a minister though she ignored her calling and worked as a bank teller for five long years. But when they moved to Mobile Alabama, she finally got to teach flute, voice and piano lessons while Scott her husband served as a minister at the Dauphin Way Baptist Church. They currently live in Saraland in North Mobile Alabama and she has said that she enjoys her double roles of mom and wife. She also teaches Sunday school, sketches and plays the flute in the church orchestra. She also loves to sew, crochet, read and go on mission trips.

Elizabeth White has always enjoyed storytelling and she was writing stories in a big flowered notebook that she hid under her bed when she was a teenager. But it was not until she went to the University of Alabama and took a fiction writing course that she realized that she wanted to become a professional Christian romance author. While the first novel that she wrote was ultimately rejected, it got very close to publication and gave her the confidence to believe that she could become a published author. She became determined to learn everything she could about novel writing and soon joined several writer associations. She joined the Romance Writers of America and the local chapter of the organization where she met writers in different stages and a lot more who were just like her. Those who were further ahead turned out to be great teachers that were generous in showing her the ropes. In a local conference in 1998, she met an editor who encouraged her and she soon sold her first story to the HeartQuest romance anthology series.

In 2005, she met the agent Chip MacGregor after she attended the Zondervan Author Retreat. She signed on with him at Alive Communications and sold two novellas to Tyndale. Her agent was also responsible for facilitating a two-book deal, and a three-book series he got her with the “Love Inspired Suspense” line at Steep Hill before he moved on to Warner Books in Nashville. She still works with Alive and has asserted that it has been a blessing finding an outlet that lets her entertain readers from across the globe while sharing her Christian views. Elizabeth White often tells a story of love for one another and faith in God. For instance in her first novel the relationship and actions of the lead characters Jack Torres and Meg St. John are driven by their beliefs. She does show that faith can overcome everything and work out little miracles at the most unexpected times. Her characters are beautiful and brave women with kind souls paired up with masculine handsome men with beautiful souls who will do anything to keep them safe. While her characters have troubled and even painful backstories they find their strength in God and come to terms with their situations. Elizabeth writes suspenseful stories as she combines romance with issues such as illegal immigration and youthful innocence. This aspect is particularly evident in On Wings Of Deliverance as the strong and confident Owen puts his life in danger to prove his love to Benny the beautiful woman he loves. Nonetheless, the overarching message is that God will help those that trust in him to overcome even the strongest tribulations.

Elizabeth White’s “Under Cover of Darkness” is the story of Jack Torres a US Border Patrol agent whose life is turned upside down when his partner is killed while working in Eagle Pass Texas. He is a recent convert to Christianity and his faith is shaken to the core as he goes on a quest to hunt down and dismantle a gang of smugglers that were responsible for killing his mentor and friend’s death. His investigation leads him to Fort Worth where he goes undercover as an employee of a landscaping company. But then Jack suspects that the manager of the company he is working for is working with a scrupulous Border Patrol agent to bring illegal immigrants to the US. In the United States, the illegals are sold to companies that need cheap labor. Meg St. John his immediate manager does not seem to know anything about the scheme as she concentrates on her own design responsibilities. But then he starts falling for Meg which puts both their lives in grave danger as there is someone closing in on him who also wants to eliminate Meg. He does not want to involve her in the dangerous world of smuggling illegals but there is no one else he can trust.

“Sounds of Silence” is Elizabeth’s White’s second novel that features Eli Carmichael, a man dealing with the devastating news that his father was a corrupt police officer. While he is in Mexico working in an orphanage as part of his church’s mission he meets a young deaf girl that looks like she had been through a lot. She is missing one shoe, does not speak and is always carrying a knife. Eli thinks she must have been witness to something terrible and is now afraid of it coming out. He goes to Isabel Valenzuela a widow he feels s sense of duty and obligation to, since her husband’s death had been caused by his father. He has always helped and protected the widow and now knows she is the best person to help the little girl. But it also provides an opportunity for him to get even closer to Isabel, even as he tries to get the girl to talk. Things get real interesting when the killer comes looking for the girl and now it is up to Eli to protect the fledgling family. But the big question is whether Isabel can make peace with the fact that Eli works the same profession that got her husband murdered. Could faith and love overcome the odds they are facing?

“On Wings Of Deliverance,” the third novel of Elizabeth White’s The Texas Gatekeeper’s is a delightful novel about Owen Carmichael, a border patrol pilot. He is making his plane ready to go back to the US when Bernadette Malone a missionary friend appears running for the plane and screaming at the top of his lungs that they needed to leave immediately. Owen’s protestations are cut short by the appearance of a man firing at them with a semi-automatic rifle. With no time to argue, he jumps into the cockpit and they are off but not before the man fires a few shots into the plane damaging it. The plane crashes on a farm and Owen and Benny are thankfully uninjured. But now have to trek back into the US while the gunman hunts them down. It is even worse for Owen who does not know why or who he is running away from as Benny is unwilling to share much. She only asserts that it has something to do with an event in her murky past. She is planning on escaping from the man sent to finish her off and go to Memphis, where she hopes to make things right.

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