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Ella Clah Books In Order

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Publication Order of Ella Clah Books

By: Aimée Thurlo, David Thurlo

Aimée Thurlo is a co-author of Ella Clah series, Sister Agatha novels and the Lee Nez’s series of the Navajo vampire mysteries. Her other works, that are co-written with David, her husband includes Plant Them Deep, a book featuring Rose Destea, The Spirit Line and the mother of Ella Clah. Aimée is Cuba native and she has lived in the United States for many years. She died back in 2014.

Before Aimee Thurlo’s sudden death in February 2014, David Thurlo and Aimee Thurlo had, separately and together, written over 75 novels in a wide range of genres.

Their writing career started when Aimee got inspired to write a book when David was a teacher in middle school. Aimee sat down with a legal pencil and pad, began the romantic intrigue and she soon found David Thurlo looking over her shoulder each time class was out. The two quickly discovered that they could actually write with a single voice and their combined effort resulted in several books that are characterized by a unique stamp that has defined their continued partnership in work and life.

In addition to the many romantic suspense books written primarily for the Harlequin Intrigue, Thurlos have written 4 different mystery series, with each series featuring an extremely different primary investigator. In Sister Agatha series, the mysteries are usually solved by the nun while the Lee Nez series has been made to feature a partnership between an FBI agent and Navajo vampire. Their longest series is the Ella Clah procedural novels that are set on Navajo Reservations. Ella Clah is basically a Special Investigator for Navajo Police Department. The Ella Clah series concluded recently with the Ghost Medicine, the seventeenth novel, few months before Aimee Thurlo’s unexpected passing.

The current series, which was written by David Thurlo, features Charlie Henry, who is a former Army vet and Native American who owns the pawn shop with Gordon, his ex-Army buddy. The 2 have continually found themselves getting involved in dangerous situations, then they later take it upon themselves so as to find justice for innocent people. The well-received 1st novel, The Pawnbroker is followed by the Grave Consequence, which was published on 27 January, 2015.

Before Aimee’s sudden death the Thurlo’s had already completed manuscripts for 2 Harlequin Intrigues – Eagle’s Last Stand and Undercover Warrior. They had also worked together in planning revisions for Looking Through Darkness, their second romantic suspense book. This is the second novel in a planned series of trading the post novels set off Navajo Nation and it was preceded by the Time Of Change that was released in 2013.

David Thurlo implemented those revisions and then began working together with his editors so as to insure the books that have not yet published will be availed to readers in the course of next year. He is looking forward to continue the Charlie Henry series alongside other projects in case the opportunity ever presents itself.

David Thurlo and Aimee Thurlo have sold more than 1 million Harlequins so far. In addition, their books have been translated in many languages and sold worldwide in over 18 countries. Their novels have been praised widely by critics and reviewers. They have also received several starred reviews in Booklist and Publishers Weekly.

The Thurlos have also received Romantic Times Career Achievements Award, the Willa Cather Awards for Contemporary Fiction as well as the New Mexico Award for Suspense and Mystery. They have made various Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble national bestseller lists. The Lee Nez’s vampire series has also been optioned by one Hollywood production company.

Blackening song

Blackening Song book presents the debut of Ella Clah, Navajo FBI agent who returns to the reservation so as to investigate the death of her father who was a minister. The ritual nature of killings make Ella’s brother who was a medicine man to become the prime suspect. Without any cooperation from the FBI, the local police or the tribe, Ella Clah must plumb all the depths of struggles between modernist and traditionalist forces among the Navajo so as to find her father’s killer.

Thanking Tony Hillerman for inspiration and help, the Thurlos launch a very promising mystery series that’s set in the Southwest. Ella Clah, an FBI agent is called home to Navajo Nation reservation just after the murder of her father, who was a Christian preacher. Ella Clah’s brother, Clifford, a traditional medicine man or Navajo hataali, has fled thus making him a prime suspect. Initially, Ella Clah finds herself as an outsider amongst the tribe that she abandoned when she was aged 18 in so as to carve career off-reservation. She pursues her father’s killer, wading to treacherous reservation politics and a perpetual conflict between reformers and traditionalists. Along the way, Ellah Clah realizes that despite what she had told herself, that she has not forsaken her Indian soul. Contrasting the hyper rational and high-tech methods of the FBI agents with the rituals world of Navajo, the Thurlos notch up a lot of suspense.

Death Walker

Death Walker is the 2nd book in Ella Clah series. It takes place in New Mexico on Navaho Reservation.

The Thurlos had introduced Ella Clah, a former FBI agent who’s now a special investigator for Navajo tribal police at Shiprock in what’s recognizably Tony Hillerman’s territory in Blackening Song. Like Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn, Ella makes use of both her understanding of the tribal traditions and law enforcement training to investigate crime on Navajo Reservation. When one elderly Navajo historian is killed, Clah must separate facts from rumors and myths to find the culprit. Reservation artefacts and gossip at the scene of crime scene point to skinwalkers witch cult, villains of the Blackening Song. Ella is a tough and appealing heroine, who then faces personal conflict between the pride in her heritage and professional duty. But she is ill served by the loose plot where she and Justine Goodluck, her assistant engage in repetitive interviewing scenes that blunt the suspense and slow the pace. Two more Elders, specialists in the Navajo language and ritual, die before investigators get onto the right track halfway through the novel. Everything quickly falls in place and the book ends with a very anticlimactic final chase. Readers might wish that Leaphorn or Chee were around so as to step in when need arises and set this side-lined plot on a very fast course.

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