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Publication Order of Ella Dark Books

Blake Pierce is a best-selling American author.

Pierce is a prolific author and has written several series for readers to enjoy. He is the best-selling author of the popular Riley Page mystery series. The series has a total of seventeen novels in it and is a fan favorite.

He also is the author of many other series such as the Mackenzie White mystery series, the Keri Locke series, the Avery Black mystery series, the Kate Wise mystery series, the Making of Riley Page series, the Chloe Fine psychological suspense mystery series, the Au Pair series, the Jessie Hunt psychological suspense thriller series, the Adele Sharp mystery series, the Zoe Prime mystery series, the Laura Frost FBI suspense thriller series, the European Voyage cozy mystery series, A Year In Europe cozy mystery series, the Ella Dark FBI suspense thriller series, the Ava Gold mystery series, the Valerie Law mystery series, the Rachel Gift mystery series, the May Moore mystery series, the Paige King mystery series, the Cora Shields mystery series, and the Nicky Lyons mystery series.

Blake Pierce has always read mystery and thriller novels. As a fan of the genres all these years, it makes sense that he now writes novels of his own. He enjoys hearing from readers and encourages fans to visit his author site to discover his works and reach out to him.

Girl, Alone is the first novel in the Ella Dark series by Blake Pierce. If you have been searching for a mystery novel to enjoy, check this book out!

Ella Dark is an agent with the FBI. She’s just 29 years old and has been given an opportunity that she has been desperately wanting. At last, she gets the chance to meet one of her life’s dreams and join up with the Behavioral Crimes Unit.

She has always had an obsession. From the time that she was able to read, she has been studying serial killers. That was partly due to the murder of her sister, which got her interested in killers and tracking them down.

Ella has a photographic memory, which has helped her when it comes to studying. Everything she has read, she has retained, and Ella is able to display a knowledge of serial killers, their victims, and every case she has ever learned about that is encyclopedic. Her photographic mind makes her an asset, and it is not too long before she is invited to join the Behavioral Crimes Unit.

Then a killer makes their move in the Louisiana swamps, and Ella starts to find out that dealing with the reality of killers and their victims is something that she could have never fully participated for. Dealing with a real killer and with time running out, Ella knows that she cannot depend on her studies alone.

She has to learn that instinct is a part of the hunt just as much as knowledge. If she can get herself into the mind of a real killer, she might just be able to track them down and bring them to justice. The clock is ticking when it comes to the case. If she can’t get this right, Ella’s career might be affected.

Can she figure out what to do? Ella needs to catch the killer before he strikes again and takes down another victim. Can she use her photographic memory and tune into her instincts to catch a killer? Or will she find that she is the one that goes down? Read this novel to keep up with all that happens!

Girl, Taken is the second novel in the Ella Dark series of fictional novels by Blake Pierce. If you liked the first novel, check out this book too!

Ella Dark is an FBI agent, and she has finally gotten the chance to live a dream that she has for a long time. She has always wanted to join the Behavioral Crimes Unit, and she finally gets her chance.

She’s always studied serial killers ever since her sister was killed, and that paired with her photographic memory makes her a good candidate for the BCU. She knows every serial killer, victim and case backwards and forwards that she has ever studied. It’s her brilliant mind that makes her such a good candidate for the Behavioral Crimes Unit.

It turns out that she may have an all new case to look into. Various victims are turning up dead in the Pacific Northwest. The horrible killer is doing the same thing every time, stringing the bodies up in the Redwood tree branches.

The killer is being called The Artist Killer, even though there isn’t much art to what they are doing. But someone needs to catch this killer, or they are just going to keep going and there are going to be more bodies up in the trees.

Ella has been doing her research and feels confident that she is pretty close to catching him. She has read up on different cases that are similar to this, but this is also a unique case. Just because she has read up on different cases that are similar does not mean that she knows this killer or can predict what it is they are going to do next.

It appears that her photographic memory and knowledge is not coming through for her this time. She needs her talent to catch a killer, or at least that is how she feels. But can Ella get to The Artist Killer without the knowledge that she is used to? Can she fall back on instinct and successfully; catch a killer?

Only time will tell, but Ella is highly motivated to catch this twisted killer. As far as she’s concerned, she is going to be the one to take this serial killer down. There’s nothing that is artistic about what he is doing in her opinion. Can she get to the bottom to the case and find the killer? Or will The Artist Killer find that they have free reign to go about on a spree killing others?

Pick up a copy of the second novel in the Ella Dark series and follow along with this crime thriller to find out what happens!

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