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Wrapped Up in You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ella Frank is an American author. She is a co-writer of the PresLocke series, a popular favorite among fans. Frank resides in the United States in the southern area.

Ella may write romance novels for a living, but it turns out that her personal life is not as dramatically full of action and adventure as her books are! She is married and also has a cat that she likes to parent. She has been trying her hand at writing ever since the day that her grandmother was able to hand her a book that she really liked and it was over as she had fallen in love.

Ella Frank is the creator as well of the Temptation series. This series has many novels in it and so if you are looking for a series with tons of books to check out, then start with Try and work your way on to the second book Take before you move to Trust and then Tease and Tate and then finally True.

Ella Frank is the creator as well as the author of the intriguing fictional series known as Exquisite. This series kicked off in 2013 for the first time with the release of the debut novel, which holds the same name. It was followed by the red hot sequel, which is titled Entice. Edible is the third novel in this series and makes it a trilogy!

The series was immediately popular among readers and has been reviewed and found to be such things as enticing as well as hot and sexy! This author also likes to pick up books from other writers and relax every once in a while, choosing to select a work from J.R. Ward, Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde, and more.

Even though she is a published author, she also spends some time working to pay the bills! She still has her day job and puts her time in working in that cubicle and coming up with new characters as well as the adventures that they will be going on and the things that they are doing. When she’s not at her job or reading or writing or spending time with her cat and her husband, you can find her with a book nearby or at least in her bag.

Exquisite is the first novel in Ella Frank’s series by the same exact title. If you are looking for a passionate story about love in the last place that you ever would expect it, this might be the book for you to check out!

When it comes to love, all of the things that Lena ever wanted seem very far away. She may be a doctor, but this woman knows that there are walls in place when it comes to getting to her heart. They are there for a reason, and now Dr. O’Donnell is paying the price for being so defensive. However, they say that everything happens for a reason– or with one.

When things went south for her, she spent a long time trying to recover and get back to where she needed to be. The truth is that she was in a mode of just trying to survive for a long time. She has been making herself feel horrible for a long time as she felt just so guilty about everything that had happened so far.

It was nearly a decade of everything being in a tail spin, nine years where Lena just tried to get through to the next day. They all seemed to go into each other, and every day was able to seamlessly blend into the next. While she’s doing her best to try and get through every day that comes her way as well as the terror that she feels at night, she feels that in a way she deserves this.

After all, it just seemed so natural to stick in it and just feel bad. Why bother to feel good again– that was the way that Lena was thinking about it. Then one person was able to come along and make a difference when it comes to getting through to her and having a chance of getting past those (very tall) walls she had set up.

When it comes to life, Mason is sure that his is going the way that it should. Mason Langley knew what he wanted and had it all sorted out until he met the one girl that was destined to blow it into a million pieces. He was used to every day being the same and knowing what the next few hours and day had in store for him.

Mason was comfortable living in his bachelor life. He had enjoyed success in the business world too as owner of one of Chicago’s most popular restaurants. The Windy City is the last place that he would ever expect to run into someone that he would end up falling for.

However, one day he finds that a woman wearing scrubs has come into his life out of nowhere. He tries to move on, but his thoughts seem to revolve around this doctor. He thinks that he likes her. Lena is doing her best to deny her feelings for this new guy in her life, but they just have so much chemistry.

Their passion together is off of the charts. Will Mason be the one to get her to open up at last, or will something get in the way? Can she ever choose to be unprotected and vulnerable? Read this first book in the series to fin out!

Entice is the second novel in the Exquisite fictional series. Meet Shelly Monroe, a doctor. She’s a woman that goes after the objects of her desire. However, lately desire has been a little tough to capitalize on. She has also become tired of choosing the right guy only to have it not work out.

Mason’s best friend is named Joshua and he’s not the right choice for her. Still, Shelly’s tempted by the thought. She’s attracted to this guy, but will her doubts hold her back? Read Entice to find out!

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