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Elle Katharine White
Elle Katharine White is a fantasy writer best known for her Heartstone series. While White is an introvert, she enjoys indulging in a good book and meeting all the characters in the story. Growing up in Buffalo, NY, White learned valuable skills such as how to clear snow from a driveway in no time. The talented author enjoys loitering in secondhand bookshops and libraries in her free time. Other hobbies include drinking tea and spending hours dreaming of the places she wants to travel to in the future.

Heartstone is the first book in the Heartstone series. The book stars Aliza Bentaine, a young woman who would do anything for her family and loved ones. Aliza lives in Merybourne Manor with her parents and three sisters. After several arracks by gryphons, one that claimed her younger sister’s life, Lord Merybourne hires Riders whose main job is to hunt the gryphons down. Aliza is happy that her home will soon be safe for all of them, and the Riders seem to know their way around the murderous gryphons. She doesn’t expect to fall in love or the mystery that arises once all the gryphons have been eliminated.
Alastair Daired is one of the Riders hired by Lord Merybourne. The talented Rider is as proud as he is attractive. Even though he doesn’t like anyone, Daired is one fine Rider. He also comes with impeccable instincts and an impressive lineage. Daired and his team are successful in getting rid of gryphons. However, this has awakened an ancient force that no one knows about. While this is happening, a romance is brewing between Aliza and Daired, but their romantic clash comes with its fair share of challenges. How does the story end for these two passionate individuals? How about the fate of the kingdom considering the awakened ancient battle?

This historical fantasy story recasts Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. The author has incorporated dragons, wyverns, and warriors who fight against direwolves, banshees, lamias, and lindworms that threaten the kingdom. At the heart of this story is Aliza, the equivalent of Elizabeth, who finds herself in a battle she is ill-prepared for. There is also Daired, who is the equivalent of Darcy in Pride &Prejudice. Even though he seems selfish to others, Daired is extremely noble and selfless. This battle spans class lines, kingdoms, and Aliza’s curious heart will change everything Aliza has ever known and put her loyalty to the test time and again. There are other likable secondary characters starting with Aliza’s sisters and the Riders they fancy and the dragons.
Heartstone is told from Aliza’s point of view. Through this story, Aliza tells the story of her life, her family, and the kingdom she loves. The story also contains magical characters such as the gryphons and dragons. There is also the haunted forest and the ancient creature that lives therein. The author paints the setting well, and the world-building is simply phenomenal. There are many smaller stories within the large ones, and with each mini-climax, you will be motivated to keep turning the pages. The story is written in a light tone despite the plot, and it is fun meeting all the characters and living in their world for a while. There is some element of romance as well, but it is subtle and sweet. If you love Pride & Prejudice, this book is for you.

Dragonshadow is the second book in the Heartstone series. Once again, we meet Aliza and Daired, two fierce warriors who match in charm, wit, and fighting skills. The North Battle is over, at least as far as Aliza and Daired are concerned. However, there are rumors that an unseen monster is attacking the Selwyn Castle located at the extreme northern border. Mysterious Lord Selwyn reaches out to Aliza and Daired, and the two lovebirds have to cut short their honeymoon to answer his distress call. With the help of their dragon, Akarra, the newlyweds have to cross the Tekari-infested forest to get to the Selwyn Castle.
The messenger had told Aliza and Daired about the monster killing a few preternatural creatures for their hearts. When a young girl goes missing, Lord Selwyn fears that she may have faced the same fate. This story reminds Aliza of her sister’s case, which makes her push Daired to step up and offer the needed help. Instead of being left behind, Aliza also manages to convince her husband to take her with him. What Aliza and Daired don’t know is that they are not alone on this journey. An ancient evil is shadowing them, and it doesn’t take long for Aliza to discover that whatever they went through wasn’t even the beginning, the real war is just about to begin.

This book starts a few months, where the first one ends. While the first few pages are rather calm, the pace picks up quickly and throws the reader deeper into this fantasy world. This new contract takes Aliza and Daired on several mini-adventures, but it is clear that there is more to come. You will get to see the couple’s relationship grow, and while they are still in love, they are learning that they have to compromise and accommodate each other’s needs. Like in the first book, the writing here is easy and practical, while the structure is still historic.

Dragonshadow welcomes you back to Aliza and Daired’s worlds. These two are now married and are learning to communicate and adjust to their new life. The author introduces the reader into unfamiliar grounds where more magical creatures roam, and danger lurks in the corners. If you loved Heartstone, this second book will wow you. Aside from revealing what happens to the hero and heroine after the battle, this story reveals more about them, their families, and the future that awaits them. Will Daired find the mysterious creature and put a stop to the killings? How will a glimpse of their futures affect the decisions they make? Read this story for answers to these questions and more.

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