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The Missing Sister (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lies We Bury (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strangers We Know (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Family Bones (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alone Time (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Your Dark Secrets (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Marr hails from the city of Sacramento originally. She spent some time as an adult exploring southern California and seeing what it had to offer. She would attend UC San Diego and graduated. Then she moved and spent a few years in France.

Elle spent around three years there, during which time she consumed plenty of cheese and wine. She would also attend the Sorbonne University, located in Paris, where she graduated with her master’s degree. She also found out that she loved to write novels.

She is married to her husband and they have a son together. She resides with her family in Portland, Oregon, along with her cat. When she is not spending time with them she is occupied writing.

The first novel to be published from author Elle Marr was her thriller work of fiction The Missing Sister. The suspense filled novel was released for all to enjoy in 2020. It did very well, making it to a best seller on Amazon Charts, serving as a number one best seller on Amazon, hitting the number one spot in the Kindle store, and being featured in publications such as Woman’s World.

Marr’s work has also been featured in places such as Criminal Element and CrimeReads.

The Missing Sister is the first fictional novel to come out from Elle Marr.

Shayna Darby is the main character in this story. She’s attempting to deal with the deaths of her parents and has been grieving them for some time. But the last thing that she expects is to have another family member disappear on her. Still, yet another hit comes for Shayna with the arrival of some bad news.

She has a twin sister named Angela, although they have been estranged for some time. Then she gets word that the body of her sister has been taken, fished out of the Seine. It appears that she could have been a victim for what could be a serial killer.

Shayna immediately puts everything that she has going on to the side and goes to deal with the situation. As she makes her way to Paris, it’s clear that most of her family is effectively leaving her. She makes her way to Angela’s apartment to deal with her things and clean it out. The last thing that she expects is to find a secret message left for her.

However, that’s precisely what Shayna finds. The message is coded, and clearly only meant for Shayna to see. The message is from Angela, and it says that she is alive and to trust no one. Could it be that her sister is being truthful and she really is out there somewhere, still alive? Or will she find out that her twin left the message just in case but is truly dead?

Shayna decides to believe that the message is real and her twin left her a heads up on the situation. Perhaps Angela really is somewhere out there, having either faked her death or in the middle of some strange situation where the authorities believe that the body they pulled out of the Seine is really her.

She decides that she’s going to keep up the lie for her sister and find out what happens, since she believes the warning to be authentic. So she sees the remains and serves her purpose of making a positive identification for the authorities. She also is doing her best to try and find the location of her missing twin as well as why she’s hiding away in the first place.

It’s clear that she’s not privy to some type of valuable information involved in this process. She decides to do the only thing that she can do, and Shayna works her way over the footsteps her sister took through the city. The trail will take Shayna down, into the under belly of Paris itself, in the search for her sister as well as answers.

She feels that with every bit of effort, she’s able to get just a little closer to what she suspects to be the truth. The only question still lingering in her mind is whether there’s a killer out there at all. If she could just track down Angela, perhaps she’d be able to get the answers that she’s looking for.

It turns out that there might just be someone out there that has malevolent intentions. When it comes to her life, is Shayna in more danger than her twin was? Where is Angela, and if she can find her, will Shayna be able to find out what the truth is? As the stakes get higher, Shayna knows that she has to find her sister and get to the bottom of all of this before it’s too late. Read to the end of this novel to find out what happens!

Lies We Bury is the second novel to come out from Elle Marr. This is a story about going for revenge and hiding secrets.

The main character in this novel is Marissa Mo. She was a woman that was born into a situation of captivity. It was two decades in the past that she was able to escape from the basement where she was being held as a prisoner. At the time, it was the only place that she had ever called home.

Now at twenty-seven years old, Marissa is doing her best to create a new life for herself. She’s working past the trauma that she went through and has adapted a new name. She’s also finding work as a freelance photographer.

The only trouble is that her job is now involving something that is bringing up bad memories from the past. She’s assigned to cover a few murders that took place in Portland. The minute that she shows up, she’s freaked out by the locations. The lairs underground, the toys and trinkets still there, it all makes for a familiar sight.

Then Marissa sees a note she thinks is to her that tells her they’ll see her soon and addresses her as ‘Missy’. She’s dealing with a killer. One that apparently knows her. Can she delve into the past to find out the truth? Is she safe? Read this book to find out!

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