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Publication Order of Clockwise Books

Publication Order of Love, Tink Books

Love, Tink Collection (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
  1. Love, Tink
  2. New York, New York
  3. Love Stinks
  4. Peter Panelli
  5. Dazed & Befuddled
  6. Fairy Madness

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

It's a Little Haywire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaweed (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Elle Strauss is a renowned American writer, who is famous for writing young adult, science fiction, and fantasy novels. She has achieved the bestselling status for her works and many of her books are listed in the bestselling lists of various literary journals and magazines. Author Strauss’ career as an author of young adult books consists of two book series, Clockwise and Love Tink. Many critics and readers believe her stories are fun to read, other worldly, and exceptional in content. Author Strauss likes to include whimsical things in her novels, such as fairies, time travel, Merfolk, etc. Also, there is always a touch of romance in all her books.

In addition to writing the fantasy and young adult stories, she writes historical fiction, mystery, suspense, dystopian young adult, and cozy mystery books under the pen name of Lee Strauss. She manages her time between Dresden, Germany and British Columbia, Canada. Strauss owns houses in both the places. During her spare times, author Strauss likes to remain in the company of her close friends and family members. She loves to enjoy eating chocolates and drinking coffee nearby her residences in Germany and Canada. Author Strauss was born in Aurora, Illinois, United States. She spent the initial years of her life in her hometown and then moved out to focus on her writing career. Strauss was inspired to write a young adult novel about time travel since the day she had a dream about this idea.

Throughout her life, she has been fascinated by the idea of how wonderful things would be if a person gets the chance to travel back in historical times. Her initial of writing such story involved a time-machine. But then, she realized that it would be typical to have such a thing in a time travel story. So, she dropped the idea and added the paranormal angle to her story instead. Strauss had finished writing the first draft of her first novel after moving to Canada. She used to live in the suburb near Cambridge and visit all the sites of historical importance. Strauss was really inspired to include the time period of the civil war and wished to explore the rich themes of civic duty and freedom. Thus, Civil War era helped her in developing the interesting backdrop that contrasted the present time of her main character named Casey Donovan.

The initial intention of Strauss was to write Clockwise in the form of a standalone book. But, the idea of time travel fascinated her so much that she stayed with it and ended up an entire book series. She even introduced other exciting characters in the stories like Adeline Savoy and Nate. The readers reverted with a great response to all her characters and her stories. They even requested author Strauss to continue with the characters and develop a few more stories around them. Now, author Strauss is thinking of writing several new stories for her fans in the near future. She is very grateful to all the readers for reading and liking her work. Their motivating comments and reviews increased her confidence to a large extent. She says whatever she is today is only because of her dedicated readers. Numerous fellow authors have also appreciated Strauss’ work. They have praised her writing style, character depictions, plot settings, and overall ideas. Author Strauss hopes to continue writing many more interesting books in the future and the readers keep praising and appreciating her work.

The Clockwise series written by author Elle Strauss is comprised of a total of 6 books, which were released between the years 2011 and 2015. Each and every novel of this series consists of the chief character in the role of Casey Donovan and Adeline Savoy. Author Strauss has penned this series’ stories in the form of time-travel tales with the touch of romance and young adult elements. The debut book of this exciting series is entitled ‘Clockwise’. It was released by the ESB publication in the year 2011. The book features the primary characters as Nate Mackenzie, Chase Miller, Casey Donovan, Lucinda, Tim Donovan, Sara Watson, White Watson, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Case Donovan has a lot of issues in her life, such as height, hairs, uncontrollable time travels to the nineteenth century, etc. But, she faces the biggest problem when she accidentally takes the cutest boy of her school, Nate Mackenzie, back in the time during her recent time travel.

When she and Nate reach their hosts in 1860, Casey is forced to tell them that she is Nate’s sister under the pressure of protocol. Later, Donovan discovers that she has a wealthy and handsome suitor in Nate. This change something in Nate. He seems confused whether the changes are the romantic sparks between the two or he is just showing brotherly protectiveness towards Casey? After their return to the present time, things begin to happen normally. Casey finds herself as the least socially active girl once again, while Nate beings enjoying all the attention like always. This breaks Casey’s heart. Also, her best friend becomes mad at her and her parents decide to split. Casey wishes that her life doesn’t become worse than what it currently is. And she definitely doesn’t wish to take back Nate with her in the past again. But, as fate had decided, she ends up doing exactly the same.

Another exciting novel written in the series is called ‘Clockwiser’. It was also published by the ESB publishers. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is mentioned that Nate takes in Casey Donovan as his girlfriend and things go smoothly between them. Things become good at Casey’s home too. Having made a trip to the past a long time back, Casey Donovan feels everything is very calm and quiet. However, she accidentally takes another trip and this time it is her rebellious brother named Tim Donovan who travels with her accidentally. They arrive in 1862 when the Civil War is about to take place. Tim sees it as an exciting adventure and looks forward to witnessing the historical event in person. Tim thinks he is going to be stuck in the past for a long time, so he gets enlisted in the Union army. This decision makes him realize that war life is nothing like a game and fun. On the other hand, Nate and Casey try to look for Tim. In the meantime, another handsome boy arrives at school and expresses his interests in Casey. When Nate learns about this, it causes a strain in his relationship with Casey. But, the two put all their focus on the more important issue of finding Tim.

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