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Elle Wild is a popular author from Canada, who is famous for writing crime fiction, thriller, mystery, and suspense novels. She is particularly well known for writing the thrilling novel, Strange Things Done, which is the only book that she has written in her career. Author Elle was born and brought up in a rambling and dark farmhouse located in the wilderness of Canada. Elle says that there was nothing exciting to do or indulge in while growing up. Therefore, she got involved in reading Edgar Allan Poe, and watching PBS mysteries. In addition to being a reputed author, Elle is also an award winning and noteworthy filmmaker. She used to previously work for a radio program on CBC, called Wide Awake, as a host & writer. A short fiction story written by author Elle has featured in the Ellery Queen literary magazine. Another forthcoming short story, California Pure, has won the second spot at the writing competition of National Capital in 2017. After this initial success in her writing career, she decided to attempt to write a full length novel and eventually came up with her debut book. The book went on to win the award of the Best First Book. This award was presented at the 2017 Arthur Ellis Award by Kobo. Strange is also the winner of the Arthur Ellis Prize in 2015 in the category of the Best Unpublished Debut Crime Novel. It was even shortlisted in a number of international contests before getting published. As of now, the book is out in bookstores as well as in online stores. Strange has recently made it to the number one position in the list of bestselling novels on Amazon in the noir genre in Canada. In 2017, the book emerged as a winner in one of the writing competitions in Vancouver. It is currently participating in a five month movie incubation program. Author Elle has returned from the United Kingdom recently. She lives on a Salish Sea island, which has derived its name from the dead whale bones. Author Elle states that she was always interested in becoming an author. She has quite a clear mind as to what she wanted to become after growing up, while she was studying in elementary school. Elle has her school journal as proof in which she has checked off her career choices as writer, cowboy, and detective every year. By being able to successfully write and release her debut book, author Elle got the chance to live out all the fantasies of her youth.

The story of Strange takes place in the wild areas of the Dawson City in Yukon. Author Elle has mentioned the lead character as Josephine Silver, who is depicted as a young and enthusiastic journalist. She looks to flee from the disgrace of her past life in Vancouver and looks to give a fresh start to her life and career. Jo, as she is often referred to as, finds a new job as the editor of a daily newspaper called Dawson Daily. Later, the discovery of a dead body near the Yukon River forces Jo to get drawn into the thrilling investigation. Apart from being an amateur sleuth, she is also related to the case as one of the suspects. Josephine Silver knows that someone is trying to frame her by wrongfully linking her name to a crime that she has not committed. However, she is quite determined and dedicated to get to the bottom of the mystery and unravel the real murderer. The book seems to be rooted in the childhood of author Elle as well as her personal experiences in Dawson. Author Elle hails from a family that has deep connections with the Klondike. She has an uncle and an aunt owning a gold mine, and another aunt who used an expert of the cancan dance form. During the summer days, author Elle used to listen to stories from her family members while sitting by the campfire.

Elle was quite enthralled by the poem collection of Robert W. Service. It enabled her to develop a fascination towards the north. This fascination reached its maximum height when Elle applied for an artistic residency in 2007 in Dawson. At that time, she had fallen in love with the lovely town. And gaining inspiration from her experience, author Elle attempted to pen her first novel. The title of the novel is taken from the opening line of one of author Service’s poems. Elle has once said that she wanted to write a happening story in the poem’s spirit as it had captured her imagination when she was just a child. Also, her attempt was to infuse the story with the location’s timelessness. Elle’s debut novel is said to have waited for its release for the same number of years as author Elle has waited to become an established author. Until then, it was being worked upon by author Elle. Author Elle has spent her initial several years growing up in the southern regions of Ontario. She completed her graduation from the Queen’s University. Initially, Elle had taken up literature, but later she shifted her focus towards history and got herself transferred to that department. Elle felt that history would be more practical and therefore she switched to history. Later, she earned a film degree from the British Columbia University and then a master’s degree in fine arts. Elle’s first novel draws events from the previous careers of author Elle. These include copywriting, filmmaking, screenwriting, etc.

The ‘Strange Things Done’ written by Elle Wild is a suspenseful and dark noir thriller, that takes place in Yukon. Author Elle has described the chief protagonist of this series as Josephine Silver. She works as a journalist and lives in Dawson City. The book was released by the Tap Books publication in the year 2016. The primary characters of this book’s story include Josephine Silver, Sally, Johnny etc. Josephine appears to be plagued by several events of her past. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that the dead body of a politician washes up ashore and is discovered by the local people. Immediately after listening to this discovery, Josephine sets out to investigate the matter. At first she tries to establish the identity of the politician. Later, she looks to bring out the truth about the incident and capture the real killer. However, she needs to do this before the snow gets collected on the road and the city loses the its link with the outside world. This stylish and tense crime novel explores the themes of betrayal and trust, and appears to be a top notch thriller.

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