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Elleby Harper

The Australian author Elleby Harper is a Young Adult author with a huge imagination and a lot to say with her richly drawn fantasy worlds. Taking her readers on a journey, she speaks to them directly in a way not many other novelists within her field manage to do. Getting to the heart of what drives her characters and motivates them, her stories resonate with her audience, as it’s clear they’re written with passion.

Previously moving around from country to country, Harper has lived in number of different countries, something she really brings to her work. This has provided her with a wealth of material and different experiences to draw from as well, as she puts it all back into her work. Reaching out to her audience, she definitely isn’t stopping any time in the near future, as her worlds and words continues to grow.

Early and Personal Life:

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Australia, Elleby Harper can remember always wanting to write for a living since she was ten years old. This is something she’d take with her throughout the years, constantly coming back to it over the years, despite many of jobs and experiences coming her way. This would all provide her with the inspiration she needed though to help inspire her as an author of the fiction she wanted to write.

Studying and working around North America for some years too, Harper would see a lot before settling down to write full-time. This would all feed back into her work, as she refined and honed her voice as a writer, giving her new and exciting ideas. Continually trying all manner of different profession, writing would always be there, allowing her to find her voice as an artist.

Working as a medical receptionist, an exhibition curator, and a casino croupier, Elleby Harper would see a lot through the years. This would also include working as a librarian, and as a journalist, allowing her to practice her craft as a writer. In time she would become a lot more adept at storytelling, knowing exactly what it was that her many readers were looking for.

Living and working in Australia, she continues to write regularly, putting out novels on a consistent basis for her every growing audience. Married with one son, she lives with her family, as she constantly looks for new and interesting ideas to write about. This will carry on for a long time yet, as her writing career grows internationally every day, with more and more discovering her novels.

Writing Career

Starting out with ‘Driven to Death’ in 2017, Elleby Harper would begin her career with the first novel in the Detective Bex Wynter series. Whilst she may have been around a relatively short amount of time, she’s still come a long way regardless. Creating the ‘Bex Wynter’ mysteries series, of which there’s six so far, along with its spin-off ‘Bram Carver’ novels, of which there’s two, she’s established a strong profile for herself. Her ‘Victorian Ghost Mystery’ series also has a novel in it, with more expected to follow, as there’s plenty of potential to keep expanding indefinitely.

Death For Sale

First released in 2018 on the 23rd of July, this would be the fourth title in the ongoing Detective Bex Wynter series of novels. Also known as the ‘British Crime With An American Twist Books’, this would be published through the Kindle platform, reaching an already eager audience. Following on from the last mystery, this would feature another self-contained case-file for the eponymous detective to solve.

Set in the London Met, this series follows the case-files of the American DCI Bex Wynter, as she works to solve the mystery. Stationed at the Youth Crimes Team of the Met, she must do all she can to ensure that justice prevails and that the vulnerable are protected. With a strong character in a well drawn London, the series is a richly diverse collection of mysteries, which is also the case with this novel.

There’s a serial killer on the loose, and DCI Bex Wynter is going to stop at nothing in ensuring that they’re brought to justice, especially when a little girl’s life is at stake. Becoming involved in the case after accidentally intercepting a call meant for her boss, as she attempts to prove to DCI Cole Mackinley that serial killings are taking place. It would seem that the powers that be don’t want her solving the case, as dark forces conspire to keep her from reaching the truth. Then she’s presented with a potentially life-changing decision after she must choose between endangering a loved one and tracking down the killer. Will she finally be able to put an end to it once and for all? Can she find the killer before it’s too late? What happens when there’s death for sale?

Hunt For Justice

Originally released in 2020 on the 2nd of January, this would come out on the kindle, being the second title in the ‘Bram Carver Mystery Thriller’ series. Continuing on from the last, it provides another mission and adventure for the agent Bram Carver, working under the radar and in the shadows. A spin-off franchise from the Bex Wynter novels, the character of Bram is the previously vanished brother of Bex, having thought to be missing.

This takes a whole host of different contemporary themes and puts them all together in this electrifying thriller. The character of Bram Carver is definitely a strong one, as fits the template for the ideal action hero, whilst also being genuine and authentic enough to relate to. Using a wide variety of international locations too, it really does have a sense of the exotic to it as well, allowing the reader to really escape into it.

Bram Carver comes across a Chinese conspiracy to derail the forthcoming US election during an investigation into an army deserter. Going off the books, the agent must also deal with his own past, coping with his father’s chequered history, all whilst keeping those he cares about safe. Dealing with the ghosts of his father’s past, his history threatens to take them all down, as he must fight to overcome it and save the day. Will he be able to stop China in their plans? Can he save his loved ones in the process? What will become of Bram Carver’s hunt for justice?

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