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Ellen Won Steil is a mystery fiction novelist who is best known for her debut fiction novel “Fortune.”

Won Steil is an author who has always had a thing for dark stories. She has often asserted that she has found something very human about that part about ourselves that we often bury.
For a long time, she has found a fascination with how our secrets thoughts, and desires often get teased out in ways that we can never imagine happening in real life. It is for this reason that she was drawn into the writing of suspense fiction novels.
Sometimes it is all about getting into those nooks and crannies and it is through writing that she can find her fix.

Relatively unknown, she would become a bestselling novelist when she published “Fortune” in 2023. The title went on to become a bestselling title.
She has now published at least two works of fiction. Ellen has often told interviewers that she is not yet done and intends to pen a lot more novels in the coming years.
The good thing is that most of her novels have been bestsellers, which provides her with a lot of confidence as an author.

As for her roots, Ellen Won Steil spent much of her childhood living in Iowa as a child of a Korean-American family.

In college, she went to Drake University for her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She would then proceed to William Mitchell College of Law, which is where she got her law degree.
Now that she has become an author, she can often be found writing, reading, or chasing her two young sons. She also loves to sleep a lot, catch up on TV shows with her husband, and eat a lot of pizza.
Won Steil usually connects with her readers through her profiles on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram.

“Fortune” by Ellen Won Steil is an explosive work that takes a deep dive into a decades-old mystery, the secrets of three women, and shocking revelations brought to light when a small town in the Midwest proclaims a DNA lottery.
The residents have a chance at a multimillion-dollar windfall in exchange for a drop of blood. The benefactor is a billionaire widow who is known for her philanthropy, even though there are some who believe there is a darker motive for the lottery.
The most prominent conspiracy has to do with an almost two-decade mystery of the unidentified remains of an infant, which has marred the history of Rosemary Hills, the small town of Iowa.

Soon after the announcement of the blood lottery, it is suspected that three local women have knowledge of what happened on that night.
Divorced single mother Cleo goes back to her hometown and takes the job of reading to an invalid recluse.

A controversial senator named Jemma is seeking reelection even as she deals with a troubled teenage daughter.

A divorce attorney named Alex is dealing with a crumbling marriage, even as she still has to deal with an overbearing, cold, and suffocating mother.

It is not long before shocking revelations threaten the present for all three women but in this seemingly tranquil community, they are not the only ones with dark secrets.
It is an interesting work that asks some very interesting questions about sacrifice, privacy, and trust.

Ellen Won Steil’s “Becoming Marlow Fin” is a work that tells the story of the mysterious life of a troubled actress in a riveting novel about unspeakable lies and family secrets.
Fin is famous for her success and beauty and is infamous for her past, much of which remains a mystery.

In 1995, Isla Baek was a young woman who stumbled upon Marlow who was then a six-year-old abandoned in the woods next to the lakeside cabin that belonged to the Baek family.

Marlow who has little memory of how she came to be where she had been found is then adopted by the Baek family. She is now part of the idyllic community in the Midwest and has a new enigmatic sister named Isla.
However, no one had been prepared for how disruptive or unnerving Marlow’s presence would be over the coming years. Neither could any of the Baek family ever imagine the shocking tragedy that would change all their lives.
Now, everyone is keen on the many revelations by Marlow who is appearing in a prime-time interview.

She tells her harrowing story over decades, as she reveals the truth about herself, how she was damaged by family secrets and the dark things people sometimes do for love.

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