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Ellery Kane is a forensic psychologist by night and author by night that is known for her series of thriller crime, and young adult novels. She has been writing creative and professionally for as long as she can remember. Born an only child, she spent a lot of time making up stories and reading and not much has changed about her reading habits since. Just like most of the leads in her novels, she loves to ask why, and this perhaps informs the motivation to become a psychologist. Since she works as a forensic psychologist she has often found that reality is usually stranger than fiction and much of her work is inspired by her day job. Given that forensic psychology is an intersection of the law and psychology, she often has to deal with a wide range of issues from violence risk assessment, child custody and criminal insanity. Her main job is conducting evaluations of prison inmates many of whom have committed serious crimes such as murder. Many of these are usually coming up for parole after spending many years inside. Kane’s work has helped develop unique insights into how the past influences the individual in the present. She published “Legacy” her debut novel of the “Legacy” series in 2014.

Kane currently makes her home in the San Francisco bay area which provides the beautiful settings for many of her novels. When she is not interviewing killers behind massive walls of the prison they live in or working on her latest novel, she can be found engaged in several hobbies. She loves going to the gym and working a punching bag, riding bicycles with her husband or enjoying a movie with Milk Duds and popcorn. “Legacy” her debut novel was the recipient of several awards including the Independent Publisher Book Award Gold Medal and the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award Gold Medal. Kane recently signed a three book deal for Rockwell and Decker Mysteries to be published under Bookouture.

“Daddy Darkest” by Ellery Kane asserts that one needs to bury their secrets deep if they are not to come out later. The novel is set a month following the graduation of Samantha “Sam” Bronwyn from high school. She had hopped on a plane to head to San Francisco alongside her friend Ginny. But then her friend goes missing at the airport bathroom while wearing a distinctive Sam Letterman jacket and Sam believes she was the target and not her friend. She is now all alone in a city she does not know and has to run for her life and from a dark past she is just learning about. It is a past in which all dark secrets are unearthed and revenge can be very costly. Who can she trust when she does not even know who she is? Could she trust her mother, the disarming FBI agent, the guilty ex convict or maybe the mysterious stranger she had seen hide a gun into his backpack. The only thing she is certain of is that someone is coming for her and he knows more about her even than she does. She is going to learn that there are things more terrible than murder.

Ellery Kane’s novel “The Hanging Tree” is set in May 1994 where Evie a recently orphaned girl is celebrating her thirteenth birthday. But she is witness to a brutal attack that takes place at the hanging tree. She had lost all consciousness and when she comes to, she finds herself bruised and dazed on a bus to Los Angeles and with no memory of the events of the past day. Her best friend had lost her life during the night but there is no crime scene, no body and no witnesses though she is certain of the fact. Two decades later, the whole night remains a blur and the killer a nameless and faceless man. Meanwhile, Butch has just been released from juvenile detention but almost immediately strangles a girl to death. Twenty years later, he is leaving prison after completing his sentence though the demons of his past now haunt him. When another body is found strangled at the hanging tree, Evie believes she is the key to resolving the murder mystery. Will Butch help her find the killer or is he hiding the biggest secret of all.

“The First Cut” by Ellery Kane asserts that there is a thin line between murder and love. When Kate and Ian Culpepper are brutally killed in their mansion in Carmel on Valentine’s Day, someone believes it is all about karma. Ava believes that it is payback time for Ian who left her four years ago for Kate who was seemingly perfect. They had then shown up on her turf and hurt her even more with their matching smiles, their perfect daughter and house. It is no wonder that she cannot let go and cannot stop watching. But Ian is not the perfect man he loves to portray himself as and owes a debt to Ava. They had done an unforgivable deed and it was this that doomed their marriage. When the police search the crime scene and find Ava’s name written in blood, it seems that the day of reckoning may be here. There could be someone that knows what she has done and that she is hiding something.

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  1. Winnie: 5 months ago

    Does this authors books have to be read in order,
    as I hate reading a book which keeps relating to
    previous books


    • Graeme: 5 months ago

      From looking at the book descriptions and reviews, it depends on the series. Probably best to read the Legacy series in order but Doctors of Darkness looks like it can be read in any order. Rockwell and Decker looks like it should be read in order.


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