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Ellery Lloyd is the pseudonym used by a husband and wife, Collette Lyons and Paul Viltos. Paul is the writer of two previous novels named Every Day is Like Sunday and Welcome to the Working Week. He’s the English Literature with Creative writing program director at Surrey University.

Collette is the former content director of Elle and director at Soho. She’s also an editor and a journalist. She wrote for the Telegraph, the Guardian, and Sunday Times.

People Like Her
The author introduces a UK family Emmy, Dan, Coco, and Bear. Emmy is married to a writer husband and mother of two amazing kids named Bear and Coco. However, to her Instagram followers, she’s known as ‘mamabare.’ Her job is unusual due to her social media personality. She made her way from being a magazine fashion editor to owning an influencer brand.

As most people use social media to try and show how their life is perfect and amazing, Emmy uses it to show her real daily life. She’s a mother who shows how difficult it can be for mothers to raise young children.

Emmy creates polished stories and hints at how motherhood to her is with the sleepless nights, leaking maternity bras, and the public meltdowns. The best part is that she earns a living from sharing her stories on social media as she motivates others with her honesty and authenticity.

His fans love her for the truth as she tells things as they are. Her novelist husband understands how creative Emmy can be using the fact. She has become the breadwinner due to monetizing vivid and intimate information about her marriage and family life.

People adore her for how honest and relatable she is. Before she knew it, her fans began loving to hear motivational speaking about how the negative things are always worth it with her beautiful babies.

Emmy has one dangerous and obsessive follower who’s a woman with everything in life. When Emmy’s marriage starts to go under the drain and her success grows, her moral direction goes off the rail.

She becomes more vulnerable and gets herself into a real danger closer to her family, whom she cares about. The author has raised critical questions about social media, technology, and celebrity life in this novel.

It shows the dark side of influencer life and the dangers of online parenting. The novel also explores the desperate urge for people to be seen and the lengths they can go just to be liked by people they’ve never met.

Who and what is one sacrificing by making their private life go public where they are no control over the people seeing it. However, not all is what it seems, and Emmy appears to be faking it all to reach the top.

Her husband is tired of her behavior of exploiting their family, but since he relies on Emmy’s income before his next book is published, he has no say. When Emmy’s advice negatively affects a follower known as Grace, her mother decides to take matters into her hands, and Emmy has to pay the price for her fame and popularity.

People Like Her is engaging psychological suspense, and the author raises critical questions about technology, celebrity life, social media, and how people live today. There are some uncomfortable truths about the effects of being an online influencer.

The story shows how influencers can cause a lot of harm with their words and how dangerous it can be when one has strangers tracking your every step. At the beginning of the novel, the story is narrated from alternating points of view, switching between Emmy and his novelist husband, explaining how one can be envious when their partner, especially the wife, makes it in life.

Later the author introduces a third person who appears to be on a vengeful mission of destruction. She is looking forward to having her revenge on Emmy. It seems that Emmy had made the stalker so angry. The stalker brought so much tension to the story to keep the readers engaged.

Emmy has learned the art of showing a perfect life, but there is trouble following her under it all. She does everything to create content to increase traffic and earn a living. In some scenes, the novel is dark, filled with secrets, and emotional.

The Club
There’s a group known as The Home Group, which is made up of celebrity members worldwide. It’s a platform where the wealthy and famous can have fun without being tracked by their fans or the media.

It’s a story of an exclusive club of the HomeGroup with a chain of high-class hotels worldwide. It’s a club that the rich would kill to join since many admire it. The club owners are Adam and Ned, and they are almost opening their latest addition to their portfolio Island Home.

They own luxurious suites, and the most fascinating of it all is Island Home, a costly project that the group’s CEO pushed beyond limits. There is a temper in the air as the budget exceeds, and there’re numerous delays. Will the owners succeed in ensuring the club’s smooth running?

The Island is located off the English coast, and the group can’t wait for it to be launched with a three-day party. The place is highly guarded, but behind it all, there is a lot of tension as every one of them has secrets they don’t want to be put in the open.

There’s a change in behavior as tempers get hot, more sinister things start happening, and more bodies pile up. Most Homegroup members start to wish they had never given out their names on the guest list. It’s a rule of this club that you’ll never get out no matter how hard you try if your name appears on the list.
The story is told from four points of view, Nicki (Ned’s assistant), Adam (Ned’s younger brother), Annie (head of membership at Home), and Jess, who’s newly hired as a housekeep at Home.

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