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Publication Order of Village At War Books

The Ration Book Baby (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spitfire Girl (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wartime Vet (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Under a Spitfire Sky (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Codebreaker Girls (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ellie Curzon

Eleanor Harkstead and Catherine Curzon together write under the pen-name Ellie Curzon. Since 2017 the two ladies have written together and share a love of well-dressed gents, adventure, and British romance, all while drinking gallons of tea and discussing the importance of good tailoring.

Eleanor Harkstead has been published in her own right. She was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award for 2020. Ms. Harkstead is inclined to scamper about wearing nineteenth-century garb, wearing bonnets and cravats. She’s fond of wine, chocolate, and wandering old graveyards.

Ms. Harkstead collects fine pens, vintage hats and tweed waistcoats. She can be found living somewhere in the Midlands (UK), guarded by a Viking who resembles a rather large ginger cat.

Catherine Curzon is an 18th century historian focusing on the Georgian kings of Britain and their families. Her writing has been widely used in publications such as The Daily Express, BBC History Extra, BBC News, Who Do You Think You Are?, All About History, and Jane Austen’s Regency World. Her writings have traveled out of Great Britain to Vanity Fair, Metrópoles, Der Bund, Town & Country, La Vanguardia, and Elle Australia.

Ms. Curzon is in demand as a speaker, having been asked to address the Stamford Georgian Festival, Dr Johnson’s House, Bath Jane Austen Festival, Lichfield Guildhall, the Royal Pavilion, Kenwood House, Wellington College, and the National Maritime Museum. She co-wrote, with Adrian Lukis, the play Being Mr. Wickham. In 2019 it had sold-out audiences; with rave reviews, it was live-streamed and went on a national tour in 2021.

Ms. Curzon holds a Master’s degree in Film. She studiously avoids the ferocity of the guillotine, she is usually being lead by the alluring strains of Dean Martin. Living in Yorkshire, she’s at the top of an absurdly steep hill, keeping company with her excitable dog, chilled-out cat, and a rakish gent.

Under a Spitfire Sky: A heartwarming and romantic WWII saga is the first novel co-written by the team named Ellie Curzon. The writers have created a story which is a departure from their 18th century expertise and roots and written a romantic story set in the mid-20th century.

It’s the middle of WWII and our heroine is a skilled engineer with the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. It’s 1944 and Florence spends her time repairing planes, the swift little Spitfires, so their pilots can return day after day, safely to Cottisbourne Airbase.

Florence befriends the shy and handsome Siegfried, the new squadron leader. Florence is nursing a broken heart but romance still might bloom in this war-torn time. A terrible secret, one that has a high risk of destroying her one chance of happiness, is in her way though.

With a new plane being developed, Florence fears a traitor is around, and he puts this plane that could turn the tide in this horrible war at great risk. She urgently needs to reveal the traitor, saving her Spitfire boys, her country, and maybe her heart.

Ellie Curzon’s second novel is also set during the WWII era in 1944 in Cottisbourne, England. In The Codebreaker Girls, women are working in Cottisbourne Park, in the heart of the secret work of Britain’s fight to break the codes of the German war effort. The team of codebreakers are bloody brilliant, eccentric, and are in a battle for the survival of the English nation.

Rosie Sinclair is proud to be doing her bit for the war effort. She’s working as a driver for Major-General “Bluff” Kingsley-Flynn. When she drives the general to Cottisbourne, she finds she’s involved on the frontlines of a new battle.

There’s a possible spy who is putting the vital work of codebreaking in lethal jeopardy. Her attraction to the handsome “Bluff” is growing by the day; she feels obligated to resist it, but… The threat from the spy is growing larger everyday putting her fellow codebreaker ladies at risk. She’s trying not to lose her heart while saving the day.

The team of Eleanor Harkstead and Catherine Curzon have also written paranormal romance novels, and are listed as individual authors on each story. The series The de Chastelaine Chronicles ventures into the paranormal with the duo of Raf and Cecily. She bakes biscuits and talks to the dead. He digs in the garden and turns into a bat. Together they are formidable and save the world.

Raf and Cecily chase ghosts, conquer phantoms, and put down the dead who won’t stay dead. They are madly in love and enjoy their idyllic life on the Yorkshire coast. They like their life in the time after the Great War. Their world is filled with an occasional ghostly cat, ancient texts, and arcane artifacts.

The first book of the trio of The de Chastelaine Chronicles is The Ghost Garden. Cecily James has brutal, hateful husband who reigns as headmaster of Whitmore Hall. It’s located in a remote location, is respected as a boys’ school and there are whispers the dead walk the halls and occupy the unoccupied clock tower, and Cecily is a prisoner of Whitmore Hall.

Cecily has a broken heart from losing her dear brother in the trenches of the Great War. Meeting new teacher Raf, Cecily finds the eccentric man an unlikely ally and might be her savior from her tyrannical husband.

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