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Publication Order of Ellie Kline Books

By: Mary Stone, Donna Berdel

Ellie Kline series by Mary Stone & Donna Berdel
Mary Stone, with Donna Berdel, write the “Ellie Kline” series of thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2020, when “Cold Truth” was released.

Detective Ellie Kline was kidnapped at the age of fifteen and works investigating murders as part of the Cold Case Unit. She is also from an elite Charleston, South Carolina family.

“Cold Truth” is the first novel in the “Ellie Kline” series and was released in the year 2020. Say the words… In a dark basement, a cold-blooded killer pits friend against friend, torturing one until the other one says the terrible words that ends their friend’s suffering. He has gotten away with murder for years. Until now.

Ellie Kline is unable to remember most of her kidnapping when she was fifteen, however that night shaped her life. That horrible night made her strong, since she didn’t just cower. Determined to prove herself as a cop despite being heir to the Kline fortune, she never takes no for an answer, and never backs down. The daring take down of one suspect catapults her directly into the spotlight, it gains her a promotion. Along with one killer’s admiration.

Ellie, who is now a detective assigned to the Cold Case Unit, gets drawn into the mysterious murder of an unidentified and young college-aged woman without a missing persons’ report, no evidence, and zero leads. Making things more shocking is that, even though she was tortured extensively, her death was a quick one. However while Ellie digs deeper, she finds a disturbing connection between the woman that was found dismembered in a park and some other Jane Doe case. Could there be more?

While some hazy memories of her own past start surfacing, it isn’t just her family and the brass at Charleston PD that watch every move she makes. Somebody is lurking in the shadows, ready to kill if Ellie’s journey back into history gets much too close to the cold hard truth.

This is an incredibly intense thriller and filled with suspense, making this one nail-biting, page turning story. It does a great job of keeping you guessing the entire time as well.

“Cold Hunt” is the second novel in the “Ellie Kline” series and was released in the year 2020. Hunt or be hunted. On a farm in the backwoods of Charleston, South Carolina, there is a hunter stalking prey of the two legged variety. And it isn’t the first time either. New players have been emerging in the underground human trafficking ring lurking back in the shadows of the dignified city, which only ramping up the stakes.

Ellie Kline, who is coming off of the high of solving her very first case as a Charleston PD detective, has connected several Cold Cases together leading her to a shocking discovery. There’s a serial killer out there that has been watching her for years now. Details from the night that she was kidnapped when she was fifteen have been surfacing, just not fast enough. The guy whose voice she still hears inside her head is a savage killer, one that is responsible for countless murders of women. She must find him and stop him.

Ellie has been assigned to a new John Doe cold case and is surprised to also find evidence of a missing woman. Suspicions that her beloved city of Southern charm is at the center of an ever swirling circle of human trafficking become much too real. When a lead takes her right into the darkest sections of the internet, she is also one step closer to solving her own kidnapping. Ellie’s case is going to take her on a dangerous and cold hunt that leads her right to a truth that nobody could have predicted.

“Cold Threat” is the third novel in the “Ellie Kline” series and was released in the year 2020. Monsters hide in the dark til it is time to feed. Toys and puppets. That is all his captives are to him. He is the master, the one in total control, and he plans on recreating the night that he kidnapped Ellie at the age of fifteen.

Ellie’s life has never been the same since that one night fifteen years prior. Now a detective with the Cold Case Division of Charleston Police Department, she has compiled a mountain of evidence against one dirty detective, revealing some betrayal inside the department. Ellie, who is determined to reveal the truth, enlists the aid of Jillian Reed (Ellie’s best friend and CPD file clerk) to help her prove she is not only paranoid.

But while the anniversary of the day she escaped that serial killer draws near, the murderous villain is returning to finish u what he started. She beat the guy once before, and when he kidnaps somebody close to her, she just has to hope she is able to outplay him once more. This time, she is no child. And the master is just a man.

“Cold Highway” is the fourth novel in the “Ellie Kline” series and was released in the year 2020. sometimes, the prey eats the predator. The only way to take his power from women is for him to kill them. Lucky’s playground is America’s cold highways, and in twenty years he’s never been caught. He has just perfected his skills, leaving countless victims behind him in his dust.

Dr. Kingsley, the man that kidnapped Detective Kline thirteen years ago, is in the wind. However if he is incapacitated and on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, has somebody taken his spot?

Partnered up with Special Agent Clay Lockwood in order to crack open a case that is just as horrifying as the human trafficking ring Ellie and the CPD broke open, all signs are pointing to a new master, or mistress, of a horror that went under with the master. However Ellie is determined more than ever before to bring this ring of terror down, and she now has Special Agent Clay Lockwood with her. When somebody very close to Ellie gets taken, the hunt becomes personal yet again.

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