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Publication Order of Detective Ellie MacIntosh Books

Kate Watterson is not any other average mystery and romance writer. Her books are well acclaimed as one of the finest and her stories are highly original. This is the sole reason why she has been nominated for CARA, over five for Eppie, while winning one Eppie in 2007 for the best historical erotic. She is also an RWA Lories winner and a WisRWA 2005 finalist for the best historical romance. She has also credits for writing over 30 titles, which revolve around suspense and thrillers. One such work of her is the Ellie MacIntosh series, which comprises of 6 books.

Amongst all of her characters, the one of Ellie MacIntosh is interesting and highly cited. As per Kate, Ellie MacIntosh is more of a creative character, who is involved in discovering and ensuring that all of her cases are solved. It makes the storyline throughout the series highly engaging and allowing readers to sense the same emotions as she has been going through. Moreover, the idea of writing a suspense itself, a reader should never understand who the killer was, or what detective Ellie would discovered next. These things make a story and the character worth revisiting again and again because the plot is not known to the reader until the very end. Nevertheless, Detective Ellie has another side to her character, where romance is part of her emotions. It blends well with the story as it is again one of a basic human gesture. It aligns with the suspense in the plot, as a reader thinks over the need to understand why a certain person is being chosen over the other.

Another aspect of Detective Ellie is how patient she is and her ability to put everything on the line to find the serial killer in the first book ‘Frozen’. The case goes on for over 18 months, but Ellie is working hard and not letting it go. She is trying to figure out how women are gone missing while working closely with her partner Rick Jones. It is not just trying to ensure the innocence of Bryce Grantham is proven but also trying to understand if he is manipulating the investigation by any means. Nevertheless, the book is a good start to dwell into the character of Detective Ellie.

In the second novel of the Ellie MacIntosh series ‘Charred’, Detective Ellie comes across a new partner Jason Santiago. Ellie’s character has evolved and as patient she is, her new case is cold and Jason has many disagreements with her. However, they both tend to have a relationship that develops. Ellie, on the other hand, is still focused and striving to find another homicide killer, who she thinks is just a random killer, as clues and cryptic messages are leading to nowhere. Ellie here is imaginative, trying to solve case after case, as the killer is on the go. Every chapter that passes tests Ellie’s resolve and her patients like it was tested in ‘Frozen’, but the story still holds the hallmark tradition of both suspense and thriller.

In the next novel launched in 2014 ‘Buried’, Ellie and her new partner Lt. Carl Grasso, are trying to solve mysteries where police officers are being killed. If you are thinking where Jason is, he is now a consultant because he was shot in an earlier novel. However, as the plot developers, someone has started to fall for Ellie and it can affect work. Ellie faces two cases in this novel. One relates to the mysterious death of police officers, while the second relates to the thought that how a kid doing fishing ends up half buried where her grandfather lives. Surprisingly, Ellie’s grandfather is not by any means shocked, making Ellie even more curious. The way the novel progresses, makes a reader sit back and turn those pages as the story moves, knowing that there is no result till they reach the end of the book.

The real feelings of Jason for Ellie are prominent in Kate’s last novel in the Ellie MacIntosh series ‘Fractured’. Jason is trying hard to find a way in order to start a new relationship with Ellie, but finds it hard as both Ellie and Jason are career oriented. Ellie has also found Jason’s mother, which shows that Ellie during the series, was trying to not just solve her cases but was engaged in ensuring that Jason finds all of his answers over his own upbringing. The plot gives way to numerous such encounters between both partners, where their chemistry gives another dimension to the way thriller novels work. In the novel, Ellie and Jason are seeing the same therapist, who tends to keep their feelings confidential due to client privileges. However, it doesn’t leave both Ellie and Jason from finding the killers, who are stabbing people in the face so that they are not recognizable. Ellie finds herself confused here as the leads they find are not yielding any results, but at the end, Ellie like always is very determined and patient and will fight till the very end.

One cannot really understand the feelings of Ellie while she works on a case unless they read the Elie MacIntosh series. It is not just about the character, but the cunning determination, the ability to find clues and generate leads, the ability to stay highly professional nd committed to the work, which makes Ellie an interesting character, we all can end up relating to. All these novels follow the same suspense thriller and to some extent romantic stories inside them, which hooks the reader to the final page. Maybe this is the way Kate Watterson had envisioned the novel, because of her imaginative winters and heat in summers, are a mysterious tale within itself. Although not disclosed, Kate may be working n another Ellie MacIntosh thriller, due to release. Most of her books are available in both paperback and ebook platforms. A must read for all those who have a keen interest in always being a detective, and Ellie MacIntosh does not disappoint here.

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