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About Elliot Page

Elliot Page, originally from Canada, has forged a notable path in entertainment as not just an actor but also a producer, director, and lately, an author. His contributions have been recognized with several high-profile award nods, including one for an Academy Award, alongside two BAFTAs and Emmy nominations. The breadth of Page’s creativity is clear as he delved into writing, following the release of his first book.

In March 2021, Page’s feature on Time’s cover broke new ground as he became the first openly transgender man to do so, spotlighting important discussions around transgender rights and amplifying his impact well beyond film and TV. June 2023 saw Page step into the world of publishing with his book ‘Pageboy’, signaling his versatile talent and adaptability to different forms of creative expression. Page consistently demonstrates his wide array of abilities and commitment across multiple domains in the arts.

Not just a performer and writer, he’s also become a much needed voice in Hollywood and the world at large. Speaking up on a variety of different issues, his work as activist has proven to be truly inspirational, as others continue to follow in his footsteps. With more work to come as an artist, he’s also got plenty more to say, with a number of different projects planned upon the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Elliot Page was born on February 21, 1987, in Nova Scotia to parents Dennis Page, a graphic designer, and Martha Philpotts, a teacher. His education included time at the Halifax Grammar School, Queen Elizabeth High School, and the Shambhala School, from which he graduated in 2005. Page’s academic path, filled with writing and reading, laid the groundwork for his interests in storytelling and creative expression.

Throughout his life, Page has openly supported various social causes and maintained a commitment to feminist and pro-choice values, adopting a vegan lifestyle along the way. These personal convictions could very well influence Page’s creativity, providing a rich backdrop for his work in writing and the arts. As an author, his voice may draw upon these deep-seated beliefs, offering readers a nuanced perspective.

Coming out as a transgender man in 2020 was a significant moment for Page, shared during a period of global reflection amidst the pandemic and an opportunity to bring awareness to transgender issues. The support he received from fans, celebrities, and organizations, many of which updated Page’s film credits to reflect his new name, was overwhelmingly positive. This personal journey of Page could indeed inform his writing, bringing authenticity and a unique narrative into his role as someone with something to say.

Acting Career

At age ten, Elliot Page began his acting career on screen in the role of Maggie Maclean for the film ‘Pit Pony,’ which later became a television series. This early experience, along with subsequent acting roles, likely fostered his interest in storytelling. Page’s early promise was illustrated by a nomination for a Young Artist Award and his role in “Wilby Wonderful,” for which he received an award, setting the stage for further growth as a performer and storyteller.

The 2007 film ‘Juno’ marked a significant moment for Page, with his leading role as a pregnant teenager earning critical acclaim and multiple award nominations. His performance in ‘Juno’ demonstrated Page’s ability to bring authenticity to his characters, a skill important for any form of storytelling. The praises from critics and the Independent Spirit Award he received affirmed his talent and likely influenced his later work and perspective as an author.

Diversifying his career, Page explored various acting opportunities, including voice acting and motion capture for the video game ‘Beyond: Two Souls.’ His roles in different genres contributed to a broader understanding of character development and narrative. Into 2023 and beyond, Page continued to weave his passion for narrative into new creative endeavors, including writing and production through his company, Page Boy Productions.

Awards and Nominations

Elliot Page has been recognized 76 times with award nominations and has achieved 31 victories. Notable among these is his role in ‘Juno,’ earning him an Oscar nomination and marking him as one of the youngest in the Best Actress category’s history.

Starting with ‘Pit Pony,’ Page has continually received praise for performances in works including ‘Hard Candy,’ ‘The Tracey Fragments,’ and ‘Freeheld.’ His involvement in ‘Gaycation’ garnered Emmy nods, with an MTV Movie Award triumph for ‘Inception’ and voice performance nominations in ‘Beyond: Two Souls.’

Writing Career

Elliot Page released his first book titled ‘Pageboy’ through Flatiron Books on June 6, 2023. The memoir quickly soared to success, landing atop The New York Times Best Seller List for Nonfiction, echoing the readers’ keen interest. This milestone marks Page’s significant debut as a writer.

In ‘Pageboy,’ Page offers a genuine reflection of his life, revealing details of his time in the film world and his own path. The memoir sheds light on personal themes like identity and finding oneself amidst Hollywood’s dazzle. The writing in ‘Pageboy’ is a tribute to the boldness needed to celebrate and articulate one’s true identity.


Published by Flatiron Books on June 6, 2023, ‘Pageboy’ is a memoir authored by Elliot Page. The book achieved notable success, securing a spot at the peak of The New York Times Best Seller List for Nonfiction shortly after its release.

‘Pageboy’ is a compelling coming-of-age memoir penned by the acclaimed actor Elliot Page, known for his Academy Award nomination and advocacy for transgender rights. In this work, Page emerges as a distinctive literary voice, bringing forth a narrative rich with personal revelations and candid reflections. His memoir delves into profound explorations of gender, affection, mental well-being, and interpersonal connections, all against the backdrop of the Hollywood landscape.

Elliot Page’s literary debut provides an insider’s examination of both private struggles and moments of triumph.

The book’s authentic voice and deep personal insights offer a fresh perspective on diverse and topical issues. It’s a powerful read that thoughtfully examines identity and experience within Hollywood. This memoir clearly resonates with many, as evidenced by its swift rise to the top of the best seller list.

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