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Elliott James is one of the popular authors from America, who is famous for writing urban fantasy novels. He is particularly well known for writing down the Pax Arcana series. Author Elliot has said that it is actually his pen name that he uses for writing the urban fantasy books. Before becoming a novelist, author Elliot used to serve in the army. He is regarded as a gypsy scholar and currently lives in the Blueridge Mountains located in southwest Virginia. Author Elliot has said that he has gotten attracted towards reading different kinds of books since the age of 3. Apart from reading and writing books, author Elliot has developed an abiding interest in martial arts, hiking, live music, mythology, as well as old bookstores. In the Pax Arcana series, author Elliot has introduced the chief protagonist in the role of John Charming. For describing the character of John Charming, the author has given the reference of all the stories involving Prince Charmings, who always slay some or the other monster or chase some lady or get turned into some other creature. Author Elliot has described all such characters from old stories, who wander in the forests confused and maimed after getting cursed or jacked by a foul beastie, as the ancestors of John Charming. It is shown in the series that John Charming has continued with the tradition of his family of messing with the things from which it is considered to stay away. Considering it to be a proud thing, if not bright, John goes on to the extent of picking up a mild case involving werewolves, somewhere down the line.

Author Elliot has depicted John Charming as living in a world where the humankind is prevented from seeing the magickind by a glamour known as the Pax Arcana. Also, the humankind in this world is kept protected from those of the magickind with the help of a secret order consisting of knights from the modern era. John Charming is depicted as being one of those knights at one point of time. Later, he gets turned into one of the creatures which he used to usually hunt. As a result of this sudden change, John is forced to hide himself in the shadows of the same places from where he would normally stalk through. He keeps changing his name constantly, lives off the grid, and is always on the move. Author Elliot says that all the stories that he has depicted in this urban fantasy series are pretty much straightforward. They tend to follow the route of Conan the Barbarian and chronicle the adventures of John Charming in which he keeps traveling through the world filled with dark magic. Most of the stories in the series show that John often gets compelled to set all the wrongs to right and protect the innocent people. On many occasions, these things go opposite to his better judgment. Right from the debut novel of the series, author Elliot has described some of the most interesting characters and game changing events that have a long lasting impact on the readers. One of the characters is described in the form of a teenage vampire who has a high IQ level, has good skills of social media, and has the mind of a genius. Another well-known character is Sig Norresdotter, who is shown as the Valkyries descendant and head of a group of monster hunters. Other than these highly interesting and intriguing characters, the series is filled with lots of screaming, fighting, kissing, and other stuffs that the readers surely like to read about.

The debut book of the Pax Arcana series written by Elliot James is titled as ‘Charming’. This book was released in 2013 by the Orbit publication. In the beginning of this book, John Charming is introduced as an unusual Prince. He is depicted by author Elliot as belonging to the line of the Charmings. They are known to be an illustrious family that slays the dragons. The Charmings also get involved very often in finding witches and killing as and when required. Their origin dates back to the time before Rome’s falling. Author Elliot has also shown that the Charmings are trained by the type modern Knights Templar. They are that kinds of monsters who have updated their ways from crossbows and chainmail to shotguns and Kevlar. And among the Charmings, John Charming was considered one of the best. But, it lasted until he himself became one of the kind that the Knights were known to hunt down. After the passage of many years since that incident, John Charming is depicted as attending the tables in a local bar in rural Virginia. He has assumed a different name and seems to be living quite a peaceful and quiet life. However, all that appears to change again very soon when he sees that a blonde and a vampire have walked into the bar. Now, John wonders whether the vampire and the blonde will recognize him or he will be able to disguise them also. But, if they get to know his real identity, then he is going to land in a great trouble.

The sequel to the successful debut book of the Pax Arcana series by Elliot James was published under the title ‘Daring’. The Orbit publishers released this book too in the year 2014. This book shows that something has gone wrong in Wisconsin. At the start of the urban fantasy plot, author Elliot has shown that a mysterious figure is trying to unite all the werewolf packs and absorb them into a huge army of super fighters. This mysterious figure appears to speak quite an angel, but fights similar to a demon. The fighters from the Knights Templar, who try to get any closer to the ever growing army of wolves, turn up dead. The knights are known to help keep the peace between the magickind and mankind. But this time, they appear to be pretty much unsuccessful in stopping the werewolf army because any knight who tries to infiltrate the group gets his human flesh smelled from far away. But, John Charming turns out to be an exception. He is no more a Charming, now as he has turned into a werewolf. Due to this, he is being hunted by the same men who helped him in his training in the past. However, the Knights Templar thinks that John can prove to be their salvation. On the other side, the instincts of the werewolves seem to be rising more powerfully to claim him. Now, everything lies in the hands of John and he has to decide whether the new leader is a messiah or a madman. Unlike the previous book, this book comes up with a new twist in the tale. But, it also became very much successful among the masses all over the world.

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