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Publication Order of Frostblood Saga Books

Elly Blake is a Canadian author of fantasy series. She has a love of fairy tales, owls, and old houses. She graduated with a B.A. in English literature and has held a number of random jobs.

Blake has worked as a graphic designer, a customs clerk, a project manager, library assistant, and reporter for a local business magazine. She currently lives in south-western Ontario with her husband, kids, and her dog, a Siberian Husky mix who has similarities to Frostblood. She is represented by Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary & Media.

Elly Blake is the author of the Frostblood Saga. The series features three books, Frostblood, Fireblood, and Nightblood. Frostblood is a New York Times Bestselling book.

Frostblood starts the series off. It was published in 2017. The main character is named Ruby. She is a Fireblood– this means that she has powers that involve heat and flame naturally. She has hidden her powers from the ruling class as long as she can remember at the urging of her mother since the Frostbloods would kill and try to wipe out Firebloods.

Ruby has concealed her powers all her life. She is actually very powerful, but since no one ever trained her in how to use them and she does not have that experience and control, she has to repress them. When something horrible happens, Ruby doesn’t want to hide her powers any longer. She will no longer pretend to the Frostblood class or herself that she does not have powers.

When her mother is killed while trying to protect Ruby. Ruby gets away, but she vows that the Frost King, King Rasmus, will fall at her hands for what he has done. Ruby is enraged when her mother is killed and vows that she will have her revenge. In her sights is the Frost King, who she refuses to allow to go on living if her mother cannot be alive. She finds an unlikely ally in the Frostbloods, even though they really just want her help and don’t care what happens to her.

Rebel Frostbloods also want Ruby to attempt to join them in overthrowing the king, so it is the perfect opportunity to kill one bird (or king, in this case) with one stone. Ruby vows that it is the Frost King that will burn for everything he has done and it is about time that his bloodthirsty evil reign came to a close.

Ruby comes out of hiding in order to pursue her revenge. Ruby’s abilities are not entirely predictable, but she is willing to train alongside the rebels. Even if it does mean interacting with the challenging Arcus and the infuriating feeling that comes along with that. Still, there is something irresistibly handsome about the young rebel. Even if he does seem to regard her as just another part of the plan to take out King Frost. Perhaps his admiration is based in that?

But Arcus and Brother Thistle work to train Ruby to control and channel her power of fire and heat. But when Ruby is captured and must fight in a tournament for the king that pits Firebloods against strong Frostblood champions, it looks like her plan to kill the king might fall through. Or it might be the chance to get at the king at last and get vengeance for what has been done. Can Arcus find her or help her before it is too late?

This exciting debut novel from Elly Blake soars through a fictional world of fire and ice where the people with opposing powers are mortal enemies. Yet the alliances may not end up being so black and white. Pick up this book and see how it ends for yourself!

Fireblood is the second book in the Frostblood series. Ruby is back again as the main character who has come into a position that she never expected. Not only that, but she is faced with a big decision in which it seems that inevitably she must choose sides. Either side that she picks is going to have consequences and make one side mad at her. Considering what has happened to unruly despots in the past, Ruby would rather avoid anything bad happening.

She is faced with the choice between choosing a fiery homeland or a certain icy man who is in love with her. She has triumphed in some ways, but a Minax is now loose and is running about the kingdom causing havoc with everything that it meets. Ruby knows that she has to do something about this wild animal terrorizing the land. After all, she is the Fire Queen, even if she just feels like a regular person in a strange position.

Ruby and Arcus decide that she might find answers in the south in Sudesia. This is the land of the Firebloods and it is here they may unlock the key to Ruby’s past. The Fire Queen might risk angering her companion, but she goes with a roguish Fireblood named Kai. They travel to Sudesia to meet Kai. She is a new warrior that seems like she has quite a bit of power.

Kai finds out that she is being tested and she must control the fire in a series of trials. Only then will she gain the trust of the Fire Queen and be seen as an ally. It is from there that she will go on to work with this new Fireblood named Kai. Kai must work with the queen to take out the threat on some level, but will she be distracted when sparks fly between her and the mysterious and roguish newcomer? They have quite a bit of chemistry between them.

Faced with heightening tensions, Ruby has no idea whom she should trust. The kingdoms seem like they will be nearly torn apart and what happens to them will be up to Kai and up to the Fire Queen. Their fate is in her hands. While Ruby isn’t thrilled about being in power, she will fulfill her duty to the people. Check out this book for yourself and don’t forget to pick up the third book of the trilogy to see how it all ends in this exciting series by Elly Blake.

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