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The Wolf Den (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House with the Golden Door (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Temple of Fortuna (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Binding Song (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Knock (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Six Scary Stories(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elodie Harper is an award-winning Historical and mystery author. She won the 2016 Bazaar of Bad Dreams short story competition for her Wild Swimming story.
She’s a journalist and presenter at ITV News Anglia. Before then, she was a producer for Channel 4 News. Elodie’s novel The Wolf Den narrated women’s lives in ancient Pompeii and was position one in Sunday Times bestseller.

The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den is the debut in the Wolf Den Trilogy. Left with nothing after her father’s death, Amara’s mother gave her out as a concubine before being sold to Felix as a prostitute.

She’s now enslaved in Pompeii’s notorious brothels, where she recalls her past life in Greece and the dreams she had to be a free woman. Amara is a smart and educated girl just that her fortunes were reversed after the death of her father

Now she can see that it’s almost impossible to get her freedom from the little money she earns from the tips. She starts setting up plans and ways to add her earnings while keeping safe and finding time to be happy and at peace with her friends.

She’s a prostitute and one of the ‘she wolves’ Owned by one harsh master named Felix. He’s a man shaped by his traumatizing past, but there’s something human about him underneath his cruelty. He strains, suppressing his emotions since the wolf den is not a place for sentiments or romance.

She’s used to the brutality and perversion of the men and is expected to entertain them. Her clients differ and range from those from the parties she attends to those she picks up in the streets.

She has Dido as her friend, and despite the petty jealousy and rivalry that rise from time to time, they share out the traumas they experience, hoping to achieve their dreams one day. She wolves are a united group who support each other in doing whatever it takes to survive.

Misfortunes shape Amara’s life; on the other hand, her value depends on how many customers she can satisfy and how much money she can earn, but her self-worth is in her mind. She’s different from the rest who can read, understand money, and is resourceful and intelligent. The plan to free herself will come with a price to pay, and she is ready for it.

Amara wishes for the day she’ll have enough money saved to buy her freedom. She trusts her instincts and intelligence even amidst the pain, humiliation, and heartaches she experiences. She utilizes the opportunities as she gets closer to her achieving her goals.

She knows that her decision will cost her happiness and her newly found sisterhood in the brothel. But Amara has to make more self-sacrifices if she wants to survive. She wants to evolve from a victim of circumstance to a resourceful woman who can rewrite her story for the world.

It’s a story of a woman whose future depends on her ability to act, perform, and use her mind to free herself from slavery. A life she was forced to live after her father passed away where women are seen as objects. They are used for pleasure until they are no more helpful.

The Wolf Den is a story about survival in a rigid world for the enslaved and oppressed. It throws the reader right into the life in the brothels in Pompeii, keeping the reader engaged to the end.

The novel confronts the violence that the enslaved women went through in the brothels during this period. Even though the story is fairly dark and frustrating, there are some moments of hope in it. Elodie Harper’s writing style is easy and clear to read, making it a quick read.

The story is told from Amara’s point of view as she explains her experience at the brothel. Elodie did a magnificent job of bringing historical figures and Pompeii to life. Its setting is impressive, and the vivid descriptions accompanied by images of an era with so much history, mystery, ancient walls, and cobbled streets give a perfect ambiance for the novel.

The author has done a superb job of highlighting the significant differences in this particular community between the ‘have’s and ‘have nots’ and wealth distribution. The novel is set in AD 74, giving a story of the only child of a Greek doctor in Aphidnai city.

Despite the story narrating slavery and prostitution, it also showed hope, love, and humor among the women. Even in their darkest moments in life, they still had each other’s back with a sound support system.

The Binding Song

In the Northfolk prison, a psychologist struggles to explain a belief in a menacing ghostly presence haunting some prisoners with dangerous consequences. HMP Halvergate is a prison in Northfolk, and the main character is an appointed prison psychologist, Dr. Janet palmer.

She’s so happy after her promotion, where she’ll be working to rehabilitate sex offenders in prison.

The buildings have a palpable feeling of fear and despair. Janet is allowed to leave the prison after her working hours, but she goes to her house in the nearby village, filled with fear.

The prison atmosphere is filled with the prisoners’ attitudes she takes care of, and the hostile staff makes a living hell for her. Janet has her demons to fight after her sister’s death, and the current situation is becoming unbearable.

Before she was transferred to the prison, several inmates killed themselves. There has been a story among the inmates of a particular vengeance spirit attacking people in jail. The prison psychologist who was before Janet was troubled by the female demon that was always pursuing guilty men.

Janet has been struggling alone in her overwhelming job of making sense of the increasing emotions in and out of prison. She eventually gets some clue about the cause of the deaths though her feelings and experience obstruct her.

She soon realizes solving the mystery is not as easy as she first thought. Janet tries to untangle the web of deceit that her predecessor left behind before he disappeared. She’s sure secrets are hiding in the prison walls and are haunting the corridors to make the men commit suicide.

However, the more she digs and stays in prison, the more uncertain she becomes about what she’s dealing with. It appears there’s something evil and sinister going on. And it might be something more dangerous than the ghosts.

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