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The Death I Gave Him (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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If Found, Return to Hell (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Night of the Living Queers(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Em X. Liu

Em X. Liu is an author who has carved a niche for themselves in the realms of science fiction and fantasy literature. Their unique ability to craft vivid and relatable characters has earned them a place in the hearts of readers. Liu’s protagonists often stand out with their multidimensional nature, endearing them to those who delve into the worlds they create. This skill in character creation is just one aspect that makes Liu’s work a joy to read.

Liu is known for their talent in spinning tales that captivate from the first page to the last. Readers find themselves eagerly turning pages, engrossed by the engaging narratives that Liu weaves. The enthralling plot developments are paced just right to keep the fun and intrigue alive throughout the story. It’s this knack for storytelling that keeps fans coming back for more.

Besides the imaginative characters and exciting plots, Liu’s stories shine due to their overall presentation. Each narrative is constructed with care, ensuring that every element contributes to a memorable reading experience. The reader’s journey through Liu’s work is smooth, with each story revealing a thoughtful blend of adventure and creativity. This gift for crafting compelling stories truly showcases Liu’s strengths as a writer.

They have a remarkable talent for blending fascinating characters with equally captivating narratives. The seamless integration of well-developed personalities into the rich tapestries of their stories creates a harmonious balance, making the reading experience both immersive and dynamic. Liu’s characters don’t just exist within their stories; they are the driving force behind them, ensuring that every plot twist and turn feels both impactful and organic. It’s this fusion of character and story that allows Liu to consistently deliver fresh takes on familiar themes.

Liu’s approach to storytelling is like adding vibrant colors to a canvas, where each character’s unique traits and backgrounds enhance the broader picture. The interplay between characters and the world around them is thoughtfully orchestrated, ensuring that every dialogue and interaction feels relevant and new. With each work, Liu brings something different to the table, preventing their stories from ever becoming stale or predictable. The freshness that Liu infuses into their tales is a significant part of what makes their writing stand out.

Their ability to weave distinct character voices into the fabric of their stories enriches the reader’s experience. Liu’s characters guide us through their narratives, each with their own perspective and voice, adding layers of complexity to the plot. The richness of these voices contributes to the uniqueness of Liu’s stories, which are anything but cookie-cutter. In Liu’s skilled hands, the time-worn tropes of science fiction and fantasy are reimagined, providing readers with novel and intriguing adventures every time.

Early and Personal Life

Em X. Liu’s passion for storytelling can be traced back to their eclectic interests, blending a love for the analytical aspects of biochemistry with the creative nuances of literature. Their enthusiasm for both artificial intelligence and the timeless works of Shakespeare hints at a mind that finds inspiration across diverse fields. This broad spectrum of interests has fueled their growth as an author, leading them to explore various themes and concepts within their writing.

As someone who has made a home in Canada, Liu’s experiences immigrating there have also inspired them, adding depth to their narratives. Despite their travels and global explorations, Toronto remains close to Liu’s heart. The city they call home likely serves as a grounding backdrop to their creative process, offering a steady influx of inspiration and a nurturing environment for their writing.

This connection to Toronto underscores the importance of place in Liu’s life as both an author and individual, reflecting the idea that no matter where their adventures take them, they carry a piece of home within their stories.

Writing Career

In their blossoming career as an author, Em X. Liu made their entry into the literary world with the novel ‘The Death I Gave Him’ in 2023. This work showcases their ability to blend science-fiction elements with emotionally charged storytelling. Continuing to build their repertoire, Liu demonstrated versatility and a promise of more intriguing works to come.

Expanding their reach into shorter forms of fiction, Liu also released a novella titled ‘If Found, Return to Hell’ in the same year. This urban fantasy piece offers readers a glimpse into the author’s capacity to craft concise, imaginative narratives.

As they continue their writing journey, the anticipation for future stories from Liu remains high.

The Death I Gave Him

‘The Death I Gave Him,’ a science-fiction reimagining of Hamlet, marks Em X. Liu’s debut as a novelist. Released on September 12, 2023, the book joined the catalog of the publisher Solaris. Liu’s novel presents a fresh take on a classic story through a science-fiction lens.

Hayden Lichfield’s world shatters when he discovers his father’s lifeless body in their laboratory, the security footage mysteriously wiped. Their groundbreaking work on the Sisyphus Formula, a potential key to reversing death, becomes the suspected motive behind the crime. To draw out the murderer, Hayden risks everything by stealing the research, only to stumble upon a chilling recording—a final plea from his late father pressing for retribution.

As the lab seals shut, leaving Hayden confined with four suspects and Horatio, the trustworthy AI, he faces a daunting task: to peel away his father’s deceptions, delve into the facility’s hidden corners, and confront madness to fulfill his father’s dying wish.

If Found, Return to Hell

Em X. Liu’s foray into urban fantasy is encapsulated in the novella ‘If Found, Return to Hell,’ which hit the shelves on June 15, 2023. This stand-alone tale of supernatural intrigue was brought to the public by Rebellion Publishing.

Working as an intern at One Wizard may seem charming in theory, but reality hits hard for Journeyman Wen, who often faces the brunt of disgruntled mages and clients. Eager for a break from the mundane call-center responsibilities, Wen seizes an opportunity to assist a distressed young man, bewildered by the mysterious appearance of a talisman and a lapse in memory.

The situation, however, twists into a complexity beyond Wen’s expectations. The baffling case turns into a supernatural battle, as it becomes clear the client is under the hold of a demon prince who has no plans of relinquishing his grip.

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