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Embroidery Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Embroidery Mysteries Books

The Quick and the Thread (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stitch Me Deadly (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thread Reckoning (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Stitch Good Night (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thread on Arrival (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cross Stitch Before Dying (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thread End (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Stitch (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stitching Hour (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better Off Thread (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Embroidery Mystery is written by the Gayle Trent under the pseudonym Amanda Lee. Gayle trend is also the writer of the cake decorating series.

The Series features s heroine, Marcy Singer, who left home in San Francisco and moved to the Coast of Oregon to open a shop specializing in embroidery. The desire to run her own business coupled with the painful humiliation of being left alter by husband to be are the driving forces behind her exodus.

When moving, Marcy takes along her one-year-old dog, an Wolfhound named Angus for companionship in her new home. After arriving in Tallulah Falls, she manages to make a lot of friends, but unfortunately for her, she makes some enemies in the process.Luckily for her, the coffee house down her street near her shop is run by her friends.

The Embroidery series is about the life and adventures of Marcy in the new city. It takes us through her endless adventures as she tries to start a new life.

The cast of the characters in the books is lively. The heroine has enough curiosity just to throw herself into the heart of the mystery without appearing to be reckless. The complex puzzles to be solved in the series incorporate factual and interesting information about the art of needlework. The puns in the books are as amusing as the puns. On top of this, the Pop culture references in the entire series give it a contemporary aura of reality.

Let’s sample some books in the Embroidery series.

1. The Quick and the Thread.

After Marcy Singer starts and embroidery shop in Tallulah fall, Oregon, she does not know that her embroidery classes will soon be full. It seems like everybody in the town wants to raise a needle or rather a glass to support the new kid in town, the owner of the newly opened embroidery shop, Seven Year Stitch.

The Quick and Thread series is full of twists and turns, nobody expects, Marcy, after getting such a warm reception will find a corpse in her shop. This book is educational and swanky at the same time. The author slowly interweaves her plot with the characters charm and personality while at the same time dropping facts about some stitching activities and some history behind them.

The adventure begins when Marcy finds the body of the previous occupant of her shop in the store room. On the wall beside her body, is a message scratched with a tapestry needle. Now Marcy is also suspect in a murder case while her beloved shop is a crime scene, she will have to do all she can so as to discover the killer before she is killed too.

Marcy gets drawn slowly into the investigation because the police believe that she is responsible. She has to prove her innocence and save her shop. The armature truth goes out her way to uncovering the evil hidden in the little town that seems so serene the surface.
Since the two murders are linked to each other and the fraud, two friends embark on the gruesome journey of finding the killer and saving their town.

The cast of the story line is quite impressive. But this is not what makes the quick and Thread such an interesting read. It is the fact that the inquiry is plausible and reasonable.

2. Threads reckoning.

Opening an embroidery shop in Tallulah Falls, Oregon is the best thing that has so far happened in Marcy Singers life, But this nothing when she goes up against a crafty, bloodthirsty killer.

At first, her embroidery business id going just fine, until she meets her newest client, Cassandra Wainwright, the worst client Marcy ever had.

She is making a wedding dress for Cassandra’s wedding, and her mother-in-law to be has given some jewelry to be added to the dress. Things take an unexpected twist when Cassandra’s mother is found dead in front of Marcy shop. To make things worse, Marcy’s ex-boyfriend, the man who left her at the alter arrives in town ad wants her back.

The Embroidery Mystery is an interesting read; it will take you back to the days on Nancy Drew. She cannot control herself when confronted with a mystery, and she always finds a way to drag her friend into her mysteries.

Though there is not a lot of stitching going on in this book, it is hard to get some done with murder on your business premises and after being named a suspect too.

Unlike other Embroidery Mystery books that mention a lot of facts about the history and process of embroidery, this books focuses on solving the murder.

3. Stitch Me Deadly.

Marcy and her Dog, a wolfhound Angus are settling in their new home at Tallulah Falls, Oregon. Hey embroidery shop is up and running, and she loves her job and she is making some new friends and at the same reconnecting with some of her old friends like Sadie.Things are fine until an old lady comes along and asks Marcy for some help with her antique embroidery sampler. Before she could disclose more information to Marcy, she dies due to heart attack, right on Marcy seats in the sit and stitch area of Marcy’s shop.

The Authorities find out about the dead old woman’s heart attack was due to unnatural causes. It is was murder. According to Marcy, the old woman’s antique sampler was the key to solving the murder. She goes ahead to investigate the murder and comes across a very complicated web of clues that must be sorted before the killer is apprehended.

If you have not read the Embroidery Series, then you are missing out a lot. The plot is well thought with the characters both lively and realistic. The suspense will keep you hooked till you close the last page of the final book in the series. The author will take you through Marcy’s adventures in a fast paced methodological manner that will keep you engaged and asking for more

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