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Publication Order of Emerald Lakes Books

The Magic Of Discovery (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magic of Betrayal (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magic of Revenge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magic of Destiny (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magic of Eternity (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Emerald Lakes” series is a set of bestselling paranormal and romance fiction by Britt Andrews, the paranormal romance fiction author.
While she has come to be a very prolific author, she only began writing fiction when she was fired from her job in 2020 due to the vagaries of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then that she made the decision to take a leap of faith and become a fiction author.

She had always dreamed of becoming a fiction author ever since she was in her young adult years. She has not looked back since as she published “The Magic of Discovery” her debut novel and the first of the “Emerald Lakes” series of novels in 2020.
The debut would become a blockbuster work as it was a bestselling title in several categories on Amazon and would get hundreds of five-star ratings. The series currently has at least five works with most of these bestsellers.

The author has said that she hopes her paranormal novels would provide much-needed cheer to her fans, in addition to promoting female empowerment and inclusivity.

When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found living her best mom lie with her three young kids and her supportive husband. The family also owns two chihuahuas and each day is a chaotic and wild adventure that sometimes provides some inspiration for her novels.
Britt Andrews also loves to interact with her readers on Magical Misfits her Facebook reader group when she is not enjoying Mexican food and tequila.

The “Emerald Lakes” series by Britt Andrews introduces Saige, a woman that has been living in Emerald Lakes all her life. She has been bought up by her grandmother who is a green witch that can grow plants using magical means and usually draws much of her supernatural power from nature.
Saige is very content with her life regardless of the fact that it tends to be very monotonous. However, things stop being so bland once four handsome mages arrive looking for an apartment to rent at her building.
Sloane, Cam, Kai, and Fischer happen to be operatives working on a secret mission and are the best of the best at what they do. It does not hurt that these mages are some gorgeous hunks.

Still, in addition to the sizzling romances throughout the series, there are some bizarre happenings that also include deep mysteries and swirling secrets. The “Emerald Lakes” series is at its core a reverse harem romance.
The main girl usually gets into all manner of steamy romances with some gorgeous men that have an obsession with her.

What makes this series even more interesting as compared to similar reverse harem romances is that each of the dudes comes with their own agenda and a distinct personality.
Coming with all manner of humorous scenes, angsty moments, and a ton of plot twists, there is nothing lacking in the series.

“The Magic of Discovery” is the first novel of the “Emerald Lakes” series of novels that introduces Saige. She had been comfortable and safe living in the small town of six hundred thousand where she runs a magic shop and makes a living off of her witchcraft.
She has little to complain about except for her ex-boyfriend who seems not to understand the word no. The good thing is that the eccentric and lovable people of the town make her feel like she is living in one huge extended family. There is also the boy-crazed grandmother that keeps everyone on their toes.

However, she often feels like she is missing something but fate has something to say about that. Soon enough, destiny drops four sexy men on her doorstep looking for a new place to call home.

They become tenants living in the apartment above her shop while she becomes their landlady. She becomes drawn by the four handsome mages who came into town for work and it is not long before the magic starts to grow between them.
In the meantime, her powers have been misbehaving even as she has to unravel a rather pesky prophecy. Unnatural and strange things have been happening in Emerald Lakes and she just cannot ignore the feeling that something life-changing is about to happen.
She then goes on to discover a whole new world of magic and can only hope she will not lose herself in the craziness.

The second novel of the “Emerald Lakes” series of novels that continues to follow Saige and her four gorgeous mages is “The Magic of Betrayal.” She thought she had a lot of questions before but now finds herself back in Besmet with the demon from her dreams.
She finds it hard to deny the strong connection she has with the man regardless of the fact that he is certifiably crazy. Her life has recently turned very chaotic as her green magic is no longer stable, her grandmother is all over the place and her ex is even more unstable.
Fortunately, she still has her four guys Kai, Fischer, Cam, and probably Sloane. Truth be said, she is not so sure if Sloane is the type of person that would let anyone claim him, even though he certainly makes her heart race.

Meanwhile, there are all manner of prophecies, lies, and secrets coming tonight and she can only hope that she has put her trust in the right people. Betrayal by itself has always been a painful thing but it would be devastating if she was betrayed by people that promised to protect her.

“The Magic of Revenge” the third novel of the “Emerald Lakes” series opens with a major transformation of Saige. Something has taken hold of her soul, her body, and the very center of who she is as a witch. She has loved and lost but she is not going to let things end this way.

Soon enough there is a change in prophecy that amplifies her life to a new level of chaos. She will need to learn how to control her new magic and depend a lot more on the people around her.
Between a new diabolical villain and power boosts, she will need every single one of her mates if she is to be successful at exacting vengeance.

Portraying vulnerabilities such as domestic abuse, insecurity, and mental health, it makes for a fantastic story with some great characters and plot lines.

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