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Emery Belle
Emery Belle is usually busy wandering around her house with her nose in some book, or dreaming up new worlds. When she isn’t doing these things, she can be found digging her toes into the golden sand beaches of Southern California (unfortunately she hasn’t found the ferry docks for Magic Island just yet). Emery can also be found getting some bowling in, or chasing around an overly large, overly excitable rescue pup.

Emery’s debut novel, called “Beached & Bewitched”, was released in the year 2018 and is the first of her “Magical Island Paranormal Cozy Mystery” series. She writes paranormal cozies that feature plenty of mystery, magic, and just a bit of mayhem.

“Beached & Bewitched” is the first novel in the “Magical Island Paranormal Cozy Mystery” series and was released in the year 2018. Book your ticket off to Magic Island, where potions are brewed fresh each day, the beaches are perfect for watching creatures, and all the fur and fangs are on full display.

Wren Winters is painfully and utterly ordinary. The most boring job there is? Check. A boyfriend of eight years that still has yet to put a ring on it? Double check. A squirrel that cannot stop gorging itself on her tomato plants. That’s a triple check. On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Wren is unable to shake the feeling that things are about to change. They are. Just not in the way she had planned.

After a sequence of unexplainable events makes her question her sanity, an odd little man shows up and delivers an even odder message: Wren ain’t so ordinary after all. She is a witch and in order to claim her powers, she has to leave everything behind and go to a place that she never even knew existed.

All of a sudden, she is thrust into a fantasy world come to life, where taxis just sprout wings and go up into the skies. Merwomen teach sold-out water aerobics classes, and the scent challenged ogres panhandle on the street corners to get strange delicacies.

Add in a brand new job, one hunky coworker, and one full schedule filled with magical lessons, and Wren’s old boring life is not much more than a distant memory. Before she is even able to test out her training wand, she is confronted with a murder she feels compelled to solve, a mysterious guy in black that appears to be tracking everything she does, and a list of suspects that have plenty to hide. Turns out even a fantasy land has its dark side.

Readers found this to be an enjoyable cozy mystery, and Emery grabs your attention right from the first page. It mixes mayhem and magic with an outstanding mystery. These characters are believable and well written, and this novel is lighthearted and funny and packed with intrigue and action. Emery keeps you guessing until the very end about what will happen next.

“Oceans & Potions” is the second novel in the “Magical Island Paranormal Cozy Mystery” series and was released in the year 2018. Since showing up on Magic Island, Wren just cannot seem to catch a break. Just out of the hospital after her near-miss with the business end of a wand, she goes back home to find that her magical status is once again in question, her new boss’ favorite snack is blood pudding (without the pudding), and she is the only witch that is allergic to her familiar.

The next assignment for her gossip column takes her to the Snow Bunny Fashion Show in order to learn the actual story behind the long-simmering feud between the island’s most popular yeti model and the show’s lead designer. It makes Wren want to prove her worth as a reporter, and then keep a low profile as she waits her fate before the High Court.

It appears, however, that the island has got other plans. Thrust right into a murder mystery that takes her from the mountaintop yeti community to the underground gnome hole, from a leprechaun-run bank hidden under the ocean floor to the back of a magical polar bear. Wren is once again on a search to find the truth. She quickly learns, some secrets are just better off left in the grave.

Fans found this to be a quick read with a clever story and the characters get even more interesting this time around. Each of these characters are great and have their own quirks. The mystery is pretty tough to figure out and the whole novel is rather well written. This has a bunch of twists and turns, and you remain on the edge of your seat all the way through.

“Fang Ten” is the third novel in the “Magical Island Paranormal Cozy Mystery” series and was released in the year 2019. Following her victory over Lord Macon and the High Court, and those pesky murders nothing but a distant memory, witch-in-training Wren is ready to finally settle into her life on the island. With a rogue familiar to train, community service hours to finish, and maybe just a touch more excitement than she bargained for.

When a dear buddy is accused of one unthinkable crime, Wren is required to dust her investigative hat off again, and this time around, the stakes are much higher than ever before. The clock ticks down to disaster, which leaves Wren without a choice but to wrangle her hesitant classmates, and an anything-but-hesitant dog, and go off again down the dangerous and winding path to the truth.

With a heartbroken wand repairer, a suspiciously tan vampire surf instructor, and a lovesick broomstick insurance salesman on the list of suspects, Wren has to untangle a web of half-truths and a web of lies to save her friend. Possibly even herself, before it’s too late.

This is another terrific read with a great plot and a stellar twist at the very end. These characters get stronger and even more vivid with each book. Wren and Glenn are very likable characters that are enjoyable and very well written.

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  1. Chella Stokoe: 3 years ago

    Is Emery Belle writing any more Magic Island books?

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      There’s no Book 8 announced yet but it is a popular series so hopefully 🙂


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