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Meet Cute Diary (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Emery Lee is a popular author of contemporary, young adult, and romance stories. She made her debut in the world of publishing in 2021 with the book called Meet Cute Diary. This book achieved worldwide success and helped Emery get noticed by the well-known critics and established writers. Emery wishes to write many more novels of romance in the years to come. She intends to achieve a lot more success in her career through her hard work and dedication. Author Emery likes to describe herself as a budding artist and Youtuber. She is also a kidlist author and hails from a background of mixed-race. Following her graduation from college, where she obtained her creative writing degree, Emery began wrting short stories, webcomics, and novels. She likes to keep herself immersed in reading various books and novels for research purposes of her upcoming novels.

Whenever Emery is involved in writing or reading, she can be found honing her artistic skills. Very often, she takes out time from her schedule to spend time in the company of her cute dogs. Emery loves them very much and feels they provide her the much-needed relaxation from her hectic schedule. Sometimes, Emery loves to watch anime when she does not have anything important to do. She is highly active on social media sites likes Instagram and Twitter, where she keeps posting updates about the events in her life and career. Emery also maintains a website in her name that she uses to promote her work as well as interact with readers from different parts of the world. In her debut book, Emery has described a YA romcom story involving teenage lovers. The lead character Noah Ramirez experiences teen love for the first time and feels that it is challenging that he has ever believed about romance and relationships.

Emery’s story involves love between transgenders and promotes their experience in a tolerant society. The inspiration that led Emery to write this story was her own love for romantic comedies. Developing the story was the best part about the whole writing process for Emery and toughest was querying. Emery thinks querying has been the most damaging and stressful part of her career. She claims to have not been able to recover from querying’s horror. As a writer, Emery loves to create character that are lovable and cute. She also loves playing with the idea of being a writer who creates stories based on the lives of marginalized children living happily, discovering themselves and life, and indulging in love. Emery always attempts to shoot things in unconventional ways and every time she does something like this, she ends up bringing something exciting to the table.

The stories she describes in her books sometimes make her feel that she has missed a lot of interesting things in her teenage life. Emery claims she never imagined even in her dreams that she would end up becoming an author. In her younger years, she had started writing as a means to find some fun. The idea also helped her to satisfy her chaotic imagination. Wherever she used to go, she used to have a notebook in her hand to note down things of interest. Very often, Emery would fill the notebooks with entire stories of weird characters and settings. When Emery was around 10 years old, she started sharing her stories with her classmates and friends in the neighborhood. As time passed, it became a universally accepted fact that Emery was the author of her class and would complete millions of books in future. This is how she felt she had no other choice but to stick with the hopes of everyone around and put her ideas to good use.

Emery’s first novel was inspired by an exciting event during a road trip that she had taken with her best friend. They used to play around with claims of marrying random guys they saw as if it were some kind of a story. Later, Emery realized that it would be a fun idea to develop a character who loves to take real-life runs and creates happily-ever-afters. Subsequently, Emery ended up creating the characters of Noah and Drew, who were much appreciated by readers across the globe. She depicted Noah as a blogger while Drew was shown as a bookseller, who keeps daydreaming about being Noah’s boyfriend. Things take a confusing turn when Noah meets another transgender from his past and develops a connection. The overall story is quite joyful and funny to read.

The debut book written by author Emery Lee is entitled ‘Meet Cute Diary’. It was released in 2021 by the Quill Tree Books publication. This series features the primary characters in the form of Drew, Noah Ramirez, and several others. Their story is depicted as a heartfelt, swoon-worthy romcom about how the first teen love of a transgender challenges his views about relationships. Initially, Noah Ramirez is introduced as a transgender teenager who thinks that he has expert knowledge about romance. He runs a blog called Meet Cute Diary, which is quite popular. The popularity of this blog seems to have given Noah the impression that he has become an expert in the matters of romance. On his blog, he shares stories of happily ever afters involving transgender characters.

All his stories are widely followed and very popular in the transgender community. People think that all the stories shared by Noah Ramirez are real. But, there lies the main problem. None of the stories are actually true. Noah has just made them up out of his imagination just to make his blog popular. When he started the blog in the beginning, the stories were just his fantasies as he was afraid to come out of his comfort zone and face the world for what he is. But now, his stories have developed into a ray of hope for many transgender readers all over the world. Later, the reality of Noah’s blog is exposed by a troll, resulting in the unravelling of his world.

To come out of this difficult situation, he has to find a way to convince the world that every story mentioned in the Diary is true. However, he does not have any proof to do it. At this moment, Drew walks into the life of Noah with the much needed solution. Drew shows the willingness to fake-date him for the sole purpose of saving the Diary. Shortly after, Noah begins to develop feelings for Drew that are far beyond the staged romance they are involved in. It makes him realize that real-life dating is not at all same as described in a story in a diary. In the end, Noah finds himself in a situation where he has to choose between continuing to follow the rules he has laid down for love or follow the path where his heart takes him.

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