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Publication Order of My Favorite Thing Is Monsters Books

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Vol. 1 (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
FCBD: Our Favorite Thing is My Favorite Thing is Monsters (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Vol. 2 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Growing Up Chicago(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emil Ferris
Emil Ferris is a fiction author best known for her debut novel My Favorite Thing Is Monsters. This graphic novel has been lauded as a masterpiece thanks to its captivating narrative and exquisite artwork. The most interesting thing is that she wrote this book as she was recovering from paralysis after suffering from West Nile Fever. Her love for art shines throughout her writing, and this makes her writing stand out. Before she started writing, Ferris worked as a freelance toy designer and illustrator. She is a talented artist, like her parents, who met in art school and are artists to date.

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is a diary of Karen Reyes, a ten-year-old girl living in uptown Chicago. It is in the sixties, and the political climate is nothing but disastrous. Karen loves horror magazines and spends most of her time lost in her world. She lives with her elder brother Diego and her caring yet superstitious mother. Just like Diego, Karen is an art lover and doodles relentlessly as a way of handling rejection by her friend Missy. Karen visualizes herself as a werewolf, too strong to be hurt by all the dysfunction around her. When her enigmatic upstairs neighbor, Anka Silverberg, is murdered inside her home, Karen decides to investigate the case.

Anka Silverberg was a holocaust survivor who escaped death enough times. Her life started in Nazi Germany, where her mother sold her into sexual slavery as a child. After surviving life in a brothel, Anka was taken to a concentration camp, and life only got tougher for her. For Jews living in Berlin from the 1920s to the 1930s, life was pure hell. Due to her experiences, Anka had developed skills to help her survive in a dark and cruel world. This is all before a bullet in her own house killed her. So, who killed Anka, and what was their motivation? Can Karen solve this case and find the killer before it is too late?

This story is set in Chicago in the 1960s. The political climate at the time matches with the horrors going on in this story. Your heart will break as you watch Karen go from fatherless to friendless. There will also be suicide, hunger, cancer, incarceration, and Matin Luther King’s assassination. The content is mostly somber, but it is so captivating you will not want to stop once you start reading. Coupled with the mournful, fantastic, hallucinatory, yet realistic illustrations, this is quite a story. It is ideal if you want something captivating, horrifying, and different.

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters features a descriptive plot, a likable lead character, and detailed graphics. The murder victim is also portrayed as a hero who was just unlucky. Both Karen and Anka seem to be encountering unending tragedies, and you cannot help but wonder what the future holds for the young protagonist. From her artwork, it is clear that Emil Ferris is quite talented. Her storytelling skills also show throughout the mystery narrative. The book is as thick as a phone book, making it a great choice in case you are searching for a unique addition to your coffee table. Your visitors are sure to love the synergy between art and this story, even if they do not like horror novels.

FCBD is a free graphic comic that Emil Ferris gifted to My Favorite Thing Is Monsters fans. In this comic is a monster story for her fans to enjoy. Many think that the 16 pages of this monster story are part of the second volume in the series as it continues from where the first volume ended. The story throws you back to the 60s, where Karen is still working to unravel Anka’s death. Fortunately, it seems like the investigation is about to take a different turn because of the tape Karen finds. In it are enough details on Anka’s acts of heroism. Additionally, the author includes two other short stories.

The first of these other stories is an autobiography where the author explains the harrowing experiences that inspired her to create her first monster book. In about six pages, the author explains her battle with a disease that threatened to paralyze her. Thankfully, she won the battle and not only regained her motor functionality but also graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing soon after. Her story is touching and inspiring. It is admirable what the author has done with her life since her recovery. To complete this comic is a 5-page story on how to strip. The title of this story is “How to Draw a Monster.”
This 32-page comic gives a hint of what awaits My Favorite Thing Is a Monster fan. It comes with detailed and outstanding illustrations, just like the first volume in the series. Karen features prominently in this story, and it seems like you are about to find out just what happened to Anka. The author also lets the reader into her life, explaining the circumstances that led to the first book’s writing. It is admirable that she chose to think positively and make the best use of her time given the circumstances. The third story comes with loads of mystery and weird illustrations. It is quite short, so it will just wet your curiosity rather than satisfy it.

FCBD is an intriguing comic that will have you glued to the pages until the end. If you read My Favorite Thing Is a Monster, you are going to love interacting with Karen once again, albeit briefly. The second story will make you know the author better and leave you curious enough to search for her other books. That last story is weird, dark, and hilarious at the same time. Possibly the best thing about this comic is that it is free. Imagine getting a chance to read one of the decade’s best graphic novels and having a free comic book as a bonus.

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