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Publication Order of A Death in Paris Mystery Books

Death in Paris (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Books of the Dead (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Emilia Bernhard is a published author of fiction. She is an American that currently lives and works in England. Even though she has imagined herself being many things, the only dream that she has ever had is of becoming a novelist.

Bernhard was born in Boston. She spent much of her time growing up in Philadelphia. In 2011, the author decided to move to the United Kingdom. Emilia has resided in Iowa, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Cambridge, London, and Paris. She currently resides in Exeter in the U.K.

Emilia has two cats. She enjoys tea and makes sure to drink it frequently. Her first book in print is Death in Paris, the debut of a light mystery series.

Emilia Bernhard is the creator and the author of the fictional Death In Paris series. This series started off officially in 2018 with the release of the debut novel by the same name. If you are looking for a charming book to read that will stay engaging, this is it!

Death in Paris is the first book in the series by the same name. From author Emilia Bernhard comes an interesting debut tale set in Paris, the city of love. If you enjoy mystery series, particularly cozy ones, then check this book out for yourself!

Winter in France and particularly Paris can be notoriously chilly and make you cold down to the very bone. The only thing that is colder than the weather during this time of year would be a murder committed without conscience.

Edgar Bowen is a successful French financier. Or at least he was until he ended up dead. He’s not going to be doing any more business for a long time. The crazy thing is that the man died by drowning in a bowl of soup. What are the odds of that happening to anyone barring a heart attack?

That is exactly what his ex-girlfriend thinks to herself when she finds out about the news. Rachel Levis is an American that has concerns when she discovers the circumstances behind Edgar’s passing. Vichyssoise is not exactly the type of thing that tends to take people out, and it’s certainly not something you hear about happening to anyone you know every day.

Naturally, Rachel has a lot of questions in addition to a growing list of concerns. She is at Edgar’s funeral when she happens to hear a mourner talking about how Edgar died and the circumstances that are described spark her interest. She hears that there was a bottle of rose wine that was open found on the table. It was there when he passed.

She is confused about this fact because she knows that Edgar really didn’t like rose wine at all. In fact, he really didn’t like it at all and had a distinct dislike for the stuff. That means that he couldn’t have ordered it. Someone must have either been drinking it or put it there, but either way, it would not have been him.

It’s such a strange detail to hear, and one that leaves Rachel scratching her head. Someone must have either ordered that rose, been drinking it, or put it there. She has so many questions that she needs someone to answer. It might just end up being that she goes after the truth herself.

The police look into it and find that the official death was accidental. They’re not going to be willing to hear out a woman that has suspicions about the way that he died with nothing but a wine bottle theory to back it up. Rachel knows that she’s going to have to look into this herself if she wants to find out anything about this case at all. The cops simply are not going to hear her out at all. To them, it’s a case that’s been closed.

It’s times like these where you need someone to watch your back. That is precisely why Rachel is so happy that she has someone like Magda on her side. Her best friend is exactly the type of partner she needs when it comes to getting into investigation mode. It is up to them to look into this case and figure out just what happened to lead to Edgar’s murder.

This is a mystery of epic proportions, and Rachel feels like she cannot rest until she knows what happened. The two Americans may be out of their depth, but she owes it to her former boyfriend to try for his sake. To get answers, they are going to have to get familiar with the upper class world that Edgar lives in.

The two decide that they’re going to investigate. The only trouble is, they start to accumulate suspects far more quickly than they expected. There are simply too many individuals connected to this that seem like they have the motive for doing this.

It could have been his son as well. After all, he would have stood to get all of the money and inherit a very nice apartment in the process, and no father to deal with on top of it. His former wife could have been the culprit, too. After all, no one is as bitter as an ex-wife when it comes to their husband moving on.

There’s also the girlfriend. She seems like she’s interested in money and wouldn’t have minded inheriting the lifestyle. Since they weren’t married, could she really have legally gained anything by killing him? Then there’s the personal assistant, who very well could have held a grudge and was rumored to be in need of cash.

A lot of people in Edgar’s life apparently had some type of motivation to kill him. But did any of the people that Magda and Rachel spoke to actually do it? They have no idea. They don’t have time to think anyway, because the suspects quickly start dying.

The pair start to realize that the killer is still at large. Can this pair catch a killer, or will they be next on the list of victims? It’s touch and go in this delightful mystery. Read to the end to find out what happens next!

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