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Publication Order of Capitan Tempesta Books

Captain Tempesta (1905)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sandokan Books

The Mystery of the Black Jungle (1895)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tigers of Mompracem (1895)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pirates of Malaysia (1896)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Two Tigers (1904)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of the Sea (1906)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quest for a Throne (1907)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Black Corsair (1898)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Queen of the Caribbean (1901)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Son of The Red Corsair (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Filibusters (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Quest for Buddha’s Scimitar (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Widely known as the father of Spaghetti Western, Italian Popular Culture and Father of Heroes, Emilio Salgari is an adventure writer, who has penned down more than 200 short stories. A majority of Emilio Salgari novels are considered to be classics. Emilio Salgari loves to set his novels in exotic locations where the heroes come from exotic locations and cultures.

Emilio Salgari Best Books
Il Corsaro Nero
Il Corsaro Nero is a narrative that revolves around an Italian gentleman. The Italian gentleman and his two brothers decide to not only track down the man who had betrayed them in Europe during a battle but to also kill him. The three brothers are bitter because the battle claimed the life of their brother. The extremely evil Wan God is rewarded with the Governorship of Maracaibo, thanks to his betrayal. Maracaibo is a Spanish settlement, which was located in Venezuela. At one point in time, Wan Gud captures the two brothers, Verde and Rosso and then publicly hangs them at the central square. After hearing that his two brothers had been hanged, Hero and at a team of terrifyingly murderous and amusingly motley crew of pirates sets out to seek revenge. There are numerous land and sea battles, which are filled with sword fights and beautiful women.

Furthermore, there are also exchanges of gentleman courtesies, which had unforeseeable consequences. There are jungles, hurricanes and huge predators who threatened to swallow up the protagonist and his team of pirates. Apart from the hurricanes and the predators, there are also long chases through the jungle. The descriptions of the jungle were filled with comprehensive descriptions of flora and fauna of the forests, which reflects the author’s meticulous research.

The Tigers of Mompracem
The Pirate of Mompracem is a pirate tale by renowned author Emilio Salgari, which was serialized by the La Nuova Arena an Italian based newspaper. In the year 1990, the novel was first published in book form and also translated for the very first time in English form. Pirate of Mompracem is chock full of action, which in turn makes it a cultural equivalent of North America. Sandokan also was known as the Tiger of Malaysia happens to be the leader of the Tigers of Mompracem. The Tigers of Mompracem are a team of pirates who reside in a small town known as Mompracem. Sandakan, the protagonist, unfortunately, had his royal birthright taken away from him by a British colonialist regime, which became his ruthless enemy. Sandakan’s physical endurance, ability to strategize and determination is unrivaled.

Despite the fact that Sandakan is of an impulsive and rush nature, he cleverly allows himself to be guided by a Portuguese friend and adventurer, Yunez de Gomera. Sandakan is a person who is filled with unbound courage and even when at his most enraged state, he is still filled with an unusual sense of fair play. Thus, the readers can only wonder what may have turned this passion-driven man into a barely competent and distracted man, who is willing to take any risk to achieve his objectives.

The Mystery of-the-Black-Jungle
The Mystery of –the-Black-Jungle has been set in the jungles of India, more than two years after the end of the Tigers of Mompracem. However, despite being in the della Malesia book series, The Mystery of-the-Black-Jungle does not feature Sandakan or any of the pirate friends. In this extremely vast jungle, lives Tremal-Naik, an intrepid hunter, and Kammamuri, his extremely loyal servant. One Tremal-Naik comes from an extremely beautiful American woman. Just like Sandakan, Tremal-Naik falls for this enigmatic woman. Nonetheless, Tremal-Naik comes to learn that the woman is not available because she serves as the priestess of Kali. Blinded by the love that Tremal-Naik has for the woman, he rushes in and attempts to save her from the local gang. However, Kammamuri, his servant advised him to wait because he cannot take the entire gang alone.

The Queen of the Caribean
The Queen of the Caribean was published in the year 1901 by an author, Emilio Salgari. This novel has been set in the Caribbean’s in a period known as the Golden Age of Piracy. Queen of the Caribbean follows the Lord of Ventimiglia, one Emilio Roccanera, and his exploits. Emilio is more than determined to avenge the death of his brother, Duke Van Gold, who had been slain The Queen of the Caribbean emphasizes Emilio’s struggles for vengeance and his guilt after he abandoned Honorata, the daughter of the enemy and his love interest. Queen of the Caribbean begins four years after the battle of Gibraltar ended. The Corsair has eventually managed to track down the Duke in Veracruz.

Emilio has also managed to form alliances with some of the most revered pirates, and from the look of things, Emilio will finally get his justice. After his ship is exploded by the duke, Emilio and his team manage to escape from the ship with minor injuries. Lost deep in the jungles, Emilio and his team are eventually captured by Caribs, who are the natives of the jungles. As luck would have, Honorata’s shipwrecked on the coast. Many of the natives, believed that Honorata was their deity and even began to worship her.

After their escapade in India, Yanez, and Sandokan return to the high seas once again. Within the first half of Il de Mare, Yanez embarks on a mission to save Tremalnaik. Bengali has managed to set up farm within the Northern Borneo. Ever since he established his farm, Bengali has been doing extremely well. However, things eventually become bad for Bengali, when one of the local tribes decides to unanimously declare war on Bengali. Sandokan is no featured during the initial pages of Il re del Mare, until the second half. Charles Brooke is appointed as the new Rajah. Once he assumed office, the Rajah began by first phasing out the Tigers. When Tiger has an encounter with a warship that belonged to the Americans, he begins to plot his revenge.

Now, Sandokan is in his late 40’s and has vowed to never jump onto a ship that belongs to the enemy. With that said, Il re Del Mare is a fast-paced narrative which brings all the famous Indian thugs together.

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