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Like It Never Happened (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Foreseeable Future (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Everything Here Is Under Control (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Season (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Writer Emily Adrian is from Portland, Oregon where she was born in the year 1989. As a kid, she thought she would write children’s books for a living. She lived in Toronto, Ontario with her dog (who is named Hank) and her husband and the couple’s son for a time, a place that she grew to enjoy. She moved here after graduating from Portland State University. Here she spent seven years writing books, wrangling Hank (who is a large dog) and wandering around the city.

Her debut novel, “Like it Never Happened” was published in the year 2015. It is the third finished manuscript that she has finished. Her work is from the young adult genre.

Her second novel, “The Foreseeable Future”, is based on her life when she was around Audrey’s age. She did not like the high school she was going to, which led her to drop out at the age of sixteen years old and later got her GED. She got her first job, and left her parents’ house.

All this new independence forced her to figure out who she was exactly, and what it was that she wanted. And quickly, too. Writing about Audrey going through some similar things made her think about some of these intense times and challenges when she was this age.

“The Foreseeable Future” was also the fifth manuscript she was able to finish, but the second one that got published. She wrote two novels that never got picked up, and another after her first and before her second. She finds it tough to write full length and polished manuscripts, and never know if she will either be paid for the work or if it is even going to make it to print.

Her writing ritual changed drastically when she started her second book until she finished it. In the middle of writing it, she had a kid, and moved back into America. She worked from libraries, coffee shops, and her apartment near where she lived. With her son, she writes while he is napping. She finds it tough that she is not the one controlling her own schedule. Emily finds it quite satisfying to wake up right as she finishes up a scene.

If she had the chance, she would tell her teenage self: like everyone, you are neither irresistible or repulsive. And though it might be tough to think of yourself as something in between the two, but you are.

“Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson” and “Just As Long As We’re Together” by Judy Blume are two books from her teenage years that have stuck with her into adulthood. She thinks about the girls from these two books a lot.

“Like it Never Happened” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2015. A young actress named Rebecca Rivers gets the lead in the school production of The Crucible, and is able to change her role in real life, as well. She throws away her former reputation, becomes close with the four cast mates she has, and plants a kiss on the handsome Charlie Lamb while onstage. Even the critical director of the play, who is named Mr. McFadden, is not able to find any fault with her.

“The Essential Five”, the five main cast members of the show, vowed they would never date one another, but Rebecca is unable to keep her feelings for Charlie from running her brain. It makes her love struck as well as conflicted. All the drama going on, both behind the scenes and on stage is dwarfed by a life changing accusation. It is so major that it might ruin everything. Even if part of it is only make believe.

Fans of the novel found this to be quite different than most other books dealing with subjects like friendships and peer pressure. Really an enjoyable book. The main character is both strong and someone that is easily relatable, she even has a strong bond with her older sister. Some like the way the book is about all kinds of different people, as well as the person that might be the friend or they might be the enemy.

“The Foreseeable Future” is the second stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2018. Since Audrey was born, her life has been planned for her. Now, she is supposed to go off to college, at Whedon College, where her parents work. She has a different plan, and is not about to go to college at all. She is going to make some money and move away to Seattle, the city she fell in love with when she was a kid. The best way she knows how to make this money is working at a local nursing home.

Seth O’Malley is an employee there, and the pair quickly begin a romance. Things start becoming complex when Audrey saves Seth’s ex, Cameron Suzuki. The video of her doing CPR on the beach goes viral fast, and she wanted for articles and interviews.

Just when she starts loving her work and life with Seth, Seattle starts knocking. Does she still go to Seattle, even if it means leaving Seth and the interesting patients she has begun caring for behind? Does she start embracing spending at least the foreseeable future with Seth, at the price of leaving her dreams of Seattle behind her?

For some, this was a breath of fresh air that shows young adults in a great way. Audrey is not helpless or anxiety ridden or depressed, like some of the young adults in these books. Fans of the novel found this to be a good read, featuring a strong and lovable main character in Audrey. She was capable and smart, yet at the same time, she was not at all sure if college was the right move for her to make. Even the romance with Seth was a sweet one, and they were a great fit, despite the two of them having to deal with their family issues.

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