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Publication Order of Nunswick Abbey Books

Lost in Love (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trust in Truth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forgive Not Forget (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of South Downs Romances Books

Broken Beyond Repair (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reality In Check (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Emily Banting

Award-winning British romance author Emily Banting is known for her bestselling contemporary sapphic romance novels that feature LGBTQ+ characters and a touch of British humor. She enjoys incorporating historical elements into her stories, often setting her sapphic leading ladies in historic settings, showing her deep appreciation for history.

Emily Banting excels at crafting well-rounded characters and strong protagonists that captivate readers, making her stories engaging and entertaining to read. Her unique ability to create compelling narratives with intriguing plots keeps readers hooked from beginning to end, showcasing her talent as a skilled storyteller.

With a passion for representing women over forty in literature, Emily Banting emphasizes the importance of diverse and inclusive storytelling in her works. Through her heartfelt writing and vivid storytelling, she brings to life dynamic characters and engaging narratives that resonate with readers of all backgrounds, establishing her as a prominent figure in the world of contemporary romance literature.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up, Emily Banting developed a passion for reading and writing, sparking her interest in storytelling from a young age. Drawn to history, with its many buildings and environments, she found inspiration here, laying the foundation for her unique storytelling style.

Through her love for history and strong belief in diverse representation, Emily Banting honed her craft as a writer, infusing her stories with LGBTQ+ characters and British humor. Continuously seeking inspiration from the world around her, she cultivated her skills and evolved as an author with each new project, showcasing her growth and creativity.

Emily Banting’s journey as an author reflects her dedication to creating captivating narratives that resonate with readers of all backgrounds. From her childhood love for reading to her passion for inclusive storytelling, she has embraced her inspiration and developed a distinctive voice that sets her apart in the world of contemporary romance literature.

Writing Career

Emily Banting has written and published a total of sixteen works and counting, showcasing her prolific career as a romance author. Her novels have garnered high ratings and popularity among readers, with her books being well-received and appreciated by her audience.

Her series, including ‘South Downs Romances’ and ‘Nunswick Abbey,’ have earned her several awards and nominations, further solidifying her reputation in the romance genre. Her strong presence in the literary world continues to grow, with her diverse range of works attracting a dedicated following of fans and readers.

Banting’s commitment to storytelling and her remarkable success as an author set her apart as a prominent figure in contemporary romance literature.

Forgive Not Forget

‘Forgive Not Forget’ is a romance novel written by Emily Banting and published on April 30, 2022, by Sapphfic Publishing. As the third installment in the ‘Nunswick Abbey’ series, the books within the series are designed to be enjoyed in any order, offering readers the flexibility to delve into the collection as they choose.

Follow Anna and Katherine as they navigate the spring opening of Nunswick Abbey amid construction, archaeology, and acts of vandalism. As an old school friend reappears in the village, Anna’s outlook on her future is challenged.

Katherine faces past traumas head-on, raising questions about their shared future. Anna dreams of what lies ahead, while Katherine wrestles with her past, creating a dynamic that prompts them to align their visions for the life they hope to create together.

Amidst a backdrop of construction and archaeological puzzles, both Katherine and Anna’s intertwined stories unfold, blending past traumas with future aspirations, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

The Third Act

‘The Third Act’ is a romance novel authored by Emily Banting and released on September 1, 2021, under the publishing house Sapphfic Publishing once again. The novel offers readers a heartfelt and engaging story crafted by Banting, known for her skill in creating compelling narratives in the romance genre.

When widowed Fiona enrolls in an art course on her daughter’s advice, she encounters the charismatic instructor, Raye, who reignites dormant emotions within her. As Fiona grapples with reawakened desires and fears of her daughter’s reaction, a poignant exploration of courage and self-discovery unfolds.

Traversing themes of love, fear and self-acceptance, ‘The Third Act’ delves into Fiona’s journey of rediscovering her identity and embracing newfound feelings. With her heart torn between passion and apprehension, Fiona faces a pivotal choice that will define her path moving forward.

Trust in Truth

‘Trust in Truth,’ a romance novel by Emily Banting, was published on December 1, 2021, under the publishing house Sapphfic Publishing. The book serves as the second installment in the ‘Nunswick Abbey’ series, once more offering readers the flexibility to enjoy the series in any order they prefer, showcasing Banting’s versatility as an author in the romance genre.

Katherine and Anna anticipate a serene Christmas after a turbulent summer, preparing for a cozy holiday followed by a New Year’s Eve bash at Nunswick Abbey. However, a birthday weekend getaway gone awry sparks Christmas complications, leading to jealousy and unease as relationships blur boundaries.

Caught in a web of suspicions and misunderstandings, Anna grapples with doubts about a colleague’s intentions, testing Katherine’s patience amid mounting tensions. With career success at stake, Anna faces a pivotal moment in their relationship, setting the stage for a challenging Christmas season as they navigate uncertainties and strive to preserve their bond into the New Year.

Reality In Check

‘Reality In Check’ is a romance novel penned by Emily Banting and released on August 12, 2023, also through Sapphfic Publishing. Serving as the second installment in the ‘South Downs Romances’ series, readers again have the freedom to dive into the books in any sequence, further showcasing Banting’s storytelling versatility within the romance genre.

Sculptor Arte Tremaine inherits a dilapidated countryside hotel, embarking on a mission to revitalize the business despite familial pressures and haunting memories. When Charlotte Beaufort, a high-profile heiress and TV personality, enters her world to film a reality show, tensions flare as Arte grapples with Charlotte’s critical stance.

Struggling with differing perspectives and personal histories, Arte and Charlotte find themselves entwined in unexpected ways, peeling back layers to reveal deeper truths about themselves. As their initial clashes give way to understanding and connection, the women confront the complex intersection of dreams and reality, navigating a journey towards self-discovery and potentially, true love.

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