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Publication Order of Emily Cabot Mysteries Books

Death at the Fair (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at Hull House (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at Pullman (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at Woods Hole (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at Chinatown (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at the Paris Exposition (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at the Selig Studios (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death on the Homefront (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in a Time of Spanish Flu (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emily Cabot Mystery is a novel series written by Frances McNamara. An American woman of letters, McNamara’s birthplace is Boston upon Massachusetts where she also grew up. McNamara is a resident of both Boston and Sandwich.

For her undergraduate education, McNamara went to Mount Holyoke College wherein she majored in English language. For her postgraduate studies, she attended Simmons College whereby she received a master’s degree relating to library science; furthermore, she received another master’s degree in English. In matters Chinese language, she studied at both Wellesley and Vermont-based Middlebury College.

Some of the literary figures whose literary works greatly influenced Frances McNamara include English scribblers Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, and New Zealand writer Ngaio Marsh. McNamara has worked in various libraries among them Massachusetts State Library and NELINET.

McNamara, who has written short stories and contributed to various anthologies, has been writing since worked as a librarian. As a fledgling writer, she teamed up with upcoming actors and wrote mysteries and other stories set in the backdrop of England in the 1930s. Joining mystery writing groups also gave her the much-needed encouragement.

Emily Cabot Mystery: Section on Books
According to McNamara, the inspiration for writing the Emily Cabot Mystery series was her occupation as a librarian in the University of Chicago Library and while studying at Wellesley College. Basically, the Emily Cabot Mystery series is consists of six related books—it is a sextet. There are about five editions of the first book in the serialized Emily Cabot Mystery. The first edition was initially published in 2008, titled Death at the Fair; and this book is shelved under the historical, fiction, and mystery genres.

As the title of the series proclaims, Emily Cabot is the protagonist in the 2009 book Death at the Fair and the entire series too. Meet protagonist Emily Cabot. Just like the real life education background of author Frances McNamara, Emily Cabot studied at Wellesley College. The institution, which actually exists, is based in Wellesley upon Massachusetts. It is a private institution that admits women and the field of study is liberal arts.

Cabot relocates from Boston and goes to Chicago, hard on the heels of being admitted to the Illinois-based University of Chicago. Incidentally, it is in the early 1890s and the private institution has just been opened. At the said university, Cabot is tutored by two female lectures, Alice Palmer and Marion Talbot, as she advances her education and ventures into the sociology field. Still in Chicago, Emily Cabot makes acquaintance of a detective called Henry Whitbread.

Among the very first students to study at the university, Cabot has finished an academic year at the institution by the time her parent and sibling visit Chicago in 1893. Cabot’s family members are attending a fair, dubbed World’s Columbia Exposition and commemorating the fourth century since Christopher Columbus arrived.

Things go wrong at the fair and a man from the South turns up dead, an event that inspires the title of the book. Cabot’s bosom friend, named Dr. Stephen Chapman, is fingered for the killing. Worse still, the presumed killer’s friends desert him but for Cabot. Cabot teams up with her brother and investigator Henry Whitbread, and they come to Chapmen’s aid in a bid to exonerate the suspected researcher. The story is enjoyable and will resonate on the same frequency readers who have a soft spot for history in virtue of the author’s reference to actual historical aspects, including one-time lobbyist Ida B. Wells and the then rampant cases of lynching.

Emily Cabot Mystery Awards
Frances McNamara was shortlisted for the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award, specifically in the Mystery section, thanks to her book titled Death at Woods Hole; this is the fourth book in the Emily Cabot Mystery series. For her film-making endeavors, McNamara was nominated for the British Academy Television Award, in the Best Interactivity category.

Best Emily Cabot Mystery Books
The following are the best books in the Emily Cabot Mystery series. The first one is Death at the Fair. The second one is titled Death at Woods Hole; this is the fourth book in the Emily Cabot Mystery series and was first published in 2012. This award-winning book is set in the wake of the famous Pullman Strike of May to July 1894. Cabot is seeking to wind down after the tumult and opts to visit Woods Hole upon Cape Cod where famed University of Chicago scientists are convening. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Cabot and a friend chance upon a corpse after which the friend is fingered for the murder. To exonerate her, Cabot starts sleuthing conflicts pitying academics.

The third one is named Death at Pullman. This is the third book in the Emily Cabot Mystery series and was originally published in early 2011. Set in 1896, Cabot and her counterpart Dr. Stephen Chapman have since married; Cabot is juggling family life and her duties at University of Chicago. Two youthful Chinese females and University of Chicago graduates are having a problematic summertime in Chicago as they wait to return to their home country. One of them is fingered for the killing of a herbalist, prompting Cabot to start investigating to guarantee their travel back to and practice medicine in China.

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The second is named Cam Jansen series, penned by David A. Adler. This features protagonist Cam Jansen, a detective who teams up with a friend in his quest for solving murder mysteries. Another one is named Dark Fae FBI Series, authored by Alex Rivers. Hereby, an FBI profiler is trying to smoke out serial killers and terrorists among the fae.

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