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Emily Elgar is a published author of fiction.

She grew up in the Cotswolds. She then enrolled in Edinburgh University as a student. After that, she worked in Southern Africa as a travel writer. She was also the events coordinator in Istanbul in New York for an important international NGO. She is married to her husband and they live together in Lewes in East Sussex with their son. She also works there as part of a national charity as a support worker for vulnerable women.

Emily says that she first began to take her writing seriously upon being accepted into a writing program. In 2012, Elgar was accepted into a novel writing course held by Faber Academy. She was working in London as a support worker at that time, helping female and male as well as transgender individuals working as sex workers.

Elgar states that she decided to take the course not to look for a change in her career but because of her love of writing. She first began writing a significant piece not long after early in the morning. It would become the preface to If You Knew Her, the first fictional novel to be published from this author. She says that right away it was different from what she had wrote before.

Eglar met with her agent not long after the conclusion of the writing course. An early draft of the novel was sent to publishers and it wasn’t too long before someone was interested. In 2014 the author signed a contract and then set out to rewrite the book. The novel would finally come out in 2017 to reading audiences in the United States and the United Kingdom. The book was received well and ended up being translated into several other languages.

She would then get started on her second book, which would become Grace Is Gone. Elgar began writing the novel while pregnant with her son, and being on a deadline helped to keep her motivated to write and get it done. She says that she is proud of the various moral questions that are focused on in the book, such as if there is such a thing as justified crime, how community can influence as well as confuse things, the relevance of penal justice to various cases, and more. She has enjoyed exploring the questions within the context of this suspenseful book.

If You Knew Her is the first fictional novel to come out from Emily Elgar. This psychological suspense thriller has tons of twists and turns, so if you’re a big fan of the suspense or thriller genre, this is the story for you!

Cassie Jensen is a young woman that has everything, from youth to good looks. However, no one is immune from bad luck. The young girl was the victim of a hit and run incident and has been transported to St. Catherine’s Hospital. There she is stuck in the intensive care word, having arrived unconscious, and is in a coma. It was just an average day and she was out taking her dog for a walk, and now this has happened.

Alice Marlowe is the chief nurse at the hospital. When Cassie comes in, she can’t help but think that the girl seems familiar to her. Alice decides to look into the relationships of the patient a little more. That’s when she finds out a secret about the patient that has been hidden from everyone, even her family and her husband.

Alice quickly starts to be pulled into Cassie’s life. Soon she is practically obsessed not only with the intriguing past of her patient, but her future too. The fixation takes over her mind and it seems that she’s even willing to risk her career in order to hunt down the answers that she is seeking. Meanwhile, there is another patient on the ward that may have yet a part to play.

Frank is the victim of something called locked-in syndrome. That means that he cannot speak, but he is still conscious and can see and hear all that happens around him. Somewhere along the way, he comes to the conclusion that while Cassie may have survived the hit and run, it may be that her life is still endangered.

The police are out there on the job, searching for clues. But when someone like Frank knows the truth but doesn’t have a way to tell anyone, will a disaster be able to be prevented? It turns out that Cassie Jensen was a complicated person with an interesting past. But could she have had another reason for being out on that night that she got hit? Find out all the answers that you seek by picking up a copy of this book and reading it yourself!

Grace Is Gone is the second fictional novel from author Emily Elgar.

A small English community with strong ties is turned upside down when a mother is murdered and her daughter goes missing. Small towns always have their share of secrets, and this one is no exception. Ashford, Cornwall is not a big place, and everyone there was familiar with the Nichols family. There was Meg and then her younger daughter named Grace.

Grace has had many illnesses ,and her mother Meg took care of her for years. They love each other, and Grace always managed to remain optimistic. Then Meg is discovered killed in bed, with Grace gone. But Meg had always feared her ex and worried that the unstable man would attempt to kidnap her daughter. After all, he had already tried it. Could this be his work?

Local journalist Jon Katrin wrote an article about the two once that didn’t go well. But now he’s intrigued, and thinks that if he helps track down Grace it will make up for before. Cara, neighbor to the women, is also struggling with feeling bad and that she should’ve been more there for Grace. She may prove to be an ally, but as they team up, they find more questions than answers.

It turns out that there’s more to know about Grace. But is the town ready to cope with what they find out? Read this novel to the end to discover what happens!

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