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Coming a long way in a very short amount of time Emily Fridlund has made waves within the literary, as well as with the reading public at large, all thanks to rich and nuanced style of prose and her ability in crafting tightly knit stories that really push the medium of fiction and the novel forwards as a whole, creating something that is entirely new and unique to her in the process. An American author, she not only writes in a distinctive style, but an intimate one too, and one that really resonates with the reader on a far more personal level. Mastering the art-form she has definitely made strides in her work, telling stories, both long and short, that have been universally appreciated on a critical as well as a commercial level. Turning the heads of many in the industry too, she has managed to gain a number of favorable reviews too, as she’s come to respected by her many peers and contemporaries alike. Drawing the reader in her descriptions are vivid and colorful, as they flow along in an almost effortless manner, allowing her audience to immerse themselves in her rich and vibrant worlds. Primarily focused upon telling coming-of-age stories, she speaks to readers of all ages on the trials and tribulations of growing-up and what it truly means to be an adult living within the world.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Minnesota Emily Fridlund grew up with a strong passion for both reading and writing, constantly taking in inspiration from the world around her. Educated at the University of Southern California, she holds a PhD in the subject of Creative Writing and Literature, something which has served her well during her career. She has been published in a number of journals, and she has always been a focused and dedicated artist, concentrating on the craft of writing for the duration of her life so far.

Throughout her working career prior to becoming a writer she always knew what she wanted to be, as she constantly had her eyes set on the end goal. Whether it be short or long stories, she always managed to tell the story that she wanted to tell, accepting now compromises or substitutions with her work along the way. Now currently living in New York she currently resides in the area of Finger Lakes where she continues to put out work at a regular pace, something which will continue for some time to come yet.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first novel in 2017 she made her initial debut onto the literary scene with the title ‘History of Wolves’, which was to be the first book that drew her national and international attention. Before that had she had written for a number of highly regarded journals and well respected periodicals, such as the ‘Boston Review’, the ‘Chariton Review’, the ‘New Delta Review’ and ‘The Portland Review’ to name but a few. Making a name for herself she came to gain a number of positive reviews as well, all of which established her as a serious author and one definitely to watch.

Later that same year of 2017 she brought out a follow-up collection of short-stories titled ‘Catapult: Stories’, which was also an exemplary compendium of her shorter works. Winning awards too she started to get a lot of critical acclaim as well, as she found herself a finalist for the ‘Tartts First Fiction Award’, along with the ‘Noemi Book Award’ as well, all in the same year. Still writing to this day, she definitely has a lot more to come, as there’s plenty of room left for her to continue developing and growing from now into the foreseeable future.

History of Wolves

Initially brought out on the 3rd of January in 2017, this was originally released through the ‘Grove Atlantic’ publishing label to much acclaim, it being the first book available to the public, and her first debut into the world. Heralding the arrival of a new and exciting literary talent, it managed to capture the attention of readers from far and wide, with its different and highly unique take on the genre, providing a number of different and interesting surprises along the way. Working as a coming-of-age story it avoids easy and simple categorization, as it manages to stand alone defying such labels, keeping the reader guessing right until the very end. With themes set around what it’s like to want to belong, it also explores darker ideas as well, not uncomfortable with the gritty realities of the real world and the sometimes nastier aspects of it. Seeing the story unfold through the eyes of its young protagonist, it manages to capture a sense of what it’s like to find a place in the world, all whilst making sense of what it is and what it’s really about.

Living in northern Minnesota in the somewhat darkened and shadowy woodlands there that are both austere yet beautiful, the fourteen year old Madeline lives with her parents in a nearly abandoned commune there, as she tries to make sense of the world. Finding herself drawn to Lily, an attractive and enigmatic character, along with her new history teacher Mr Grierson, she is somewhat of an outsider trying to find her way in. That’s when Mr Grierson is charged with illicit pornography of children leaving Madeline to find herself questioning everything she thought she once knew. Will she find her place in the world? How will the babysitting for the new Gardner family and their secrets affect her? What exactly is the history of wolves?

Catapult: Stories

Originally brought out in 2017 on the 8th of September, this was first brought out through the ‘Sarabande Books’ publishing label to much acclaim. Working as a collection of short-stories, it collects many of Fridlund’s work together in one extensive collection. It also has an introduction from fellow author Ben Marcus who has written the forward for the novel too.

Winning the Mary McCarthy Prize, this collection of darkly comic stories are somewhat Gothic in their style. Creating an atmospheric tone to them, they manage to evoke an ambient sense of style in their prose. Using tragicomedy and elements of surrealism it’s easy to see why so many are reveling in ‘Catapult: Stories’.

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