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Publication Order of Golden Apple Trilogy Books

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Emily Hauser is an award winning novelist and an acclaimed classicist, who is known worldwide for writing historical fiction, mythological, fantasy, fiction, and cultural novels. She is particularly well known for her Golden Apple Trilogy series. Hauser has featured on Woman’s Hour, an interview program on BBC Radio 4, where she was joined by Natalie Haynes and Colm Toibin. Author Hauser is currently a junior at the Society of Fellows at Harvard. She has received many awards in academics, including the Chancellor’s Medal from the Cambridge University. As of today, author Hauser resides in Boston along with her dear husband. Her academic achievements consist of a degree in Classics from the Cambridge University and a Ph.D in the same subject from the Yale University.

While at Cambridge, Hauser studied at the Gonville College and Caius College between 2009 and 2012. During this time, she completed her BA and MA Honors in Classics. From 2010 to 2011, Hauser was a Fulbright Scholar. Author Hauser has earned a double first along with distinction from Cambridge. Her list of academic awards won by her includes the Hallam Prize, the Battle Scholarship, Chancellor’s Medal, Alice Derby Lang Award, etc. Author Hauser was praised for her Classical Proficiency at the university. Hauser has carried out vast research on gender studies, women in antiquity, Latin and Greek poetry, etc. She has also worked on a theory & practical based on classical reception, especially in contemporary fiction.

Author Hauser wrote her first novel in the form of a fictional rewriting of the Illiad. The book released with an immense opening both in the US and UK. Hauser had taken birth in Brighton an was raised in Suffolk. Mary Beard was her professor during her time at Cambridge. With the novel, For the Most Beautiful, author Hauser began her Golden Apple series. The describes a retelling of Troy’s siege. In her second book, Hauser has given a re-imagined description of the Atalanta Myth, the Argonauts, the Jason’s legend, and Golden Fleece’s search. Hauser has said that she was always influenced by the works of authors like Robert Harris and Philippa Gregory. Reading their works made her develop an urge to write a story of her own. And as the idea nurtured in her mind, she continued to gain more confidence and ended up completing her first story.

Soon after, she penned two more and made them available for publication. In a very less time in her career, author Hauser has managed to earn the support and trust of a large number of fans from different parts of the world. Hauser hopes to continue getting support from the readers for all her future works and make many more fans in the years to come. A specialty of author Hauser’s writing is that she creates quite interesting characters in her books and sets their stories in excellent locations. As much as the readers love to read her stories, they enjoy knowing the characters and connecting with them. The critics and fellow writer have praised all the works of author Hauser. Some of them have even claimed that she is going to get listed as an all-time great author in the future. Such appreciations and praises have kept author Hauser motivated and have made her much more confident.

The Golden Apple series written by author Emily Hauser is comprised of a total of three books, which were released between the years 2016 and 2018. All the books tell the stories of historical fiction and are set in the time period of around 3 thousand years ago. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘For The Most Beautiful’. It was released by the Doubleday publication in the year 2016. The main characters of this book are depicted as Achilles, Hector, Krisayis, Briseis, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a war took place some thousands of years ago and gave rise to legends, including Hector, Troy’s prince, and the greatest among the Greeks, Achilles. The war had resulted in the making and destruction of both the men. Also, the war shook the world’s very foundation.

Author Hauser has wondered how would the story be effected if it is learned that there was more to epic conflict. She has mentioned about the presence of a hidden tale that has not been told by anyone yet. And now, Troy’s women are about to share their story. This story is startlingly original and thrillingly imagined, and reveals the real story for the very first time. The story revolves around the lives of Briseis and Krisayis, the Pedasus princess and High Priest’s daughter from Trojan respectively. These two women indulge in a fight for determining a city’s fate as well as its people’s. The novel appears to be filled with loyalty, betrayal, revenge, passion, sacrifice, bravery, etc. It was well appreciated and liked by many for its unique content and exciting narration.

Another mind blowing addition to the fiction series is called ‘For The Winner’. It was also published by the Doubleday publishers in 2017. This book consists of the lead characters as Atalanta, Jason, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Atalanta was abandoned after her birth on Mount Pelion’s slopes. Now, she is filled with the determination of proving her worth to her father, who had put her away from himself. During her abandonment, Atalanta was all alone. So, she taught herself how to fight and hunt, and also acquired some defense skills all by herself. She disguised herself in the form of a man in order to survive in the cruel world and get chances of climbing the ladders of success.

Atalanta comes in contact with Jason and joins his Argonauts band on the great voyage of searching the Golden Fleece. While being surrounded by men all around, Atalanta fights against all the odds and battles against the gods’ wills to change the course of her life and her destiny forever. Once again, author Hauser has described a captivating tale filled with unravelled knowledge. This book was liked by the readers from many places and appreciated by some of the most prominent critics. Author Hauser received a great deal of appreciations from one and all, which helped her achieve more success. The readers and fellow writers have given numerous positive responses and have increased her confidence so much that she is planning to come up with another interesting book very soon. Hauser has already started writing the plot and is working towards its development.

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