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Emily J. Taylor is a published American author of fiction.

Taylor was born in California, where she grew up. Ever since then she has yet to stay put. She has had the unique experience of living in not just four states but two continents as well. From her time in these different places, she has gained a lot of experience as well as material for stories.

Not yet a full time writer, Emily has a job working as a creative director in Minneapolis. There she resides, spending the long hours of the winters day dreaming up her own glittering worlds that come ready to be spun into dark stories.

Emily J. Taylor is the author of Hotel Magnifique. The 2022 young adult fantasy novel is not just for young adults but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Pick up a copy of the book that New York Times bestselling author Erin A. Craig says opened the door for her to a glittering world of magic that ‘left her enchanted’ and recommended the book to those that are fans of Caraval and the Night Circus.

This is a darkly enchanted young adult fantasy story with the setting of a Belle Epoque type of hotel. The main character in this story is named Dani. She is just seventeen years old but follow along with her as she goes through the classic Hotel Magnifique and starts to unearth some seriously disturbing secrets along the way.

Jani is like a lot of other teens her age. But while other 17 year olds might be dreaming about getting a car or getting accepted into college, she is dreaming about the same thing that she has always dreamed about: being anyplace but this.

For Jani, she just wants to be Elsewhere. She doesn’t care where it is. It would be a refreshing change from just doing the same old thing in her small town. She has a job, and Jani is just getting enough money to get by in her position at the tannery. But it’s not exactly the type of glamorous job that you would dream of doing.

Her life is boring, but at least it’s her own. She’s gotten used to the port town life Durc offers her, and she’s managed to resign herself to the fact that she might be here forever. She already has to spend enough time as it is taking care or her little sister Zosa. She would love for there to be something more to her life, but that never seems to happen.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because Jani has responsibilities. But she didn’t see one thing coming, and that was the arrival of the Hotel Magnifique to their small port town. That is something new, and Jani really want to see what it’s like on the inside.

The Hotel Magnifique lives up to its own name right away. Jani goes immediately to check it out. This is a famous hotel, and it is known for having not only many amusing enchantments but a somewhat magical ability to travel wherever it likes, having a new place to go every single morning.

Jani would love to stay in a decadent hotel like this, but she knows that she and Zosa would no way be able to have the cash to stay in a fancy hotel like this. But they can do something better that would be almost the same. They can go on interviews to become staff and work on the hotel from the inside, catching all of its inner workings that way.

The two get jobs and son become part of all the magical workings of the hotel. They are in for a great adventure and if they stick with it, it might be the biggest adventure of their lives. This is a once in a lifetime type of experience, and Jani is determined not to let it get away.

Of course, being on the inside of such a hotel is vastly different than being on the outside. She soon finds out that the contracts she signed with the hotel are unbreakable. More than that, beyond the façade and mystique of the hotel’s ways, there may be dark secrets hidden inside the hotel.

Jani is going to have to rely on herself as she navigates Hotel Magnifique. She also appears to have an ally in the doorman Bel. He’s stunning handsome, but can she trust him? Jani is on her own personal mission to try and get to the bottom of what is happening with the hotel and also that contract that she signed.

Can Jani free herself, Zosa, and the rest of the staff from their contracts? Can she unravel the heart of the hotel’s mystery? She’s going to have to risk it all and put everything on the line to do so. Will she be successful?

Pick up a copy of the Hotel Magnifique to find out what happens!

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