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Publication Order of Emily Kane Adventures Books

Girl Fights Back (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Punches Out (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Takes Up Her Sword (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Spins a Blade / The High Road to the Mountain Gods (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Takes the Oath (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Rides the Wind (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Goes to Wudang (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Stalks the Ruins (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jacques Antoine is a published author of fiction.

Besides being a writer, he teachers during the day in the southwest at a smaller college as a professor. When he has free time or when the night rolls around, that is when he leaps into action so to speak and pens his stories full of action and adventure.

He first started out writing stories about kung fu that were exclusively made up to entertain his own daughter. This was when she was younger studying the art of karate. Then she began to grow up and as she did, the stories that he was writing became fully formed full length books. They would center around young adults and the dilemmas that they had but would be put up against martial arts adventures in the background.

He is usually busy teaching or writing. When he is not doing either of those things, he can be found going on walks with his dogs outdoors in the mountains close to Santa Fe.

Jacques Antoine is the creator and the author of the Emily Kane series of fictional novels. This series started off with the first book, Girl Fights Back. The sequel then came out and is titled Girl Punches Out. There are several books in this series so if you are looking for something fun to read as a young reader or to recommend to your child as a parent, check these books out!

Girl Fights Back is the debut of main character Emily Kane. She’s a girl that studies and follows the world of martial arts. The only thing is that she never ever dreamed that she would be in a situation where she would have to actively use her skills. Then one night her house gets destroyed in an attack during the dark.

Her family decides to go and hide but Emily Kane decides that she’s going to stay behind. She’s officially gone missing and the spy agencies of the world want to track her down. The black ops team that attacked her house are out looking for, and she will fight them off if she has to. The agencies think that she’s become a human weapon, genetically modified to become more than she is.

She’s going to have to use all the skills that she has if she wants to make it through to the next day. She also wants to do what she can to stay in high school and finish things out. But she also suspects that when it comes to this whole thing, there are things that her family is keeping from her. They haven’t told her why there are people out there that are dangerous trying to track her down.

Her father gave her the skills to try and survive and now she’s going to use them. He taught her all that he himself knew, from how you can hide successfully to living off of the bounty of the land when you need to. He also instructed her how to fight giving it her all and never to show mercy when it comes to being locked in a fight to the death.

Emily Kane doesn’t want to run. The mercenaries drove her family away, but she is determined to stand strong and stay there. She’s about to take this thing to the people that are out to get her and fight them to win. The only question is whether she’ll be able to make it through the ordeal or not. Even if she does make it through, Emily isn’t sure whether she’ll still be the person that she was before all of this happened.

Will Emily be able to survive the fight? Can she return to life as normal or are things forever changed for her? Find out by reading the exciting first book in the Emily Kane series!

Girl Punches Out is the second book in the Emily Kane series. In the first book, Emily must go into fight or flight when the home of her family is suddenly attacked without warning at night.

Now it’s onto other things for this everyday teenager. She wants to do whatever it takes to just have a normal life like any other teen her age (guy or girl) would have.

The only trouble is that it appears that certain events are working against her. She is shocked when it turns out that foreign agents want her to fight and they are willing to use force to do it.

Suddenly she’s starting to think that her childhood and the carefree innocence of being young are slowly starting to be taken away from her. She may never have the chance to get back to the way that it all used to be again.

At one point, a traffic stop that is supposed to be normal like any other event turns randomly into a fight. This is a fight that could go all the way to the death. Things are starting to heat up and Emily is concerned about whether she’s going to be able to make it through another ordeal intact.

It just seems like no matter what she does, there is always another situation and a group of enemies to contend with. She’s starting to think that when it comes to hiding, there might just be no further use in trying to do it. But when a weaponized clone from North Korea comes across her path, is there any chance that she will be able to make it through the interaction alive?

Emily is coming up against foe after dangerous foe. When it comes to these foes, they are just getting more dangerous by the encounter. She’s trying to do what she can, but with the list of the people she’s up against growing bigger with every passing day, it’s a lot to try and fight.

Add in with that a biker gang and bullies at school, and Emily Kane has had enough of dealing with this. When she’s asked to prom, it might just be the tipping point for her. Will she say yes or is this just another unfortunate situation that she will have to deal with? Read the second book in the Emily Kane series all the way to the end to find out!

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