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If I Die Before I Wake (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keep Him Close (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
What July Knew (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emily Koch is an author of fiction. She’s an English writer that lives in the U.K. Emily Koch is also an award-winning journalist, a job that she shares in common with the main character of her first novel.

Her debut novel is titled If I Die Before I Wake. The novel has earned rave reviews for its 2018 release. Guardian says that this debut novel is a debut novel “to be reckoned with”. Meanwhile, readers are calling it “thrilling’ as well as ‘unique’ and ‘beautiful’ and ‘heart-wrenching’.

Check out the book that is guaranteed to thrill you and have you turning the pages until you find out what happens! Getting to the end of a novel has never been so enjoyable. This debut novel from Emily Koch will have you on the edge of your seat and on pins and needles as you wait to find out what happens in this elaborate and stunning story with a narration and plot that you will not forget anytime soon.

If I Die Before I Wake is Emily Koch’s first novel. It is fictional. This story asks the question that not that many people find themselves asking. That question is; when you’re dead and someone killed you, how do you go about solving your own murder case?

The main character in this novel is Alex, but the thing is, he’s not exactly vertical. Everyone in his life, his friends and his family, thinks that he is trapped in a coma. Alex is in a hospital bed and the doctors are telling his family that there is a very low chance that he will ever open his eyes and wake again. It seems that the odds are against him and no one thinks that he is going to come back to life and live normally again.

His family has no clue what to do and now they are starting to approach some tough conversations. Before it was all about dealing with the accident and the situation that put Alex there. They hoped all along that he would come out of it on his own and wake up, but the more time that passes, the more that this hope seems like a pipe dream that will never come true.

Miracles do happen, but the doctors are telling the family that Alex’s chances of waking up are minimal. His family is in the middle of debating what to do– should they withdraw life support, or give him a chance to come to? Alex can tell that his family and friends are considering taking out the cord and moving on with their lives. It only makes sense; they have to accept reality sooner or later. But is Alex more alive than they could ever suspect or believe?

When Alex first woke up in the hospital, it was a total shock. He was physically not conscious, but somehow he was aware of everything that was going on. He could hear what all of the nurses were saying and knew that he was hooked up to various medical tubes. He knew that he could not move, talk, or see, but his other senses– especially his ears– seemed to be working.

That’s how the former journalist found out that there had been an accident. That his girlfriend Bea is really upset about what has happened. Through his father and his sister, he’s able to understand that something went wrong during a routine climb. The craziest thing that Alex hears, though, is that he has apparently been in this coma for a year now.

Everyone thinks that he’s in a vegetative state, and who can blame them? Even Alex has no clue what’s going on or how he would let them know that he has in fact woken up and is still alive inside his body. He can’t even blink to let them know. Even as he’s facing the prospect of dying while being trapped inside his own body– and no one having any idea– Alex can’t help but wonder if he’s in a coma as a result of an accident or something done on purpose.

Alex is trying to figure out what really happened and suspects there was foul play at work when he finds out that detectives are looking into his case. This was no accident but something done intentionally. The only question he has is who would do it? And on a secondary basis, what were they trying to get out of it?

Even as his girlfriend is being talked to by friends about trying to move on, Alex has bigger problems to deal with. The accident that caused this coma may not be an accident after all. If that’s true, that means that the would-be killer is still out there and ready to claim another victim. Maybe he isn’t the only one that this person is after.

Are other people in danger from this mysterious person? For a while, Alex can only speculate as he lays trapped in a bed with no sight and no way to communicate to the other people around him. He must use the senses that he has available to him to try and get to the bottom of this entire situation– as well as find a way to let everyone around him know that he is in fact alive still.

Running over clues from the past in his mind, Alex is in a race against the clock to figure out who tried to take him out and failed. It could be that the person who did this will come back to finish the job or try to hurt those that he loves. Before his family decides to pull the plug on him, Alex Jackson is determined to do everything that he can to try and solve the case.

Can we rely on Alex’s point of view, or are some things more ambiguous than they first appear? Will he be able to wake up and talk to his family and friends, and reunite with Bea once more? You’ve got to pick up this phenomenal first novel from Emily Koch to find out!

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