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Publication Order of Detective Gemma Monroe Books

Inherit the Bones (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Season to Lie (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Lake (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shatter the Night (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emily Littlejohn is a native of southern California who currently lives in Colorado. She is best known for her work on the Detective Gemma Monroe series of books. Her stories are all about many interesting characters who live in Colorado.

Littlejohn has been living in Colorado for much of the past decade. The rolling hills and other beautiful spaces around the country make for a great inspiration for her strong work. She developed the town of Cedar Valley based around many of the things that she has seen over the years.

Littlejohn has been heavily inspired over the years by many intriguing and distinct characters. She particularly focuses many of her stories on mystery and horror concepts as she focuses on creating intriguing storylines that fascinate people who enjoy a good surprise.

Littlejohn particularly cites a strange vision that she once had as a big influence on some of her work. She once saw a vision where a clown was found dead while in his full costume. She wonders what might have been behind that man and why he was killed. It is a strange vision but it is one that has been especially influential to her work as it helps her think about the many inspirations that many people have experienced in their lives and what causes them to act in certain ways.

She has especially been promoted in recent time as one of the top figures to watch for. This comes as she is aiming to make her work more entertaining and unique. She has also received the attention of many people in the mystery field as she is being talked about as one of the top new voices in the genre for everyone to look forward to.

Series of Note

The Detective Gemma Monroe series of books is the key line that Littlejohn has been working on over the years. Monroe is a detective who works in Cedar Valley, Colorado. The stories involve Monroe traveling with her partner Finn Nowlin as they look to solve various mysteries in the town. The stories involved are fascinating and unique as they focus on the many characters that make up Cedar Valley. They are particularly fascinating and fun characters to watch for.

Monroe herself is an interesting character in her own right. She is a mother-to-be who is often uncertain of some of the things that could come about in the city. She does not have too much trust in many of the people beside her either, thus adding to the suspense within the story.

Books of Note

Inherit the Bones

Inherit the Bones is the first book in the Gemma Monroe series. The story focuses on Cedar Valley as a great place where people travel to in the summer to enjoy camping and the winter to go skiing and snowboarding. But there is a dark secret in the city that has been growing for years.

In Cedar Valley, one many whom has some secrets dating back by about forty years is found dead. Monroe travels around many parts of Cedar Valley to figure out what could have happened. She goes through a traveling circus and into many homes of those who hold power over the year.

But as Monroe tries to find the killer, her personal life starts to become tough. As she is six months pregnant, she struggles with the stresses that come with getting ready to have her child. She is also suspicious of Finn as she is uncertain as to whether her partner can truly be trusted or not. Many others in the police department might be hiding things and could be rather suspicious.

A Season to Lie

Another great book in the series is A Season to Lie. Not long after Gemma gives birth to her child, she reports to a call at a local high school. She thinks that it is a prank call and that there is nothing to be afraid of. But as she soon discovers, the dead body of a man who had been living in the town as a secret is found. It is uncertain as to why he is there or what he has been doing all this time.

The killer also left a message that says more will be coming soon. It is up to Gemma to find out who could have caused the murder. As Gemma searches through the school to find out what could have happened, it becomes clear that the case is about to get much bleaker as the winter comes along. She is uncertain if there is something more that people, including those close to her, might be hiding from her.

Acclaim for Her Work

The work from Emily Littlejohn has been heralded as being entertaining and distinct. She has received starred reviews from Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. She has also earned positive reviews from many other stars in the mystery field including Deborah Crombie and Margaret Coel among many other prominent figures.

Her works have been commented upon as being stories that are entertaining and fun for people to read. They include some gripping stories that include beautiful settings and some of the most intriguing setups that people will read. She has also received a great deal of positive reviews on the Goodreads website, a place where people discuss many independent writers such as Littlejohn.

The work of Emily Littlejohn is available through many prominent online retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, iBooks and Books A Million. She also has her own website at The site offers the latest bits of information on everything she is doing and the great work that she puts in on a regular basis. She also has active Twitter and Facebook pages where people can learn about many stories relating to the great work that she does.

Littlejohn can also be found at various events around the state of Colorado. She promotes her work at many literary conventions and mystery events throughout the state. The work that she has been promoting is becoming popular as more people are becoming interested in the many forms of work that she proudly has to offer to mystery fans around the world.

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