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Illusive (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Disoriented Express (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceptive (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Hearts We Sold (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bone Houses (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Drowned Woods (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wild Huntress (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emily Lloyd-Jones is an American young adult fantasy author from Oregon. She grew up in rural Oregon, on a vineyard and remembers playing on green forests and meadows where sheep grazed. She went to Western Oregon University, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s in English. She would then study for an MA in publishing at Rosemont College. She published her first novel “Illusive” in the “Illusive” series in 2014. She has also written several single standing novels including “The Hearts We Sold” and “The Bone Houses.” Lloyd-Jones has asserted that she always loved anything to do with books which is why she chose to study and have a career in publishing. After graduating from college, she went on to become a children’s buyer and bookseller for an independent bookshop. She was charged with trawling through thousands of new titles from which she would then select the best ones the bookshop would stock. This would come in handy as she knows what type of books readers buy, what booksellers are looking to sell, how to run a teen book club, how to run a pre-order campaign and how to write an effective newsletter. As a published author, she has presented at the Mendocino Writing Conference, taught pitching skills and provided advice at bookseller panels.

Lloyd-Jones was always interested in writing since she was a child. Her love for superheroines goes to when she was a middle schooler obsessed with Sailor Moon that used to air on Cartoon Network. Emily’s first novel was a clumsily written comic book that had terrible art and tons of historical inaccuracies that she still has in her drawer to this day. Since that time she has come to love novels about girls who have superpowers and has a huge collection of manga movies. She was also a huge marvel fan and watched many of their movies which greatly influenced her later fiction writing career. As for novels, she was an avid fan of genre fiction and got hooked on “Prydain Chronicles,” a fantasy series by Lloyd Alexander. She still loves to read genre fiction and cites Richelle Mead and Jim Butcher as some of her favorite authors. Interested in publishing, she studied publishing at Rosemont College where she worked on marketing campaigns and learned what it took to publish a novel. She was signed by an agent while working her bookshop job in 2010, but it was not until 2012 that she began to seriously send queries with her novel featuring criminals with superpowers. While she had written several manuscripts before, getting somebody to consider her work was not as easy as she thought it would be. It was not until she got an agent at Adams Literary that she was on her way. After a few recommendations, reviews and submissions, she was signed up by the agent. She sold the manuscript for “Illusive” to Little Brown Books that was then published in 2014.

Emily Lloyd-Jones had always been a fan of crime novels particularly anything that was cross-genre and brought characters into tough inescapable situations. Her novels are typically full of red herrings that often fool her readers and her characters, resulting in a very fun narrative. She writes her novels in an in your face and fast-paced writing style that provides great entertainment right from page one. In her “Illusive” series, her characters are super powered teens who work with a range of government agencies to unravel a mystery. Daniel, Devon, Ciere, and Alan work with a range of organizations but when things get thick, they work and protect each other. She writes a plot and narrative that is constantly unpredictable as she tosses in the supernatural powers to create an intriguing firecracker of a story. Emily’s 2019 novel is about Ryn, a teen gravedigger who manages the local graveyard to feed her family. But the graveyard is cursed and the dead shamble out of their graces at night to scare the locals. The novel was inspired by an article she read that told of medieval Europeans dismembering the dead to prevent them from rising again. Combining themes of family loss, and grief with Welsh mythology she wrote the novel “The Bone Houses.”

Emily Lloyd-Jones debut novel “Illusive” tells the story of a planet that was devastated by the MK virus. Humans had managed to make a vaccine but it had some terrible side effects. Some of the people that took the vaccine developed superpowers. These minorities were then given an ultimatum by the government; they had to declare allegiance to the US or be declared traitors. Some decided they did not like those options and chose a life of crime. Ciere Giba is one of those with the superhuman ability to alter her appearance whenever she wants. She is a thief and an illusionist and after she encounters a gang of mobsters Ciere is irresistibly drawn to work with them. The super-powered rebels now go on a quest to find the vaccine formula that had made them super-powered creatures. Rumor has it that someone callous had destroyed it eons ago but they do not believe the story. They are being pursued by government agents and the line between good and bad, entrapment and freedom, them and us is increasingly blurred. Ciere and her new friends are engaged in a deadly quest that could just get them killed.

“Deceptive” the second novel of the “Illusive” series sees Ciere and Alan join the Gyr Syndicate to pay off the debt they owe to Brandt Guntram. But the Syndicate turns on Alan when he is found leaning over the body of one of the team. Ciere does not believe he is guilty and begins her investigations and a search for the real killer. In a parallel plot, Daniel Burkhart is investigating the disappearance of adults that had been recently vaccinated. In a high stakes situation, the government agents and criminals find clues that link an activist named Aditi Sens, who was trying to get the Allegiant Act repealed. The act requires that persons suspected of being a threat to America be detained or tagged by the military. A lot of people are sure to be impacted if the new legislation goes through. In such an environment, the Immunes only hope for survival is to join government agencies such as the Immune Only Intelligence Agency (UAI) and FBI, or become members of criminal organizations.

“The Bone Houses” by Emily Lloyd-Jones is the story of Ryn, a seventeen-year-old who lives for her family and their graveyard business. Both are not doing so well at the moment since her parents are dead and the family has had to live in squalor in Colbren, the remote Welsh village where they earn their living as grave diggers. Their village is on the foot of a deadly and harsh mountain range that legend has it was once the abode of Otherfolk, a race of deadly creatures. But the biggest problem in Colbren, especially for the gravediggers is that the dead who are referred to as “Bone Houses” tend to come back. According to myth, there is a curse on the village which causes the undead to visit the villages every night. Ryn had never had much trouble with the undead as she expelled them every time they came too close. But things had changed ever since an apprentice mapmaker named Ellis had come into town as the Bone Houses attack with renewed ferocity. What is it about her new friend that makes them so mad? Together they go on a quest to find out about the curse and long-hidden truths about the creatures.

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