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Emily M. Danforth is a published author.

Danforth first came into print with the release of her first fictional novel. The book was released to the reading public in 2012. The novel revolves around the main character of Cameron. a young lady who has her regular routine of growing up interrupted by a wild change of plans that lands her in the crazy world of conversion therapy in the nineties.

The book was extremely well received and it received positive reviews from a number of publications, including Publishers Weekly, the L.A. Times, The Seattle Stranger and The Boston Globe.

It also received high praise from radio station NPR, as a reviewer said that Danforth was able to accomplish what some of the best books do in showing characters and other lives and allowing the reader to see ourselves through them.

The novel was adapted into a feature length movie directed by Desiree Akhavan starring Chloe Grace Moretz in the title role and Quinn Shephard as Coley. It was released in 2018. Akhavan co-wrote the script for the film along with Cecilia Frugiuele.

Emily attended college at the University of Montana, where she graduated with her Master’s degree in fiction studies. She also attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she graduated with her Ph.D in the subjects of English and creative writing.

Danforth has not only published a full length fiction story, but some short stories as well. She has also penned some non fiction. When she is not reading, writing, or generally living her life, you can find her out in the world, making good use of her degree.

Emily currently teaches at R.I. College Providence instructing students in courses on literature as well as creative writing. She also happens to make up one third of the staff that handles The Cupboard’s editorial and publishing (a prose chapbook that comes out on a regular, quarterly basis).

She was born in Miles City and grew up there in Montana. Her town was pretty well known for its famous Bucking Horse Sale. The sale has even made history for being the American event recognized for having the highest amount of intoxicated individuals out of any event to that date in America (per capita).

She has a hobby where she collects erasers (which she does obsessively, she will admit). She also collects linen postcards (large-letter) from the forties as well as neologisms and snow globes. Emily will be the first to admit that she has an active addiction to iced coffee.

Emily M. Danforth is the author of the book The Miseducation of Cameron Post. If you love this book, then check out the Hollywood film based upon this epic novel!

In this novel, Cameron Post is shocked and taken totally by surprise when she is informed that her parents have passed away. They were involved in an automobile accident and died quickly. At least there was no suffering, but Cameron herself is experiencing another emotion under all of that grief and sudden shock, and that is relief.

There is a reason why she would feel this way, after all. Cameron was just kissing someone before that day. It was just hours ago that she had been with a girl. Worried about their reaction, now it means that she will never have to confide in them what happened or be in a strange dilemma about it. They never have to find out some other way and they never have to endure a conversation that goes south.

Even though she knows that she is free of enduring whatever might have gone on in a moment of truth, Cameron soon realizes that she is heartbroken at losing her parents. They say that death can be sudden and there are many stages– it takes a while to sink in. Cameron doesn’t even think about the fact that her whole world is about to change.

She no longer has her parents, and so she must move in with her aunt. Her aunt Ruth is conservative and at this point, she has an understanding that nothing is going to be the same as it ever was before. Every single thing in her life from her home to her guardians to the way that she expected the future to unfold is totally different, and there’s not a single thing that she can do to change that.

She lives in Miles City now and she’s going to just have to do her best to adapt to the area. At this point, that’s just going to have to mean choosing to fit in. She wants to blend with the crowd and attempt to not disturb anyone by making too many waves or standing out. She doesn’t want positive or negative attention. Fortunately, Cam is also a quick study of things.

She quickly finds that she can just blend in and not get too much attention. The less that she is noticed, in her opinion, the better. The last thing that she wants to do is deal with people her age bothering her or finding out too much about her. She doesn’t want to have to field any questions regarding her life, what happened to her parents, and her secrets.

Cam doesn’t really predict that someone like Coley will show up in her life. She’s caught off guard by this new cowgirl’s sudden arrival. She is not only gorgeous but drives a pick up truck. It all seems to have potential until Cam figures out she has a boyfriend.

Even though she thought this would ruin things, Cam is happily surprised to discover that she gets along really well with Coley. They quickly reach best friend status, which is great. The only thing getting in the way is the fact that Cam wishes that they could one day be more than that.

Could it be that her dreams will end up coming true? It starts to appear that they could become more than friends. But when her secret is heard of by the last person that needs to know, the consequences might be too much for her. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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