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Beneath the Stars (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath the Stands (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath the Hood (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath the Surface (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Be Still My Heart (With: Sav R. Miller) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Emily McIntire

The American writer and novelist Emily McIntire is well known for publishing numerous contemporary romance titles. With plenty of fun and entertaining books, she’s known for drawing her readers in and keeping them there constantly throughout. This approach to writing is something that she’s excelled at over the years, really managing to find her own voice as time goes on. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she really pushes the conventions of the genre forwards, fully making them her own.

Known for her versatility as well, she doesn’t primarily focus on just one genre either, writing for a large and diverse audience. She always makes sure that her voice remains true throughout though, as she speaks and writes about what she wants to. This shows a real sense of passion directly on the page, as her work feels honest and genuine each and every step of the way. She also manages to ensure that all of her books are real page-turners too, as they’re extremely easy to pick up, yet difficult to put down.

Using many of the traditional conventions of romance, she turns them on their head, making something quite new and different in the process. From this she has created an entirely singular voice that’s completely unique to her, making her work instantly recognizable her readers. This now trademark style has ensured that readers from around the world return to her work time and again for more. With further books and stories planned for publication in the near future, she’s a writer with a lot more to say as well.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States, Emily McIntire would grow up with a keen love of both reading and writing. This would develop over time, allowing her to establish her own style and approach to the written word, creating something relevant to her. Drawing from numerous other writers, she would show a great sense of flair and imagination when it came to writing.

Also known as a songwriter too, Emily McIntire is extremely creative and versatile in a variety of different areas. The written word has always compelled her from a young age though, especially with her love of Harry Potter as a child. Currently writing to this very day, she also has a child, as she continues to put out on both a regular and consistent basis.

Writing Career

In 2020 Emily McIntire would write and publish her first novel, and she would fast become a hit with readers from around the world. This debut book would be a romance titled ‘Beneath the Stars’ and it would also be the first in the ‘Sugarlake’ series of romantic novels. There would be four novels in this series, with the third and fourth being released the following year in 2021.

It would also be in 2021 that McIntire would publish her next romance series titled ‘Never After,’ beginning with the novel ‘Hooked.’ This she would then follow up with ‘Scarred’ in 2022, whilst also writing alongside fellow author Sav R Miller in 2021 too. Primarily interested in love and romance, this something that she clearly excels at, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Beneath the Surface

Initially coming out in 2021, this arrived on the 6th of July, and would come out on the Kindle publishing platform. Setting up the fourth title in the ‘Sugarlake’ series, the books can potentially be read in any order, although it’s best that they’re read chronologically. There’s strong adult themes and scenes here, along with explicit sexual scenes too, as the book definitely doesn’t hold back.

Looking at the relationship of Lily and Mason, this sees them coming together despite their respective issues in the past. Lily has a hidden past that she likes to keep buried, as the scars haunt her, with her desperately trying to forget about what she’s lost. Then there’s Mason who’s similarly hiding behind an illusion, something which he shares with Lily, as the two find each other. Will they be able to overcome their pasts, can the make a new life together, and what will they discover beneath the surface?

It’s definitely an intriguing story with some engaging characters at the heart of it driving it forwards to its conclusion. Knowing what she’s doing every step of the way, McIntire really allows the story to come alive on the page, writing with confidence and wit. This ensures that the book is difficult to put down, as there’s always a surprise around every corner, making it a more than satisfying read.


Originally published through the Kindle publishing platform in 2021 on the 5th of September, this would be the first in the ‘Never After’ series of novels. Based on a dark reinterpretation of classic fairy tales, this looks back on Peter Pan and the character of Captain Hook. It’s very much an adult series with the books being based around fairy tale villains, and each book is stand-alone, so they can be read in any order.

The upbringing of James Hook was a difficult one filled with trauma and abuse, as he attempts to deal with his past. Dealing with the horror as an adult, Wendy Michaels manages to calm the darkness inside him, as he attempts to make sense of it all. A game of cat and mouse develops between them, as he attempts to put the darkness behind him and move on from it all. Will they manage to overcome it all, can they face the future together, and what will happen with Wendy once she’s hooked?

It’s an interesting interpretation of the classic Peter Pan fairy-tale, as it’s told with a keen sense of focus and drive. The book works on multiple levels, dealing with some dark and sensitive themes and ideas, but it manages to balance all this effectively. Always keeping the reader invested in the story, it never forgets to entertain the reader either, making it a highly compelling novel too.

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