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An American writer of immeasurable talent, the novelist Emily Ruskovich has been writing for quite some time now, with her having just released her debut novel to much acclaim, whilst being no stranger to shorter fiction, as she combines both character and story to expert effect, making sure to show great care for her craft.

This passion is something that runs throughout all of her work, as she has become highly regarded for her imaginative scope and breadth, building entire worlds on the page, bringing her characters to life, letting them speak to the reader on an almost personal and intimate level. In a relatively short amount of time she has shown a great deal of success, with this being a major reason why, as she speaks directly to the reader on an equal level, as if she is there in the room with them. It is also her characters that manage to convey this sense of intimacy too, as they essentially come alive, with her providing fully three-dimensional portraits of them and their personalities.

Clearly knowing and understanding her audience on a fundamental and almost primal level, she really gets to the heart of her subject matter, giving the full scope of exactly what it is that she really wants to say. With a clear vision and outlook, she really manages to articulate herself, allowing her words to resonate in a manner that is definitely striking, whilst also gently lulling the reader in, immersing them into her rich and varied worlds. This is done not only with her characters though, but her carefully studied prose that gently manages to build and progress over the course of each and every story of hers. With expertly studied descriptions that really bring her subjects to life, this is something that she will be continuing for many years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in the mountains of northern Idaho, she was born and raised there with a strong passion for both reading and writing, something that she would inherit from her father. Going on to study at the University of Montana she would later graduate from there, followed by receiving an MA from the University of New Brunswick, which would be in English, along with an MFA, which she would gain from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. All of this would further pave the way for her to become a writer of fictions, something that she still continues to this very day, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career

It would be in 2017 near the start that Emily Ruskovich would release her first debut title ‘Idaho’. Working as a stand-alone novel, it would manage to incorporate a number of themes and ideas from what she’d previously worked with into something more long-form. Regularly maintaining a strong profile both online and off, this would lead to her becoming a writer with a lot to offer, and definitely one to watch in the years to follow.


Originally published through the ‘Chatto and Windus’ publishing outlet, this would mark the debut title from Emily Ruskovich as an author. Released on the 16th of February in 2017, it would arrive to much acclaim, with a lot of critics and fellow authors singing its praises. This would include it being included in the Oprah Magazine, among other publications, all of which would see to it being afforded a high level of prestige.

Looking at the nature of family and how one event can change everything, this marks an important and resolutely strong debut from Ruskovich as an author of fiction. Building the characters of each individual family member, this book really manages to get inside of each of them, really examining what it was that happened. The sett setting of Idaho and the rural landscape is also strongly evoked here, as Ruskovich definitely brings it to life, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re really there.

It is seemingly a happy occasion, as a family head off into the wilderness one hot day in August, as they’re all set to collect birchwood in a sunny mountain clearing. That’s when something absolutely shocking occurs, as their lives are changed forever, leaving them to all go in entirely separate directions forever. With Jenny the mother, Wade the father, and June and May the daughters, it would seem that nothing will be the same again after that one particularly fateful day. Where will they all go? Will things ever be the same again? What happened in Idaho?

Previous Writing

Coming from a rich background of literature, Ruskovich would grow up with a passion for the art-form, something which would be passed on from her father and his love of poetry. She would later go on to write about this, documenting his work in the long-form essay ‘The Weight of My Father’s Poems’, which take a look at his life and work. It was this dedication to the craft that was essentially passed on to her, as she would seek to continue this lifelong legacy and love of literature.

In the past Emily Ruskovich has also been known to write several shorter fictional works, as she would contribute to such pieces as ‘Owl’, which would be a compendium of shorter pieces from various writers. This would allow her to create her and further her brand as a writer, something which she would also continue through the non-fictional work ‘Signature’s Compact Guide to Short Story Writing’, as she would pass on her craft to others too. Over the years this is something that she has been more than happy to do, as she continually attends events and functions, imparting what she has learned and her craft to others.

Attending numerous events has become a major part of her work too, as she attends a number of them all across America regularly. This is something that has increased greatly in recent years, especially with the release of her latest novel, as she has gained a greater more prolific profile. Marked as definitely an important writer to watch in the following years to come, all of this is set to increase, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength on into the foreseeable future.

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