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Emily Snow is Virginian author who specializes in romance and new adult fiction. She has appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, and is the USA Today bestselling authore of the Devoured series, Savor Us series, and Tidal. She loves to use the sexy bad boy images, and her men know how to play the roles. Ruthless, relentless, and letting nothing get in the way of them getting what they want, these men know exactly how women react to them. But they don’t want just anyone. They enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline rush of the chase, the sweet surrender of the one they desire.

There is a lot of tension in Snow’s works. Sexual tension between the characters adds to the intense heat of lust that she reveals. If you read the prequel, All Over You, first, you’ll have a better understanding of the issues between Lucas Wolfe and Sienna Jensen. A bad boy rocker with a shady past is determined to get what he wants, and in this case, it’s Sienna that he wants. The sweet, good girl type, Sienna attempts to resist his seductive ways, but fails, leading up to to a lot of sexual tension and angst. As the story plays out throughout the series, an emotional roller coaster takes the reader through twists and turns. The heat between the two is constantly present, and the dominating attitude of Wolfe leaves readers with a vague reminder of the atmosphere of 50 Shades of Grey. Because not only will he not stop at anything to get his way, he makes sure that people know their place, and exactly what he expects from them, which, in this case, is reluctant Sienna.

In the Savor Us series, we have another man who is determined to have what he wants. Despite the unhealthy relationship Wyatt has with Kylie, he refuses to let her go. Even when she attempts to disappear into Louisiana, he follows her. Reminding her of the past, of what they had, of what they could have, he demands that she savor what they had. The tension is always between these two. No matter how hard she tries to leave, though, he won’t let her go, even going so far as to take her on a road trip to places that are meaningful to them both. There is real passion between them, despite him never having been able to tell her that he loves her. The on-again, off-again relationship is so full of angst and anger, and it just builds up for another steamy fling with each other.

While some of her bad boys seem harsh, she also has some tender men. Cooper, for example, in Tidal, is an extremely sympathetic and loyal man, when he falls for Willow. Barely twenty, and fresh out of rehab, Willow is lucky to score a role in a beach movie remake. Broke and with no other skills, acting is all she knows, so she finds herself in Hawaii with a gorgeous trainer. Despite all of the people around Willow who do not see her as a person, or perhaps because of them, Willow falls hard for Cooper. Despite the rocky start to their relationship, things do quickly heat up, and soon secrets are revealed, and promises are made.

No matter which type of man she chooses to take the lead, no matter what type of woman she creates to be his partner, no matter the story line between the two, Snow can make any relationship one to be envied, at least from the perspective of the bedroom. There are characters we love to hate and hate to love, but we cannot let them go. There are characters that we want to cling to and see more of.

If you enjoy a good bodice ripper, Emily Snow is the author for you. Some of her books seem a little too harsh to be classified as romance, but there is definitely attraction. Her characters are realistic. Some of the story lines might be a little exaggerated, but she makes them work for her characters, pulling readers deeply into the book. It is hard to finish a book at the end of the series and not automatically want to leap up screaming, demanding the next book be released immediately, so drawn into the worlds of these characters as Emily Snow manages to pull people.

With all of the high ratings Snow has received on many book review websites, it’s not hard to see how she managed to make not one but two bestsellers lists with several of her books, despite some harsh words against some of her characters. Many people are loving to hate Lucas Wolfe, and yet they are demanding the next book of the Devoured series, perhaps for closure, perhaps in hopes that Wolfe redeems himself in their eyes, or perhaps just to enjoy a bit more angst and a lot more heat. But that is what makes a good book great. The ability to pull a reader in, and make the world real to them, to make the characters real, is the mark of a true artist, and Emily Snow has captured this ability perfectly. She makes the characters so real that the reader is drawn into their lives, the reader is made to feel anger at a character, or sympathy for another. She is able to take readers on an emotional roller coaster with the characters. She allows readers to completely escape into these new worlds, and leaves them wanting more.

Emily Snow has a habit of starting the story in the middle, beginning with the heat. Prequels come later, giving more back story, drawing the reader in even deeper, answering questions, sparking more interest, sometimes even changing perspectives of the readers, or even completely turning the reader’s opinion of a character on its head. This writing technique has proven to be effective for her series.

For her stand alone books, however, the time lines are chronological.

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