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Publication Order of This Mortal Coil Books

This Mortal Coil (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Cruel Design (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Vicious Cure (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of This Mortal Coil Short Stories/Novellas

These Precious Scars (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emily Suvada is an Australian published author of fiction.

Suvada was born in Australia, where she grew up. She did not go right into the field of creative arts, but instead took the time to study astrophysics and mathematics. She has also been employed as a data scientist. Suvada says that she continues to spend hours putting down her own written algorithms that could be used to do tasks that realistically she could complete by herself in minutes.

Suvada spends much of her time writing but when she is not doing that, she is usually spending her time pursuing her hobbies. These include cycling, hiking, and baking and doing random experiments in her kitchen. She is married to her husband and they reside in Portland, Oregon.

Emily Suvada is the creator and the author of the Mortal Coil series of fictional novels. This series first got started in 2017 with the publication of the first book, This Mortal Coil. The sequel would come out the next year and is titled This Cruel Design. The third book is titled This Vicious Cure and was published in 2020.

This Mortal Coil is the first novel in Emily Suvada’s Mortal Coil series. If you are a fan of young adult fantasy series or science fiction, or series like Divergent, Hunger Games, or The Maze Runner, then you’ll definitely be interested in checking this book out. Pick it up and find out why people like author Laini Taylor are saying that this thriller is ‘smart’ and why Stephanie Garber cannot put this story down!

Science and drama come together in this novel that thrills from start to finish. The story is suspenseful right from the start. There are roughly three billion people’s lives that are on the line, and only two people that have the capacity to save all of them. This is thanks to their DNA, which is hiding a secret.

This story is set in the future, where everything is much more advanced. From the technology to the genetics, everything has been accelerated and adapted. One girl is looking for answers in this place. Readers get to meet Catarina, and she in turn gets to meet Cole. Cole appears to her and the soldier explains that Lachlan Agatta has died. The news is horrible and immediately she feels that all hope is lost.

This would be on two fronts. One, he was her father. Two, he was the best geneticist in the world. Lachlan would have been the best shot for the human race when it comes to destroying a virus that could destroy them all. But it may be that not all is lost yet. Catarina has reason to hope again when she finds out that Cole has a secret.

Beneath his enhancements (which have been totally gene hacked), there is a hidden message. One that tells her that Lachlan was successful on some level and was able to make a vaccine. Catarina is the only person that may be able to track down the vaccine and decrypt how to make it. That is, if she is able to unlock the various clues that it appears her father left her.

Time is running out. Catarina is doing everything that she can and closing in on the answers. But it seems that the closer she will get to the finish line, the more she is in danger. In particular she’s being threatened by a shadow organization named Cartaxus. The group has accumulated its own hold on the genetic technology of the world, but she can’t do anything about that, and she’s come too far to choose to go back now and lose all of the results of her hard work.

Things start coming together, and Catarina is putting the puzzle together piece by piece. Eventually she sees that there is one last secret left to her. If she can unlock it, it promises to change just about everything. What will that secret be, and can she manage to sort through all of the codes and hoops in order to reach the vaccine?

Full of twists and turns, this future is compromised. Can Catarina be the one to restore it to normal and provide salvation? Or are billions going to die as a result of her failure? Pick up the page-turning novel This Mortal Coil and read to the end to find out!

This Cruel Design is the second installment of the Mortal Coil series of novels by author Emily Suvada. When we last left Catarina, or Cat, she was dealing with a high pressure situation where the results could be catastrophic.

She believed fully that the Hydra epidemic had ended. That certainly seemed to be the case. But then new cases appeared and apparently dashed that theory. Now Catarina must choose to work with a former enemy to try and come up with a way to alter the vaccine and make it effective. All before the virus really picks up and gets out of hand.

She thought that the nightmare was done. However, as it turns out, the struggle has only started. Even worse than that, she’s nowhere close to top form. She’s been wounded and is exhausted. On top of that, she’s found out things that have disrupted her to her core. Now she’s facing a ton of pressure from all sides.

Cat’s been camping with Leoben and Cole in the forest. There she’s been working around the clock to try and find any way that she can so she can halt Lachlan’s evil plot to try and reprogram humanity. She’s doing her best, but when she can’t even manage her regrown panel and is having flashbacks with glitching visions from the past all the time, it’s getting difficult.

The group then gets news that the Hydra virus may be alive and well. As they decide to work with Cartaxus to find Lachlan and try and get a true vaccine, they’ll go to Entropia. This gene-hacking desert city may also tell Cat something about her past and provide her with answers. But with betrayals ahead, Cat might have to reevaluate who she trusts and what she knows. Can she overcome her secrets and save humanity? Read this thriller to find out!

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