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Emily Thiede is a bestselling young adult fantasy author from central Virginia that is best known for the “Last Finestra” series of novels.

The author spent her childhood and young adulthood in New Jersey before she permanently moved to Virginia.

Following a childhood spent reading high up a tree and dreaming of riding dragons, she made use of her passion for storytelling into a career as a teacher in elementary school.

Since she always desired to become an author, she attended the Author Mentor Match and PitchWars programs. Emily Thiede published “This Vicious Grace” her debut novel in 2022 and has since then become quite a popular author.
She has become known for writing narratives with apocalyptic stakes and characters that cannot help but flirt with their enemies and tease each other. They do all this even as their entire world threatens to collapse all around them.
When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found hosting social events and fostering kittens she rescues from animal rescue centers in central Virginia.

When Emily Thiede was fifteen years old, her family moved across the country. It was at this time that her new town was redistricted which meant she was unlucky enough to have to deal with being the new kid at school twice in her teenage years.
As such, it was understandable that she was not so popular in school and did not have a lot of interest from the boys. Still, the experiences made her learn about how difficult it can be to start over and how important community can be.

The intensity of those very early years changed Thiede forever. Even now, she often writes about characters that are trying to find their identity and place in the world. She believes that should always be at the heart of young adult literature.
While she had always loved books and thought writing would be a great career, she never tried it except for a fan fiction work while she was in middle school.

It was not until her mother pressured her to do the 2015 NaNoWriMo that she finally wrote a full-length novel and was finally hooked. She began drafting ideas, making friends in the author community, and seeking feedback.
It was also at this time that one of her scripts was chosen for mentorship but nothing came of it.

In early 2019, Emily Thiede was feeling frustrated and defeated and decided to just write for herself with all her favorite story elements and tropes.

She had no idea if she would ever publish but kept writing for the love of it. Ultimately she made a short list of agents and once again began querying.

Right after she embarked on querying she heard that one of the editors who worked at a major publishing house was quitting to become an agent.

When Thiede checked out the agent’s wishlist she found that she was looking for a lot of things that were in her manuscript.

She immediately sent her query and within a week she had representation. They would revise for months but just as they started submitting to editors the world shut down due to the pandemic.
She thought she was doomed but was lucky that one editor got her manuscript out of her inbox, loved it, and offered to publish it. She made her debut in 2022.

Emily Thiede’s novel “This Vicious Grace” is an interesting young adult novel that follows the life and times of Alessa. As a Finestra, she is one among many individuals who had been picked by Dea the goddess to protect humanity.
She is fated to mate with a partner and combine their powers in preparation for the return of great evil. Three funerals and three partnerships later, Alessa has become very powerful, which incites rebellion among the restive island population.
Alessa knows that time is running out and she may not have enough of it to protect her home from Divorando. These are the hordes of demons that Crollo the god will send back to her island with the aim of ridding them of all life.

When someone tries to kill her, Alessa makes a very bizarre move as she hires streetfighter Dante to be her bodyguard. She hopes that she can finally control her gift but is also becoming desperate, which means she leans more on her bodyguard.
Soon enough, she discovers that only Dante has the key to unleashing the secret of her magical powers. With the Divorrando coming closer, the secret she has may be what leads her towards a deadly fate or save her life.
This work is a startling debut that can be initially jarring and the feeling continues lingering for long after you read the last page.

“This Cursed Light” by Emily Thiede was hailed as the year’s best fantasy. The work asserts that the players have to choose when the gods make the rules.

They have to decide between sacrificing their love in service to their world or choosing to embrace love that would certainly burn down the world.

Six months after their heroics that had saved the land from destruction and almost lost her bodyguard, Alyssa is set to put down roots and finally have her happily ever after with Dante.

However, Dante is unable to rest as he is haunted by a feeling that the gods are not yet done with him. Desperate to find some answers, he enlists the help of Alessa and several of their friends to seek ghiotte who has been exiled.
He is hoping that the exiled man would have the skills to restore his powers and allow him to establish a powerful army that could save his loved ones and his world.

However, Alessa has been keeping under wraps the consequences of the last huge fight they had. Her mind is being consumed by growing darkness and they may have to face more dangers than they could ever have bargained for.
When the gods ultimately unveil their final test will Alessa and Dante be the only defense the world has?

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