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Emily Thompson is an artist and author from northern California.

The author who is best known for the “Clockwork Twist,” series of novels is a huge lover of Victorian and all things steampunk, she sometimes writes fantasy and science fiction novels.
After studying animation and film at university, she decided that she wanted to change focus and moved to Tokyo for a year to study the Japanese language.

After graduating with her language degree, she spent about two years in Japan writing and teaching English. It was when she returned to the United States that she began writing her novel.
Thompson published “Waking,” the first novel of the “Clockwork Twist” series of novels in 2013. The series of novels now has at least a dozen works and she is yet to show any sign that she will be slowing down any time soon.
She usually published a touch above a novel each year in the “Clockwork” series and several other single-standing novels.

Thompson has often said in interviews that she was lucky to have the privilege of living in a house in which her parents encouraged reading.

As such, she grew up loving books which her parents used to bring to her all the time. She used to read all manner of novels as a child and had read some adult fiction novels when she was still very young.
Some of her favorite novels include;

Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days,” Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus,” Emma Bull’s “War for the Oaks,” Dashiell Hammett’s “The Thin Man,” Tana French’s “Likeness” and Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story.”
As a bestselling author, she now spends much of her time writing in coffee shops. When she is not writing, she can usually be found playing video games and painting.
Emily Thompson sometimes finds time to interact with her fans through her newsletter and teach aspiring authors through her blog.

“Waking” by Emily Thompson is a work that introduces Twist, a man who has never set foot outside London until today.

He finds himself on an airship traveling to an unknown destination with a crew that insists they are not corsairs. They are traveling to go find the clockwork princess as no one but he can fix her.
The work is set in a vibrant and lush world that is very Neo-Victorian in style. But the author spices things up as she throws in paranormal creatures such as vampires, kitsunes, faeries, and djinn which are commonplace in that world.
Over the years, an increasing number of people known as “Sights” have had paranormal powers since birth, even as airship tourism results in air piracy.

Twist is one of the Sighted but his Sight is not like those of his colleagues. While his fellow Sights can hear and see over great distances and find anything anywhere on the globe, his Sight is about damaged things.
Anytime he touches a broken machine or clock he understands the damage and can fix it immediately. If he touches you even for a second, he can see all the pain or trauma that broke you.

He decides to shun all human contact and lives a solitary life. Unfortunately, his exclusion means that he is very unfamiliar with anything beyond his familiar clock shop hidden away on a quiet street in London.
When a treasure hunter comes to his doorstep with evidence of the existence of the fabled clockwork princess, it is up to Twist to ensure he brings her back to life.

Emily Thompson’s novel “Trick” is another interesting addition to the “Clockwork Twist” series.

The work continues to follow the unassuming clockmaker Twist alongside his companions as they traverse the globe pursued by a shadowy and mysterious society of technology thieves.

It happens that Twist is not the only one interested in locating the clockwork princess as the Rooks will do anything to possess the clockwork secrets that Twist’s best friend Maya possesses.
We once again join Twist as he encounters all manner of absurdity and wonders greater than anything he has faced since, in what is proving to be a very entertaining steampunk adventure.
Twist travels through Egypt, across the Arabian Sea, and into Europe by sailing ship, steam train, and airship.

We reencounter old enemies and friends and meet an entire crew of new characters, even as the MC tries his best to retain a semblance of normalcy in the new lifestyle he now has to live.
Along the way, they are joined by magical beings of both mythical and human natures, a safari enthusiast, notable inventors, and underground kidnappers.

But there is a limit to how much friends can help and ultimately it is up to Jonas and Twist to protect their hopes of having a future with the princess.

“Dreamer” by Emily Thompson opens soon following the rescue of Twist and his companions after their airship crashes.

They were rescued by Native Americans known as the cloud-borne but soon find themselves entangled in an evil Cypher conspiracy. While they are trying to win back their freedom, there are some unsettling questions about Jonas and Twist.
It is an exciting installment in the series as the main character and his companions traverse the globe from Cuba to San Francisco and to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea.

Along the way, they also reunite with old enemies and friends as they also make some interesting new allies. One of the new allies is a strange youth who partakes in the dreams of other people whenever he is sleeping.
While Natasha Samara and Myra entertain adoring crowds while enjoying a global tour, Jonas and Twist come to learn of some dark mysteries around their Sights.

Twist discovers that Jonas Sights is uniquely dangerous and powerful just like his, particularly in comparison with that of other Sighted people.

Things become interesting when Twist and his companions find themselves having to deal with an inescapable and fierce Cypher lord and the only person who can save them all is Twist.
It is an action-packed adventure that will keep you engrossed from the first page to the last.

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