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Emma Berquist is an American author of fiction. Her novels are in the fiction genre. She spent her summers inside reading whatever books she could get her hands on. She still reads a lot, only now she occasionally spends some time reading outdoors as well. She enjoys watching horror music as well as dogs and the word ‘y’all’. Her dislikes include brushing her hair.

Even though she grew up in Texas, Emma Berquist currently resides in New Zealand in the Bay Area with her dog and husband. Her debut novel is titled Devils Unto Dust. It is a novel in the young adult genre and it also includes a bit of science fiction and thriller aspects in it as well. It is being published by Greenwillow and Harper Collins.

Devils Unto Dust is an exciting novel that is destined to be read by more than the intended young adult genre! Released in 2018, this gripping story has all the makings of an early classic. If you loved the film 28 Days Later or the stylings of True Grit, then you’ll love this adventurous and thrilling horror novel from Emma Berquist. It’s somewhere between The Walking Dead, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and more. If you love abstract fantasy with horror or thriller elements, this book is not only going to keep you interested and engaged, but also keep you reading long into the night.

If you enjoy books with elements of surprise or ones that have alternate history timelines, then this is the novel from you from author Emma Berquist! The main character involves Daisy Wilcox, whose name or nickname is Willie. She lives with her family and in the years since the Civil War, things have been a little tough. Survival has been the name of the game for everyone.

Life has mostly involved keeping your wits about you and staying with a group as you keep your eyes open. Wide open. Because there are monsters out there in the night, and it’s not safe to walk alone. A desert is especially a place where you have to be smart about survival. It is not a place that is kind and every bit of life has to be scrapped for. Prey and hunters mix in this interesting ecological landscape. If you aren’t aware, you could become the meal of a coyote or be stung by a scorpion. Anything is possible.

While the desert is certainly an unforgiving landscape, things have not been the same at all ever since the war ended. Even though it has been a decade since the end of the Civil War, things in the post-war climate have been anything but full of abundance. Willie and her family have had to struggle to survive through everything, from starvation to the sickness that is spreading, and it is an illness that has evolved to a level that is unthinkable.

Now there is a sickness that is slowly spreading across the desert of west Texas and it is infecting people one by one. The people that get sick act weird and get the shakes and then attack the living. The shakes are striking fear into the hearts of everyone and the unthinkable has happened. The towns that are still standing are just as safe as their walls stand up against the attacks of the shakes.

The state of the illness has meant that Texas is pretty much quarantined from the rest of the states. Glory is all but a ghost town. Daisy, known as Willie, may be 17 years old, but she is doing her best to look after her siblings and keep them safe. But their family has already been touched by the disease, and after it takes their mother Willie must do all that she can to make sure that her siblings survive and she does as well.

But their father is still left alive, and he’s not doing anyone any favors. The shakes continue to attack people and leave a trail of destruction wherever they go. The infection takes everyone and turns them into one of them once they are touched by the disease. There is no surviving it once you are caught by it. The only reason why Willie thinks they are even still all right is the fact that the strong walls of Glory are holding up against the sick people.

Willie runs into some trouble when her father steals some money. Not just some money, but a small fortune from one of the meaner shake hunters in town. Even though he’s the one that took it, it’s Willie that is left on the hook to pay the debt. She is left with little choice to go out into the desert to find her father. The trouble is that the desert can be more dangerous than you think for people traveling through it. There are more dangers out there than just the shakes alone, and the desert is not kind to anyone.

Even though Willie knows that the desert holds no mercy for travelers, she’s willing to risk her life in order to find him and get off the hook for his theft and debt. She takes along with the two hunters that she knows she needs with her in order to help her as she won’t be able to track him down alone. One of them is named Ben, who is not only tough but handsome too.

Willie must brave the desert to track her father down. Sometimes there are more important things than being taken down by the shakes, which might happen to them all inevitably. Set somewhere between the horror and Western genres, only time will tell what happens to Willie and whether her siblings can survive the plague that turns normal people into crazy infected monsters.

If you love horror, thriller, or suspense, you are certainly going to enjoy this exciting book from Emma Berquist! Check it out to see what happens with Willie and her family in this creative juggernaut of a modern take on this high-concept fictional zombie story!

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