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Publication Order of Emma Caldridge Books

The “Emma Caldridge” series written by author and lawyer Jamie Freveletti is from the thriller genre. The series began in the year 2009, with the release of “Running from the Devil”, which was also Jamie’s debut novel.

The series is about an international marathon runner and chemist at a cosmetics company, whose name is Emma Caldridge.

Also in the books is Edward Banner, who is the CEO of Darkview (a security company).

“Running from the Devil” was named the best debut novel at the International Thriller Writers Awards and it also won the best thriller from the Barry Awards in the year 2010.

“Running from the Devil” is the first novel in the “Emma Caldridge” series and was released in the year 2009. The plane the Emma Caldridge is on (which is going from Miami to Bogota) gets hijacked. It loses of control while in the mountains, near its border with Venezuela. She is one of the few that is not hurt in the crash. She watches as the other passengers get taken as the hostages of some guerrillas.

Because of her background as an endurance runner, she is able to track the guerrillas. She possesses scientific knowledge and athletic skill to help her survive. After she finds Cameron Sumner (another passenger of the hijacked plane that is a government agent), these skills are vital to her. He was isolated from the other passengers. They trail the hostages and keep behind them to stay ahead of the guerrillas.

The news of the plane getting hijacked hits the nation’s capital, and Department of Defense calls on Edward Banner (who is ex-military and a Chief Executive Officer of a security consulting firm) for anything he can provide. He has a crack team of professionals to go to the crash site, with the hope of finding the captives before it is too late.

Simply finding Emma and Sumner is just the start of things, as Banner is able to figure out that Emma had a personal mission. This is why she was headed to Bogota.

Fans felt that Emma makes for a good heroine, and starts out just like a normal woman and does not resemble Rambo by the end of the story. Some found themselves being pulled in right from the first line of the story and this author’s words would not let them go for a single minute.

“Running Dark” is the second novel in the “Emma Caldridge” series and was released in the year 2010. Emma is running the fifty mile Comrades Marathon, and when she is on the 35th mile, someone detonates a roadside bomb. Someone injects her with an epi pen, while she is dazed. She is able to run in the race even better than before. She calls on Edward Banner, the only person that can help her out with what she needs. He is working another case, which involves a cruise liner is being hit in the Gulf of Aden by a gang of Somali pirates. Darkview (which is Banner’s company) is asked to rescue the the liner’s passengers.

Some intelligence sources are reporting that there could be a chemical weapon on board the ship. Its origin is unknown, however. Sumner is on the ship already; Banner would like Emma to get on the ship to try and see what the chemical is. She finds out that Sumner is on the ship and goes right into hell for him.

Fans of the novel found that they could not stop reading the book, and found that anything they had to do was put on hold so they could read this book. Jamie does a great job writing material for Emma, and she is a great character: strong female, intelligent, and thinks quick on her feet.

“The Ninth Day” is the third novel in the “Emma Caldridge” series and was released in the year 2011. Emma finds out about some human traffickers that get illegal immigrants across the Arizona/ Mexico border. Before she knows it, she is the prisoner of La Valle; he is the most feared and most violent drug lords Ciudad Juarez has. He is ruthless and his influence and power flows from Mexico all the way to the city of Chicago.

La Valle does not worry too much about one American seeing the smuggling operation of his. His highly valued marijuana plants have a flesh eating toxin on them. If you touch or even breath it in, you will die in nine quite painful days. La Valle believes this was done by American agents that want him shut down by contaminating the leaves. He wants vengeance for this, and he will get it.

“Dead Asleep” is the fourth novel in the “Emma Caldridge” series and was released in the year 2012. Emma arrives to a far away tropical island, located in the Caribbean. She is trying to find minerals that are supposed to reverse the aging process. She finds is bloody evidence that a bizarre religious ritual took place.

This is a place where the locals speak in whispers about evil running wild, voodoo curses, as well as sea monsters. The people who live on the island start going down into a paralyzing sleep due to a pandemic that has been dormant for a long time. There is no cure and if it gets off the island, somehow, it could wreak havoc all across the world.

Emma finds herself trapped because of a quarantine; she must cut through the superstition and the fear to find out the truth if she wants to shut down the real evil. She has to do this before she too falls prey to the death sleep, along with many others. The evil in this place has a human like face.

Fans felt that they just had to keep reading, in order to find out what was going to happen next in the story. There are some great action sequences in this that are well written. Readers believe that this series is worthy of all the praise that it gets. Some are glad that they found this great series, because it is great reading where the reader is rewarded with a great female main character. She is fearless and independent. This is such a great series, some are starting to run out of ways to praise it.

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