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UnLocked: A captivating collection of short stories from the D20 Authors(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emma Christie is a literary fiction author from the UK that is best known as the author of the bestselling work “The Silent Daughter.” Before she became an author, she had spent more than half a decade working for Journal and Press. She started out working in Aberdeen before she moved to Elgin in the north of the country. During her time working in the press, she worked on all manner of stories from politics, crime and court. However, the biggest highlights of her career include living in an Aberdeen prison, interviewing Donald Trump when his north east coast golf development attracted a lot of controversy, and spending a weekend in the Aberdeen city center inside a police van. Christie thinks her best job ever was when she went to Mexico to catch some jungle bats when she was volunteering as a research project assistant. She would spend twelve hours a day catching bats and then recording and measuring important data about them.

As for how Emma Christie came to write novels, she has said that she grew up in a house in the coal mining town of Ayrshire that was always full of books. As a teenager, she went to college at Aberdeen University to study the law, only to quit and change to medieval history and English literature. Once she graduated from college, she went on to work with one of the largest regional newspapers in the UK. It was while she was working for the paper as a reporter that she began thinking of becoming an author. Although she loved journalism, she always wanted to have what all the authors she interviewed had. Her dream came true when she published “The Silent Daughter” in 2020. She can often be found vacationing in the captivating seaside community of Portobello Edinburgh. For several years now, she has been living with Maria Jose, her girlfriend in Barcelona, in a house with too many plants.

When she is not writing novels, she can be found in France, Portugal, and Spain where she does educational torus. She loves her job particularly the many benefits and the fact that she gets to spend more than 100 days away on the road every year. Emma Christie can usually be found on the tours providing inspirational tours to American high school students journeying across Europe. While these are educational tours, they usually spend a lot of time laughing, cooking, learning and dancing. She has spent more than five years living between Guatemala, Mexico, Spain and Nicaragua. Given her job, she has also travelled extensively in Europe and the United States. Her favorite place remains the United Kingdom where she was born and raised.

“The Silent Daughter” by Emma Christie is a novel that has been in the making for more than one and a half decades. She quit her job as an Aberdeen newspaper reporter more than decade before the novel was published and spent two years writing it. She thought she would take a year off from her job to write the novel but found that it took her quite a while to get things going. She has said that she had the character of Chris Morrison in her head throughout her time working as a newspaper reporter. In fact it was the character refusing to shut up that inspired her to quit her job and try her hand at becoming an author. Once she started writing her story, everything fell in place and it was as if the story wrote itself. Morrison was an amalgamation of the many people she had met over the years. As such, he was inspired by the things Emma Christie went through as a writer and her experiences working as a reporter.

“The Silent Daughter” by Emma Christie opens to May being taken to the ER after an accidental fall while running. Her husband Chris Morrison phones his family as anyone would in times of crisis. On the other end of the line is Mikey, his son who immediately responds and promises to head over right away. but he does not get hold of Ruth, his daughter. She had for a very long time been distant as she works abroad and only communicates with family via social media. Chris is increasingly frustrated by the lack of response from his daughter even as the police pester him with tough questions regarding his wife’s fall. How is it that May fell when she was not on the route she was supposed to be following. Could she have been running from or after someone? There are a lot of unanswered questions and it seems as if Ruth and Mikey have been keeping things from Chris but Ruth appears to be the one with the most secrets. It is not long before Chris realizes that no one has spoken with Ruth in nearly a year and he thinks Ruth could be missing or worse? His wife has gone into a coma and with Ruth missing. All the suspicion is on him. He had built a career reporting facts and investigating incidents but nothing could have prepared him for what he finds when he starts looking into the mystery of his daughter’s disappearance.

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