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Emma Cowell is a general fiction author from Cornwall where she lives with Tony her husband, and Papoushka Gerald Cowell their Russian Blue fur baby.

Emma is a former presenter with the BBC and also a former actress who has worked in children’s palliative care fundraising. While she is very busy as an author, she also heads the Philanthropy division of the “Together for Short Lives” national charity.
She segued from earning a living for talking into making a living writing. She has said that she naturally progressed into storytelling given that it is something that has always been in her heart and professional life since she was a teenager.
She published “One Last Letter from Greece” her evocative and sweeping bestselling novel in 2022 and has since kicked on from there. “The House in the Olive Grove” her second novel would immediately become a bestseller upon publication in 2023.
As a keen linguist, she is actively engaged in trying to learn Greek since Greece is the setting for most of her novels.

Cowell first visited Greece more than fifteen years before she penned her debut novel and something inside her clicked. It felt like a homecoming and she just could not pinpoint or describe why and all she knows is that it was love at first sight.
As a child, she was obsessed with the ancient Greek goddesses and gods, legends, monsters, and myths which were her choice of fairy tales.

Finally walking in the footsteps of ancient humans felt very special as there was a fantastical quality in the air, as she went to visit the incredible excavations and archeological digs.
Her heart was captured by the food and for the most part the immense history. As such, her experience of Greek culture has food front and center.

Every time she visited the country, she found the sharing of food across a table with Greek strangers a very bonding experience.

She also believes that through food, she was able to place herself on a fast track to immerse herself into Greek culture and have all manner of exciting and insightful new experiences.
Most of her novels are something of an ode to Greek culture and a celebration of the food from that culture that she has come to love.

The inspiration for her first-ever work of fiction started in 2012, a few days before Christmas.

Her mother had then died and she had been struggling to make sense of it all. She thought that writing a fictional work about grief would be something of a therapeutic tribute.

Her thoughts began to crystallize after she had a very satisfying dinner with one of her best friends and her husband. At some point, they were discussing the huge task ahead of her.

She was to clear out her mother’s five wardrobes and suddenly she had the idea of wardrobes that would trigger memories. The idea began to form in her mind very slowly until she ultimately had the entire manuscript for One Last Letter from Greece.
When she is not penning her novels, she can often be found planning her next trip to Greece, experimenting with Greek cuisine, and learning the language. Having inherited her grandmother’s skills in baking, she also loves to make pastry.
Outside of that, she finds her sanity and balance by doing pilates, which often calms her mind from her endless to-do lists. Her hobbies also help to get rid of the pounds she gains from all the research in tavernas and baking.

“One Last Letter from Greece” is an enthralling novel that introduces the lead character as Sophie.

She has just been left devastated by the loss of Lyndsey her mother which leaves her wandering all over the house that once belonged to her mother.
Her mother mother was a very good painter that used to head to Greece every summer where she got the inspiration for most of her works.

But then she finds that one of her mother’s paintings is missing. Sophie packs up her things and heads to a small town in Greece known as Methoni to try to resolve the mystery of the missing painting and while at it have a vacation.
It is a beautiful vacation spot with some stunning views of the sea, delicious food, and friendly people. Sophie is severely deficient in information about the painting and all she has are a few letters and an old grainy photo.
It is not long after he arrives that she gets the feeling that someone is following her. Could it be her ex-fiance or maybe it was because she had begun asking some people about the painting which had gone missing.
Things become interesting when she meets a gorgeous fisherman named Theo whom she finds very attractive, even if love was the last thing she was looking for in Greece.

Theo and Sophie had both been hurt in the past, run their own business, and live in different countries. Even worse she feels torn between Theo and her best friend who lives in England.

Emma Cowell’s novel “The House in the Olive Grove” is another interesting novel set in Greece. The lead is Maria Leventi, a woman who lives in Petalidi, Greece, where she runs a successful cookery school.

While this is where she was born and bred, the villagers think her weird and do not like her. She has for years been something of an outsider but recently she had been getting odd displays outside her shop and someone has been sending her nasty texts.
On the other hand, is an English television host and food journalist Kayla Moss. Before she left England and headed to Greece for work, she discovered that her husband had a dark secret and did not know if she was willing to forgive him.
Meanwhile, Roman jewelry designer Alessandra Rossi just got some bad news and was hoping that spending a few days in Greece would help recharge her batteries and take her mind off her many problems.
Maria had built her school on land that had been left to her by her father and also keeps bees and grows her own produce.

She takes Alessandra and Kayla through her recipes for delicious Greek dishes and as they cook and get to know each other they realize that they may have a lot in common.

They have all experienced loss and pain and this results in the unlikely bonds of friendship forming between them.

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